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Welcome to the SteemChurch International Ministry blog.

Be blessed the whole community and brothers,

We have been working on the transition of @steemchurch I believe that everything is walking in the purpose that God desires, although there is still much to be done there are many people willing to work for God's work on earth.

Before continuing, we want to send a message of encouragement to our brother @emiliocabrera who is going through hard times for his mother's physical departure. We know that God is our strength in any circumstance, and we hope that you will return soon to continue the struggle we have undertaken I know we all share this pain with you.
Psalm 37:39
The salvation of the righteous comes from the LORD; He is your strength in the time of anguish.

The consolidation of the transition is taking place, however it is important to remind you that we must continue with our objective of the expansion to Telos and the promotion of our hearts.

We are focused on the membership of the church, based on the fact that the people who will be part of Steemchurch's executive committee will be chosen soon.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es image.png

Likewise, we will assign functions for the direction of Technology, Communication and Information of the church. It is in charge of developing and maintaining the information and communication technologies, guaranteeing the updating of the information services, in the different platforms where the church interacts. : steemit, Telos etc.


Assist in the technological support to facilitate, in its broadest sense, the processes necessary to promote the capture, generation, organization, transfer and collective use of the information carried out by the Management.


Attend and give support or technical and technological support in digital, audiovisual, multimedia and internet to the different organizational levels of the Management in accordance with the current and updated technological innovation demand of all social networks and / or those blockchain platforms used.

Keeping all members of the church informed of all relevant aspects of the platform with the other entities involved for the common benefit.

Design audiovisual, computer, telematic and internet resources for use in information dissemination projects and management documentation.
Analyze the processes of the information systems to be automated as dapps and perform their feasibility study in order to determine their possible implementation.


Our project management is also about to begin its operation, we will also announce the person who will be directly in charge of this unit, the call is to all the parishes and the community in general to clearly present their ideas and projects to the mail that will be created for this purpose. , remember that we must unify criteria and establish feasible general projects that can be developed in multiple communities, the vision of the church is one, and steemchurch will be guided in a single criterion, in this way we will consolidate its structure.


The records in the Steemchurch Telos community should continue to grow as we move forward, it is important that each of us have our own data of the people we are entering, for a follow-up.
As an additional consideration we can work with groups of children, youth, foundations, hospitals, non-profit organizations, community organizations and others, where collective income is guaranteed with absolute responsibility.

All parishioners if Steemchurch can now have a feel of daily blessings if Acorns and HEARTs with the latest EOS Lynx Wallet Version: v3.1.0, you can transact your acorns and Hearts in seconds.

You can read the complete message made by @uyobong in the following link:

SteemChurch Telos Expansion: your NEW SteemChurch Telos account

The SteemChurch Telos expansion is about establishing ourselves on a new platform capable of facilitating trade, banking, commerce and logistics - opening up many more opportunities than social media and blogs.

Telos is one of the most advanced blockchains on the planet. Incredibly fast and highly scalable. Built from the same blockchain architecture as EOS, Telos can do everything EOS can do. At the moment, however, Telos is relatively unknown and resources are cheap. Which means that we are establishing here at an ideal time.

For the first access to your account we recommend that you download SQRL to your PC.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to consult through the email:

Or in our situation room SC.Telos in Telgram:

To register at Steemchurch telos, fill out the following form:

Our special thanks @steempress-io.for their collaboration to add value to this platform. If you want to use steempress, look for information here:steempress

We thank all those people who have contributed to our community to grow.

@pennsif, @luppers, @redes, @hanshotfirst, @theycallmedan, @redpalestino, @wilx, @curatorhulk, @ripperone,@penguinpablo,@newhope.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃío; su nombre de archivo es image-8.png

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Willing to work for the wonderful cause that guides @steemchurch, @sc-v.

It is good to walk under the same direction.

Walking with God means marching by your side in unity and in faith as you go through the journey of life. Most of the time, focusing on God and following his advice will keep you on the right path. So we will be walking in a single feeling as the body of Christ.

I am very sorry for the departure of Brother Emilio's mother, may God enlighten him.

Thank you Apostle Darlenys for this update. It keeps us in track of the vision we are pursuing. As for Emilio, we pray the God of all comfort to strengthen him and his family - Amen.

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Thanks. Noted:))

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Important this update @darlenys01, we regret the departure of the mother of our brother Emilio.

The expansion to Telos must continue, the wallet is excellent, so download it.

We pray for Brother Emilio and his family at this difficult time, we continue working to consolidate the church in his vision.

Thanks for the update!

I pray God to give our Brother and the family the fortitude to bear their loss.

Thanks SteemChurch/ Sister Darlenys. Amen