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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch et al.

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This Knight often talks of inflated financial markets.
This Knight often discusses insane levels of debt enslaving humanity.
This Knight often provides commentary on the collapsing economies and currencies of the world.
This Knight often talks about gold and silver - God's monetary gifts to mankind to ensure fairness, freedom and protection within the economic reset to come.

Over the weekend, this Knight came across an excellent article authored by Mr Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management.

In his concise and well articulated brief, Mr von Greyerz addresses the clear and present dangers for the world economy and details some of the remedies and opportunities available to those nations and individuals with foresight and an eagerness to prepare.

It is not often that this Knight will acknowledge the work of others in its entirety - but in this case, it seemed wholly appropriate. This Knight also wanted to be able to quickly refer to this work at a later time.

The link to the article can be found here.

With the full article pasted below.

Learn, enjoy, prepare!

And as you watch the wealth shift from West to East - remember the 'Gold rule.'

Whoever holds the gold... rules!

I am... SirKnight


August 30, 2018

by Egon von Greyerz

This is it! The autumn of 2018 will be momentous in the world economy, markets and politics.
We are now seeing the Last Hurrah for stocks, bonds, the dollar and most asset markets.

The world economy has been living on borrowed time since the 2006-9 crisis. The financial system should have collapsed at that time. But the massive life support that central banks orchestrated managed to keep the dying patient alive for another decade. Lowering interest rates to zero or negative and printing enough money to double global debt seem to have solved the problem. But rather than saving the world from an economic collapse, the growth of debt and asset bubbles has created a system with exponentially higher risk.


So here we are on the “Eve of Destruction” when the fake measures that governments and central banks have taken have not saved the world, as the Keynesians believe, but instead created an even bigger bubble that is now about to burst. Curing a sick world by the same means that created the disease in the first place was always bound to fail.

Global problems of the magnitude that the world will experience in coming years normally start in the periphery. We are seeing multiple examples of local wild fires that will soon spread to the core of the world economy.

Take for example the VAT countries. Not Value Added Tax, but Venezuela, Argentina, and Turkey. Deficits, debts and currency collapse are the normal warning signals and these are certainly present at varying degrees in the VAT countries. As always, the best single indicator which reveals these problems is of course gold. As the chart below shows, gold in Venezuelan Bolivars is going up exponentially. Since May 2018, gold has gone up 23,000x or 2.3 million percent.

Argentina goes from one crisis to the next and gold is up 14,500% this century. Only since December 2017 gold is up 74% in Pesos.

Finally in Turkey gold is up 26% since May this year and 3,500% since 2000.

No wonder governments around the world hate gold. Because gold reveals their deceitful actions in destroying the economy and the currency.

There is blatant manipulation in so many areas including fake money, fake paper gold, fake news, fake politics and fake governments.

The VAT countries are just one example but a very important one. Because they are giving us the signal that a global crisis has started. Most emerging market countries are in the same situation. In the next few months, emerging markets will drop one after the next.


The situation is the same in the West too. Europe is totally bankrupt. The EU elite is desperately trying to keep a collection of disparate nations together by coercion combined with forcing debt onto any nation who threatens to exit the EU or Euro. Greece and Italy should have left the EU long ago, introduced their own devalued currency and renege on the debt to the EU. But they were stopped by Brussels. Now they will fall with the rest of the EU. The UK people voted to leave the EU but Brussels are using any means to stop that happening.

An artificial collection of nations with very different people, cultures, history, ambitions, financial systems, growth rates etc was always doomed to fail. To have this hotchpotch of countries governed by an unelected and unaccountable elite in Brussels makes it even worse.

The Swiss system with direct democracy and people power together with distribution of power to the Cantons (local States) is a much more efficient system.


The world could possibly cope with the major problems in Emerging Markets and Europe if the world’s biggest economy, the US, was sound. But sadly that is far from the case. The biggest economy is also the sickest. Federal debt has doubled every 8 years which puts the US on target for a $40 trillion debt by 2025. I am well aware that this is substantially above the official forecasts but why pay any attention to these since they have always been wrong. And the Federal debt seems to be $42 trillion rather than $21 trillion if the $21 trillion “lost” dollars are accurate based on Catherine Austin-Fitts findings. More likely is that problems in the economy combined with a financial crisis will lead to unlimited money printing and surging interest rates. So a US Federal debt in 2025 of $100 trillion or in the quadrillions is not impossible, especially when the derivative bubble blows up.


Having personally crossed the collapsed Genoa bridge three days before the accident, one is reminded of the major underinvestment in infrastructure worldwide (and also how ephemeral life is). Italy will now spend EUR 80 billion, that they don’t have, to improve the country’s infrastructure. Driving around Italy you realise that this will be a drop in the ocean. Most countries have neglected infrastructure investments for a very long time. In USA for example, it is estimated by the American Association of Civil Engineers that $5 trillion needs to be invested by 2025 to fix roads, bridges, dams and other infrastructure. That is another $5 trillion that will be printed out of nowhere.


Since the global crisis has already started, we might see a collapse of markets, bubble assets and currencies at any time. Before that, it is possible that the final minor leg up or the Last Hurrah will take place. That would involve a final move up in some stock markets and a temporarily stronger dollar.

The long term trend of the dollar is clear. It will go into oblivion faster than anyone can imagine.
We must remember that measured in real terms, which is gold, the dollar is down over 98% since the Fed was created in 1913 and down 80% since 1999. So the dollar is already on its way to perdition but the next phase will happen faster than anyone can imagine.

“Time to get rid of the US dollar” said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister recently. He added “Thank god this is happening …. We will speed up this work”.

Russia, China, Turkey, Iran and many more countries are determined to trade in their own currencies as well as in gold. This will precipitate the fall of the dollar. But the major reason why the dollar will soon conclude its 100 year move to ZERO is the dire state of the US economy as mentioned above.

As we end a long and totally engineered bull market in the world economy, we will be entering the Dark Years that I wrote about a few years ago. Hard to imagine that the powers that be have managed to fool the world for a decade. But this next time, their panic actions, using the same medicine of massive money printing and lower interest rates, won’t work.

The world will recognise that printed money is not even worth the paper it is written on, or that electronic entries called money can disappear as quickly as they are created.


As the West has overtly and covertly reduced its gold holdings, the East is continuing to add as much as they can at these bargain prices. Most central banks have either sold or leased a major part of their gold to the market. This gold is then bought by China, India or Russia through the bullion banks. These Eastern countries obviously take physical delivery rather than leaving the gold in London or New York. When you own gold, you must have direct control.


The chart below shows how central banks and bullion banks are losing their gold. The Swiss refiners, produce around 70% of the gold bars in the world. As the chart shows, they import their gold from a number of different sources. Surprisingly to many, in July 2018, by far the biggest purchase was from the UK with 67 tonnes. The UK is not a gold producing country. Instead these are 400oz bars from Western central banks that have been bought by China, India or Russia. The bars are sent to the Swiss refines to be broken down to 1kg bars and then shipped on to the Eastern buyers. The Swiss import statistics often show that the UK is a major exporter. This is very clear evidence that Central Banks are continuously reducing their holdings.

Thus, it is likely that the real holdings of USA (8k Tonnes) Germany (3.3k T) or the IMF (2.8k T) are less than half to their declared holdings. And whatever they have leased to the market, they will never get back. All they have is an IOU for gold from a bullion bank. That IOU can never be honoured since there will be no physical gold available. And if it was available, it would be a price that is 10, 20 or 100 times the current price.


In the next phase of the gold and silver markets, the LBMA banks and Comex will blow up and be unable to honour their commitments which are at least 500 times the available physical gold.

I have shown in previous articles that gold should be at least $16,000 based on the 1980 high of $850, adjusted for inflation. But many calculations show a much higher price, whether it is $87,000 or $174,000 that Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter have calculated.

These prices might seem like fantasy, but what we must understand is that when the fake and manipulated gold and silver paper markets blow up, there will be no price or no gold or silver offered by the dealers since they don’t have any physical metals to settle their commitments.

Regardless of what price gold and silver will reach, the current prices of $1,200 and $14.80 are totally ridiculous.


This is the biggest secret in the world that virtually nobody understands. Just like a Venezuelan would have saved his and his family’s life, so will people who buy gold today in the West today. Still nobody is buying. And even the ones who are aware are waiting to see if gold and silver will go lower.

Take my word for it, to wait for the precious metals to go lower will be the most costly mistake that anyone can make. Because when prices turn up, most people will miss the boat. And they will be totally without the protection they so badly need.

Physical gold and silver at current prices is the cheapest life insurance premium that anyone can ever pay. Remember, precious metals is not an investment, it is the ultimate form of wealth preservation.

But this time gold and silver will not just be wealth preservation, it could save your life, just as it would have done for the poor Venezuelans.

Egon von Greyerz
Founder and Managing Partner
Matterhorn Asset Management
Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 442 136 245

Matterhorn Asset Management’s global client base strategically stores an important part of their wealth in Switzerland in physical gold and silver outside the banking system. Matterhorn Asset Management is pleased to deliver a unique and exceptional service to our highly esteemed wealth preservation clientele in over 55 countries.
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This is exactly what we all over at #steemsilvergold believe to be the end game. We have fun collecting coins and showing them to other folk's but this is the main reason we like to be prepared!

Thanks for spreading the word so more people can be prepaired!👍

Well we're entering a stage of frantic and unexplainable situations in the world economy really and this article just opens my eyes to the fact that the danger to the world is lurking within things that holds value to humanity. It's been totally worth reading.

It's glad to have you grace us with this. @sirknight

Something definitely is going to happen! This could lead to the biblical one world government, one world economy, one world religion. Great article!
Daddy William


This Knight sure hopes not mhm. This Knight hopes to see many, many, many little Governments - this is the only way contain corruption.


So many embracing the New World Order. It is the thinking of our day from the elite and established government leaders. We must pray!


What kind of one world religion, like baha'i ?


You may think this is funny, but the entire world is headed to this. There is already chrislam and so many more. The subject is very deep and very many scriptures but just read the 13th chapter of Revelation. Most in politics are calling it the New World Order.
Some catastrophic event that affects the entire world will set the stage for the antichrist to come to the recue, bring order and peace back to the planet. So many are already headed down this road. No joke! To act like it isn’t happening is also not the solution.

as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name


Thanks @mhm-philippines. It was no joke. I could imagine it would be possible. But still I can't think of one person (Antichrist) who could unify the whole of humanity and at the same time enslave it. Technologically the sign of the beast is plausible, as some countries already do that on voluntary base.
The Baha'i regard all historic main religion as kind of evolution with their own religion as the finally religion, which brings everlasting peace. Who knows? What I can clearly see , is that we all are in a process of grand-scale change and it is hard to speculate if we will survive or what follows. So, good luck man!

After reading through, I saw why the article was indeed outstanding in your sight..thanks for share this with us- a must read!!

This is quite different. Wow. I see light, but how can i invest in gold, silver or precious metals. Dont know how to go about that.
And is there i can get in bits like for low investors.


Good question, I also would like to know.

Good to see you using the #steemsilvergold tag mate.

It's never been a question of IF this madness will end, but WHEN. It's far better to be early (prepared) than late.

Excellent article, and very good reflection SR friend, a diagnosis of the global financial and economic crisis.
These circumstances in financial and economic crises can be intense and painful, the world economy is going through its most serious tribulations, in some countries more than others, as in the case of Venezuela, but thanks be to God, that the periods of economic adversity and financial or otherwise - they do not take God by surprise, the world crisis can provide opportunities for God's people to flourish spiritually and lead others to Christ, who is our only rock and hope - not just in the present time, but for all eternity


Hi Ricci - yes for those Bible scholars like us, we know that these turning points in history are a reasonably regular occurrence. And the good have always prevailed through God - but it was still hard work.

Thanks for your efforts over at Reliquary.


A publication worth rereading SK. As you say! Gold reveals the disastrous conduct of governments and their deceptive transactions. oh, my God!

Here in Venezuela recently there was a disguised dollarization with the monetary reconversion, however, and the inflammation takes a few steps forward. How awful!

Thanks for sharing a memorable post! Greetings Lord

Wow, this is eye opening, i've never seen finances in this light.

Thanks for sharing


Thanks GW - glad you enjoyed. I have been enjoying your comments at Reliquary - thanks for your efforts. SK.


God bless you SK

Greetings Sirknight, your perspective is impressive in terms of financial and certainly is very specific the work of Mr. Egon von Greyerz, some think that E.E.U.U is a country free of economic problems but nevertheless also has its dark sides. Personally I think that Blockchain and its advantages bring many benefits to humanity, it is only a question of people with a lot of influence, resources and power deciding to take that step and help to build a better, more egalitarian world, such as the example that you give. God bless you Sirknight.

This is an awesome news and eye opening,in these days many things are happening and going to happen in the crypto market,great news

This is quite insightful. This knowing is crucial as we all have to get ready to breakout of the USD grip. Freedom for all.

Thank you great Knight for always feeding us with such timely information as this to build our faith and hope on the freedom project. Just yesterday, I was musing with myself that @sirknight has not taught us on finance for about 3 weeks of older.

Analyzing all this, in Venezuela there is a notable migration of cities to the mining fields, which were combined in the field of ecodestrucción, not to mention the development of a hostile environment that was generated years ago (crimes, slavery, delinquency, parceleros , disease).

Now, all over the world, the way to conduct personal transactions with gold can be stated as follows:

Christ will come soon

This article is indeed a great one, it reveals the the world economy problem, indeed the classical and neo-classical economic theory is not just enough to save the world... I think of the truth, something big is about to happen and what that thing is, we don't know but i know for sure that one with Christ should not be afraid of anything. Cos the Lord is our shepherd.

It is sad what happens in the world for people of bad heart and with greed to lose and wealth who do not care about other people but only them.

This is an information that is worth reading, thanks SK. and it is sad that currently this slavery is lived in Venezuela, a rich country that was taken by people thirsting for power and money.

but as I have always said, I trust in a living God and God who can do everything, and who, despite the economic situation, does not abandon his children.

Thank you SK God bless you !!!

What a great financial analysis, gentleman @sirknight ... is undoubtedly a very complete analysis of the economy worldwide, this shows us once again that we are in the last times, as the Bible shows, and that come difficult times, for that we must be very secure in God ...

I am a Venezuelan and here we supposedly have access to gold ... but the reality is that we do not all have that access, because gold is very expensive ... I wish I had the opportunity to buy it ... I would not think twice to invest in it. gold ... but the reality is that most of the higher access to gold in Venezuela, it has government people or people who have a lot of money ...

Your analysis is worthy of RESTEEM. Have an excellent and blessed day.

thanks @sirknight for sharing this article, it is quite interesting and detailed.

You are a great gentleman ... what a profound analysis. We have to wait for all this revolution that will come and for God to be with us! because certainly the world economy will have a great fall.

Take is detailed, well explain and explicit.
Keep it up sir.

Wow. That's eyeopening and thorough message. Surely we must all consider gold and silver

The main point in all of this is take control of your future. Physical and tangible objects are the things that actually have a value. Precious metals are the most enduring and have the longest history of use as a means of wealth. To not see this and to not hoard all that one can is honestly shooting one's self in the foot.

The powers that are manipulating are the same ones that have been in control since the industrial revolution. How it is that the majority of humanity has not stood up and said, "ENOUGH" is really beyond my understanding.

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Sip, exactamente estoy de acuerdo, en especial que soy Venezolano y amante de la economía y geopolíticamente

I agree with everything in the post, but....

This is it! The autumn of 2018 will be momentous in the world economy, markets and politics.

While historically speaking, autumn tends to be the time of financial crisis, these forecast have been given since 2009 (and all equally valid, btw - we have been living a fake reality for a decade)...

But why specifically this year, not next...? (I'm not disagreeing, just asking - I've been expecting it every year for a decade...)

This is really awesome to hear that gold has reached such level, I hope crpto to will also move high very soon.

HURRA is true what we are living and seeing today that is the fulfillment of the Word of Our Great God YAHWEH, while we see everything that is happening around us, let us raise our hands because our Beloved Redeemer is coming JESHUA HAMASHIAJ, HURRA !!

Your hard work and effort have paid off! A success well deserved, an occasion worth celebrating! Congratulations!

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Here from the well fed South of Germany where most people have good and more or less well paid jobs and big bank savings, your decription of the comming collaps looks so unbelievable. But I know if we see the bigger picture we can see what might happen soon.


Yes - most of the west is blind to the economic happenings of the world. Sure printing money can be good... but only ever for a little while.

This is thought provoking. How can one get gold and silver to store for the furure?