STEEMCHURCH: Our Steemian.Info Community Summary

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The SteemChurch Executive are pleased to release the following SteemChurch community summary.

This brief has been submitted upon request of Steem Witness @guiltyparties, for our inclusion on Steemian.Info - Steem's leading information resource center!

SteemChurch lays claim to being the first ever Church on the blockchain. A non-denominated, non-affiliated Christian community, SteemChurch parishioners embrace and promote freedom, family and faith.

SteemChurch consists of 4 major sub-communities, being the three national assemblies of Venezuela, Nigeria and Ghana. Parishioners of these localities are using Steem rewards to provide food, clothes, medicines and shelter for their families and the underprivileged within their districts.

The forth sub-community is SteemChurch FARMS - FOOD AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. FARMS is focused on the establishment of agricultural initiatives throughout third world nations. This includes the sharing of agricultural knowledge and farming techniques. The provision of capital support for primary production start-ups and the organisation of community labour to ensure success.

To date we have seen the establishment of fish and poultry farms, banana plantations and personal and community vegetable gardens thanks to the Steem Rewards. The vision of FARMS... to feed the world - one small farm at a time.

SteemChurch intends on releasing its own SMT - Beatitudes, as soon as the Steem Devs have them up and running.

For more information go to or visit us on Steemit @steemchurch @sc-v @sc-n @sc-g @farms

Believe it ladies and gentlemen - as this is who we are #steemchurch

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I am proud of SteemChurch, Together we will achieve great goals in the crusade for freedom, with God in front opening roads, nourishing, restoring, healing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ more and more. God bless my good friend Sirknight, creator of this magical Church in Blockchain.

The church is indeed moving from grace to grace and growing from strength to strength and thank the Lord for the amazing work He is doing through the wonderful parishioners of the church. I feel so blessed to be part of the Steemchurch.

This calls for a celebration, steemchurch is moving from grace to grace thanks to our leader @sirknight and all the apostles for such a wonderful vision.

we are a great community and a great family in @steemchurch, every day God opening the way and replenishing their children, as not celebrate as far as we have come in no time, and everything began with a great vision that my friend had @Sirknight noble gentleman the instrument that God used, God bless the first church of Blockchain

Steemchurch to the moon.
I love this family of God
So closely knitted into one
They have taken me into their arms and
I'm so glad to be a part of this great family.

The statistics confirm it, STEEMCHURCH is impacting the world with the message of the cross and SIRKNIGHT's plans.

SteemChurch intends on releasing its own SMT - Beatitudes, as soon as the Steem Devs have them up and running.

This is just a period of which I cannot wait for. I thank God that steemchurch keeps growing under the leadership of Sirknight.

The administration of Steemchurch is a god one.
Beginning from the founder @Sirknight the Lord of Steem., to the contributors, Apostles and parishioners, and those who are working towards promoting our mission.

Proudly Steemchurch parishioner.
@Gsaint the Gospel Rapper.

How good steemchurch has achieved a very high level

Grateful to Steam Church for her unconditional support

Excellent summary, we must not forget the great work done by the apostles and all the support received by Sirknight, thanks to his goodness all this is possible.

Glory to God a community full of virtues, the blessing of God

Steemchurch is a great blessing for all parishioners in the community.

Hahaha, thank God for making me part of this beautiful community.

I would like to mention that we are growing and marking history in Steemit.

Thank you God, from the most infinite of my soul, I thank for the existence of steemchurch, sometimes I think it is a dream, but I remember the promises of God and I realize that it is real, that it is the blessing of God that has visited us in the midst of this fierce crisis that we Venezuelans have.
Infinite thanks for the life of our Sirknight, for the apostles and feligans.
Eternally grateful!

Good development. This will assist in the monitoring of our progress on the blockchain. It's good to know that when the gospel and freedom are mentioned in the blockchain, @steemchurch will be foremost of the mention. Bravo @sirknight

When they ask me, what is your favorite trend in steemit? I always answer: SteemChurch. There is no doubt that Sirknight has blessed our lives, spiritually and economically, thank you for having created this magnificent family.

Steemchurch is really doing a great job

Wow! The inclusion of the Steem's leading information resource center--Steemian.Info; is a beautiful development.

Thanks for sharing @steemchurch.

This is awesome. I'm new to Steemit and I consider this post helpful.
The Steemchurch farms, streemchurch Nigeria, Steemchurch venezuela, steemchurch Ghana have really been functional under a good administration.

It's always nice seeing such improvements and awesome projects carried out.

You guys @steemchurch have been a source of inspiration and support for its members. I love our wonderful community. Long live steemchurch. Anticipating the Beatitude tokens soon. I'm thrilled. More ground breaking achievements yet to come to @steemchurch. is a very nice place for information.

Steemchurch is going places,thank God for the development. More Grace.

Glad to be part of this family.
It can only get better.

Proud to be part of this community of great parishioners with our apostles and great siirknight leader in the struggle for the freedom of our nations

The steemchurch is doing great and we await the blessing - Beatitude

Real love for God and for mankind will produce and action. Just like God loved the world. It didint stop there, but His action was He sent His Only begotten Son. What I love about Steemchurch is the Love doesn’t end with just words. There is action to feed the hungry it use Steem to spread the Gospel. Sincere love always has a sincere action. Thank God for @steemchurch and the community of believers in action with Christ’s love.
Daddy William

No doubt steemchurch is one of the fastest growing communities on the steemit platform, covering a range of sub communities, may the lord keep strengthening you as a leader to take steemchurch to a higher level and a ground breaking community!!

Oh yes! Great great! I represent @steemchurch worldwide and also represent @sc-n. The sky is our starting point in Jesus Name...Amen!

Amazing work to all the officials. More grace @sirknight

Fantastic again, so steemchurch I going one step better and closer, in just over 5 months steemchurch has established project through her arms and this is a new big step coming through

good job

Everything that is done to help the most needy, those who lack food, medicine or clothing is joy for God.
Infinite blessings.