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Dear Parishioners!

Being the first and fastest growing Church on the blockchain is wonderful - however, this growth comes at a cost.

In our case the biggest cost is the hosting expense for our amazing website.

What started as 15 steem a month, has now blown out to 45 steem per month, in those wicked fiat dollars.

The Church can of course afford this expense - but we do not want to be going backwards.

So we are passing around the plate today - big upvotes and small donations would be greatly appreciated.


Be sure to do your daily Bible readings @reliquary.

The SteemChurch is uploading the entire Holy Bible to the blockchain - to protect it for all eternity!


Though this times are difficult, but for us who believes in Him will surely succeed. Will send our donations soon.

Yea of course these are not good times at all but we are positive and hopeful for the best

Will send a donation for the project so it can be done on time

Thanks for the good work and update


God bless you apostle

The main reason that you tithe and offer is that you actively participate in the cycle of divine blessings that God has established for the life of a believer. And when you adopt this consciousness, your life changes.

Amen, I thank God and the great sirknight leader with the support of his apostles, they have allowed us to remain in this community, and thanks to it we can survive many fights of the crisis. Brothers, we must be consistent, the word of God expresses the tithe, and a community goes forward where each member who considers himself of her leads, does what he can for his growth, and is consequent. Blessings for our church.

Of course, it won't be easy to keep up. I guess, that is why we are all here to support in any little way we can. @steemchurch has been much a blessing to all the parishioners on the blockchain. Keep up the good work and stay blessed

Like every church, it must receive the heart offerings of the parishioners in order to carry on the task of carrying the good news of salvation to all. Through the different media, I already put mine in the alfoli, and you? Let's give a little of what God has given us. blessings beloved Church!

Hello @steemchurch More grease to your elbow to keep the ball rolling

I do not have much money for now, but from what little I have, I prefer to give it and that the church continues to prosper and take the word of God to many places through the website.

Great work @steemchurch,great things are coming our way soon.God bless steemchurch.Cheers

The glory of God for our church is a blessing to belong to it, and each of its members must feel identified and give their constant support for its maintenance and strength, in the union is strength.

The battle is won with the effort and love of all, blessings for our church, brothers it is a duty of all to put our grain of sand

Each brother should be grateful and be a member of this church that has welcomed us and allowed us to belong to it, our support to the maintenance of it is a continuous duty

O Friends a blessing to bring to you and this community STEEMCHURCH

I support the great work of steemchurch. May God enlarge this church greatly. I already made my offering. God bless you!!

Since I met this church my life changed, I have had many blessings through the apostle @marcelo182 and @sirknight, they have blessed my life with words of encouragement. I already gave my contribution to the website.

giving is better than receiving, I already gave my offering. to follow the good work of this church and its operation with the website.

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