STEEMCHURCH | The First Church Of The Blockchain!

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Ladies and Gentlemen of SteemChurch, peace be with You!

SteemChurch thanks with love, all parishioners who use our label every day, to spread love of God, commenting and interacting as united brothers!

See how good and how delicious it is to be the brothers together in harmony!
Psalm 133: 1

Many people have looked at the achievements and the multiplication of this Christian community in the chain of blocks.

If someone does not know our community, today we present a video that humbly shows the first Blockchain Church! STEEMCHURCH.

For those who are with us from the daily celestial challenge, initiated by @sirknight, they will have feelings encountered with this video.

We urge all good Christians to serve Jesus with love, love their family and enjoy the gift of life.



SteemChurch has come a long way and we still have more to achieve. Thanks to God and thanks to our leader @sirknight.
Together we can achieve more

Together we can more High Priest

We have achieved a great deal Brother Emilio - and our journey has only just begun.

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Oh founder father SK, it's always good to see you here.

Yes SK, Blessed are the constants! A lot of way to go.

@Steemchurch is great, every day we learn and teach at the same time, the most complete and modern educational process in the religious field, I hope that many more people can join this great community and that we continue to expand the love and the crusade for freedom be the winner.

A good song Steemchurch :)

Sing with us Ruben and let's celebrate how beautiful life is with God 😄🎈

cantemos entonces!!! gifs-animados-notas-musicales-5610111.gif

I came to @steemchurch with the heavenly challenge. When I saw this video, remember everything we have achieved here in this beautiful Christian community and my heart began to beat more strongly. all this thanks to God first and our leader @SirKnight.
let's keep bringing light to the world

It's worth crying DM 😂

Looking back at where we started is a basis for us to thank God for where He has brought us to and this brightens our hope for the future. @Steemchurch family is growing and will grow bigger. We'll together feed and bring hope to the nations.

Thanks for this reminder

Together, it is the master key, by the way, how are the teachings in discord?

The Biblical teachings will hold today at the Steemchurch Discord.
Venezuela time: 15:00 PM
Nigeria time: 20:00 PM
Ghana time: 19:00 PM

What a beautiful memory of our church SteemChurch as we have grown God continue to help us move forward more and more. And giving our leader Sirknight wisdom from heaven to move on.

If Lorennys, Good memories

the truth that @SteemChurch and this project, more than a project is a blessing for all of us. Knowing that day by day we can find that word of love of peace and sharing the word of God with all my brothers through Steemit is a Blessing, This is a beautiful job and I congratulate you @marcelo182 for keeping us informed, for continuing to be in to the slope of everything related to SteemChurch, to @darlenys01 by Tenes that daily word that fills that space that we need the word of God. to @emiliocabrera for his hard work with the entire team of @SC-V and @Sirknight For having allowed himself to be guided by God and to support all this beautiful work .. Without anything else to really say ... God continue to bless them immensely. <

Well William, Tell a friend from our cozy community.

Good Trajectory, Congratulations to the gentleman @SirKnight and to the whole Steemchurch team for the great work that God has done.

God bless this wonderful church is a blessing to have it and know that it is multiplying

From the heavenly challenge we are many, from the presentations, this brings many memories. We have many like me who can not always be in this wonderful community, but we do it every time we can. Greetings to all

It is precious to see all that God has done in all this time since steemchurch came from God and put it in the heart of a great man like SK and as a member of this beautiful church I feel very blessed.

Mosdad, a melody with your violin, must have accompanied this video. 🎻 😍

Oh steemchurch have I loved. It being a blessed time here. It's really a great memory you've shared with us.

Forbidden to forget our ladywayne roots 😄

Wow!!! I just knew about steemchurch not long ago, but trust me the experience as been awesome. And this memories makes me feel like I've missed slot

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Wow! incredible video, if this is the beginning of steemchurch and I imagine the progress to pass the months and years. Thank you steemchurch for encouraging us to fight together for the love of God.

Barely, we heat the Kristal engines, when the plane takes off, it will be better. 😃

This video has removed me. How beautiful ... I feel happy for this great Church and for all its achievements and those that will come. Definitely God accompanies us, Congratulations to our leaders especially to our beloved @sirknight for being a good leader. Thanks @steemchurch

😀... Your happiness is our sister happiness!

The video has 'moved me' enilekcays, not 'removed me'. 😄

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LOL .... I'm sorry

When the foundation is Christ everything grows and stays in harmony

When the foundation
Is Christ everything grows and
Stays in harmony

                 - angelystovar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

A beautiful family that little by little day by day was growing and filling with love to many people and families in general I am really proud to be part of this great family together to all those who every day give a word or a reflection on love from God who is the one who makes all this possible God bless you @steemchurch @sc-v

I like the video because that's how I know the origins and development of this community! It's great, God bless you always!

Will you go with us to the future Aranzaive?🤔😀

It is my first to really see in this community, I hope to be received, I will try to learn from many of you. As far as I could read and understand, Steemchurch is a very great community.

I am new to this platform but I am surprised by the wonderful evolution of this community. Congratulations and God bless you

God has done great things in this blessed community. God will continue to multiply them.

Greetings, @steemchurch. The trajectory and the consolidation of this project will give excellent results. Patience will be rewarded. Continue the mission in the digital world.

I'm proud of this community, the humble will always be great. Steemchurch started as a small tree and today is a large tree that covers with its shadow of love many!

I have been particularly impressed with #SteemChurch. More to come.

beautiful video, souvenir was a group of few members, now we are many more, how many people are members of the first church in the block chain? Thanks for the effort of a lot is a reality.

There are many, Theonlyway, everyone who comes here with love and desire to work, are welcome!

Beautiful Christian community! It is good to see the brothers together and in harmony!

Blessings beloved brothers! Soon I will be sharing videos through the platform @dtube with teachings and opinions shared by my brother @hiroyamagishi. We hope that they will be a blessing to all and that the word of God will continue to be spread to the ends of the earth!