CONTEST: On the occasion of the First Anniversary of the Church of Steem/ #steemchurch

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Dear Community of SteemChurch and all the Friends who write to us and read us in this virtual environment!

The First Anniversary of the first Church of the Blockchain / @steemchurch, founded on December 10, 2017 by the Legendary Knight @sirknight, is approaching.


We thank all the faithful who have given love to this Sacred Community during all this time, and all the new steemians who have joined SteemChurch, working and enlightening us with their brilliant publications of biblical principles!

Our presence in the chain of blocks is to fight in the crusade for Freedom! It is our main motto! We are also raising the banner of Christianity and leaving a trace of love!

We all have something to celebrate the first anniversary of this wonderful Church!


Design a logo commemorating the first anniversary of SteemChurch.




1 The design should include the official SteemChurch logo, as the previous example shows.

2 You must make a publication indicating why you celebrate SteemChurch, or are you grateful to this community?

3 Place the link of your Post and design in this Publication

4 Used in the first label steemchurch.


1 Prize

The winning design will be placed in a Cake that we will be sharing on the anniversary day, plus 5 Steem.


2 Prize

2 Steem

The contest will be open from this publication until Sunday 2 / December of this year.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 4 / December

We invite all parishioners from all parishes of SteemChurch: @sc-v @sc-g @sc-n @farms, to participate and support with Resteem, with comments etc, to all who will participate giving love to SteemChurch!

The Executive Direction grants the privilege to @sirknight to select the winning design, for being a Honest Person, in addition, Strategic Leader and Founder of @steemchurch!

Thank you for reading! We look forward to Your Participation !!



What a fun contest, there are very good designers, creative and with great talent in Steemchurch.

If brother Rubén, all parishioners can participate, the important thing is the will!

I am also very titillating for being part in the coming great day will 10th December be, we hail our sacred community and feel very proud in this community. Thanks very much to our founder SK.

Active vision propelling vision carriers. Glad to be part of this. It can only be God.

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I can't wait to be part of this, we are love and together we grow in love.

Wow! Anniversary steemchurch coming soon? I am glad this news, yesterday I was talking about steemchurch and affirm that it is one of the tendencies of Steemit that most supports people! Besides the design I can give a video to the Church?


Yes Sister, it will be a pleasure to see everything the Parishioners can do, however, for the contest we already show the specifications, thanks

Wow! I did not expect this, I like to design, although I'm not an expert I'll try it hehe, I thought that steemchurch had more time on the platform ... I do not know what happens that sometimes I'm not allowed to comment after making several comments?

The RC are limited, you can see them in steemd/ @usiario

The important thing is participation Brother!

I really liked this initiative, it is a great achievement all the way that steemchurch has reached in less than a year, I feel motivated EC, there are many reasons why I have to celebrate and thank steemchurch, I will let you know soon. I will ask for help with the design haha

The arrival of an anniversary is reason to celebrate, reflect and continue to advance! good luck for the participants, as my mom says, when a member of the Church wins, all the members also win.

Blessings brothers, happy anniversary coming soon for steemchurch, it's a great idea, I want to see the winning design. Greeting and hugs

Very good!


Good morning #steemchurch, great, I will be part of this contest! many blessings for all, I will put my children to work on designs...

Wow. I'm in

This is one of the big events on the blockchain this December. Am grateful to God for the feat He has granted us in this community in the past 1 year. Congratulations to @Steemchurch
Congratulations to @Sirknight

To God be the glory!

Good morning brothers of steemchurch! This is fun, I will be happy to participate in this contest. Prolonging anniversaries for steemchurch!

Arrive just in time to participate here, haha I will have to inspire me I am not a very good designer.

Interesante, empezare a trabajar mi mente.... un diseño de un logo... bien quiero participar. esto me motiva para ganar. Gracias @steemchurch por esta oportunidad. Aunque no ganen, los invito a participar.

Wow! This means that we have design jobs! Much success for steemchurch on its next first anniversary!

I can not stay behind in this celebration congratulations SteemChurch

Hi this is my participation, i hope you like it.

Is a privilege to be part of such an august function. We are proud of you steemchurch

Count on my support for this great celebration

the first year of our beloved Christian community. on December 11, 2018. a year of hard work and passion on the part of a team that has put its life to take the vision of Jesus to many parties

Hi brother DM, I do not know if it will be because of the time difference but at it says it was created on 10/ Dicember/ 2017


if it seems to me that it is because of the change of schedule.