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SteemChurch / Raising the Flag of Christianity: Traces at School!

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Dear SteemChurch Community, Friends of the Steem Ecosystem! Greetings to you men and women!

The issue that concerns us today:

A alternative to the educational crisis due to the high cost of school supplies!



SteemChurch fell from heaven to be a helping hand in every corner of the world. Something great deposited God in the heart of @sirknight when he decided to found this Church in the chain of blocks!

As we promised in previous publications, steemchurch will raise the banner of Christianity to leave a trace of love where God allows us to serve society.


We are impressed by the number of people who have been interested in the chain of blocks when we talk about the flag that represents us; the flag of Jesus Christ, the flag of love, the flag of freedom, the flag of solidarity, the flag of justice and the flag that we fly in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!



Due to the high cost of school supplies in Venezuela, parents, mothers and children's representatives, are extremely concerned about not having the necessary money to meet the requirements of basic school supplies for students. Many students can not attend classes for lack of simple materials such as notebooks and pencils, the costs of which exceed the basic monthly salary of a worker.

Some testimonies from parents and Representatives indicate that having 3 or 4 children it is impossible to cover the expenses for the education of their represented.

Some reports of the National News show that school supplies have increased dramatically since the last two years:

"There are always problems with materials. There is no foami of the color they are asked for. The contac paper is super expensive, so I can not buy it completely and I can not cover it all, "he explained.

In 2016 a list of supplies cost close to Bs 155,000, while in 2017 the approximate price increased to Bs 500,000. For the current school period, the estimated figure reached Bs 140,000,000, not including the school uniform or items such as the backpack, which represents an increase of 27,900% compared to the previous year.


The ream of paper, requirement in most schools, requires about 1400 BS, equivalent to 7 Steem dollar. The monthly base salary is one worker is 1800 BS.

In fact, last week and the present, the Teachers of the Country are idle, calling a strike for wage adjustments and lack of inputs to work.


As parents, aware of the current situation, we feel in our own flesh the weight of what we are talking about, for that reason, we have decided to provide a gesture of love through social management and with the undeniable help of @sniffnscurry, with the strength of the love of Jesus Christ and with the initiative of a team that wants to make changes in the crusade for freedom.

We build some notebooks to give to children who for lack of them, lose many classes! The process was fast and fun. With a little love and creativity, in less than half the morning, we did more than 70% of the work and we managed to build more than the percentage of notebooks that a classroom needs. 20 sheets, 40 pages.


We decided to make them with the logo of steemchurch, in order to make known Blockchain and its search to build a better world through a decentralized system that seeks the good of the dispossessed.


In the coming days, we will raise the flag of Christianity and leave a mark of love in schools with the greatest need!

This activity will be carried out in Carupano- Sucre State- Venezuela.

Special thanks

Thank God for putting love and humility in our hearts!

Thanks to @sirknight and his colleagues @sniffnscurry for encouraging us to raise the banner of Jesus Christ!

Thanks to @nashilda17, @riveradc, @emily28, @fiorella1, @naty16 and friend Luis R, for being the promoters of this great initiative that with the passage of time, will be increased until we can give everything children need For going to class.

We finished with two thoughts of the Liberator Simón Bolívar:

"Morals and lights are our first needs"

"A being without study is an incomplete being".

For more information:


If you wish to collaborate contact us by:



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Excellent work brother, Steemchurch under his leadership is aimed to be great, the largest church focused on equality and equity, promoting the values ​​of Christ and sowing the good seed. Congratulations


Thank you brother Rubén for your words ... I simply launched the challenge that parishioners and friends raise the flag and leave a mark of love. Many people are doing things that surprise me for the love of steemchurch. Always thanks to all of you!

This is the power of steem! When you put power in the hands of good people, amazing things can happen!


Great words, friend, you inspire us. The world will recognize the good use of steem power.

The social assistant within the schools that wonderful, as a teacher of the teaching and knowing the lack in this environment in my country I thank @steemchurch for recognition that education is of fundamental importance for the development of society and is through that a country can achieve the social transformations necessary to achieve progress.

Thank you @sirknight, @sniffnscurri, @emiliocabrera and all the team that has joined to raise this flag of love, peace, freedom to provide a grain of sand for young and young people to attend with material to their institutions.

This is the work, it must preach by an educational environment that prioritizes the training of subjects for citizenship, guiding them about their rights and duties; instructing and educating them so that there is the overcoming of social inequality and exclusion; and stimulating them to become autonomous subjects


Well said Lorennys, good contribution!

More grace to you @steemchurch and God's abundant blessings

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Excellent labor that this(this one) being realized across @steemchurch, I like to contribute(pay) my parents from very small have taught me to share with the neediest. Because of it I am in this current opening God's ways.


You are amazing Young Naty, never change. Thanks for your support.

Wow! It is exciting to raise that flag for very noble reasons, small beginnings with love, have great final friends, you will see. Blessings to all.


Thanks for supporting steemchurch Fiorella1, well said; small beginnings always bring results.

Very good steemchurch, you are born for great things and the traces of the love of God will be engraved in many hearts, congratulations to the promoters of this initiative, it is a way to honor the good name of this Church that has helped many around the world. Successes


Amen Kristal Thanks you for comment

a great job, in charge of my great friend Archbishop Emilio


Credits for these young brother DM, they are very talented. Thanks you for comment

Beautiful initiative @steemchurch will leave a mark on many Venezuelan children and especially honoring our God who is our standard. Blessings I see how the hand of God is moving through his people.


Step by step we can make the difference sister, thanks

This has caught my attention, Venezuela needs more people like you.


Thanks for your comment motivational.

I believe that the love of God exists so deeply that it moves us to perform charitable acts, it is an excellent initiative because where I live there are children who stopped going to classes due to lack of resources. God bless the team, this is just the beginning, soon I will be with you guys!


Thanks @josealex1, that's how it will be. I hope that soon you will be with us. regards

Steemchurch is growing! welcome everyone.

What a good initiative of the notebooks, original idea.

Thanks for sharing and helping with that execelent idea


Thanks my Brother

Congratulations, Boys! God bless SteemChurch and bless all the schools in the country. A word of advice to the team: Do not stop for nothing, God goes before us as a powerful giant.

In order for the right to education to be fully ensured, many transformations must take place in the social area, since the reality of a large part of the population is characterized by pauperization, unemployment, hunger, social exclusion. We will continue to grow in the name of Jesus


Well said Glendys, thanks you for comment

Excellent work God bless you, steemchurch raising your flag to the world to make known the name of God.


Amen and Thanks you Hilary M.

In the current scenario of the country it is perceived that many acts that violate the rights of children and adolescents have gone unnoticed and many are not considered why there is no investigative look. Excellent work friends of steemchurch are the people necessary for a country to get ahead.


Together we can make a difference, small acts mean a lot. Thank you

Beautiful act of love CEO. With Steem, we'll keep sharing love, giving hope and wiping out tears in the hearts of men. I know how frustrating it can be to be in school without writing materials. Am currently sharing knowledge on the freedom that blockchain affords. Am raising a force of young men and women in my locality so we can raise the flag together.


Thank you dear UY, I know you have a great heart and leadership, it will not surprise me when I see your great success. Greetings to my people from Nigeria.

This news makes me very happy, to see how the gentleman and the litlle mice are always aware of my country through steemchurch. Thank you for so much love, they are initiatives that will mark hearts. :) Blessings.


Well said sister, thanks for the good comment.

I work awesome, congratulations to the new members.


Thanks Sister, Blessings