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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you!'

Previously this Knight posed the question - what does freedom mean to you?

There were a variety of answers, however one theme that ran through the answers was 'achieving financial freedom'.

Now this Knight does not need to do a video blog to help you understand the key to building wealth and financial freedom, as the key is one simple mathematical formula.

Now don't expect to learn this mathematical formula at school or university. Governments of the world have tried to hide it from their citizens for thousands of years.

The ultra-rich of course understand this formula very well and it is incorporated into everything they do. Again, they don't want you to understand it. However this Knight will share it with you now...

And he wants you to tell everyone!

When this Knight drops the formula into this post - it will be a light bulb moment for you. It will be like you have always known the secret, but never understood it. And it will be as though you have just be placed on the road to true happiness.

Alright ladies and gentlemen - without any further ado...

The key to building wealth, achieving financial success and ultimately leading to total financial freedom is:


That is it, all there is to it. Earn more than you spend.

Never, ever, ever forget this formula and SirKnight will never, ever, ever let you forget this. It is so simple.

Well so simple in theory. The problem is governments and corporations want you to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!

They give you credit cards and loans to help you spend. They bombard you with commercials and media, labeling you a failure if you don't have that new car or TV or computer, or if you don't eat at the latest fancy restaurants.

Surely God would know this secret to building wealth. And surely he would do all he could to ensure financial freedom for his worshipers?

Of course he did!


Exodus 20:17 (NIV)

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

Pay no attention to the wealth of others, displayed or otherwise. It simply doesn't matter and is quite frankly, none of your business.

At the same time note this - truly wealthy people only display a very small percentage of their wealth - they don't want everyone to know what they have.

Live in a manner that is both humble and financially smart. And be sure to educate your spouse and children about why you live this way. It is important that all members of a family are united in their financial attitudes.

Be well friends.


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This is a sure guide to financial freedom indeed, allow me add the word - "INVEST" because as much as earning is good, a good investment creates a platform for us all to earn Even more. so yeah it's EARN > SPEND!

Interesting read! It will be so difficult to save if earn < spend . This is one reason I like to be contented with the small things I have. Contentment would aid a person to live within his/her means. Excess spending often leads to debth.

What did the bible say about debt again? :) A borrower is a slave to the lender. The sad result is working entirely to pay a debt.

It is definitely good advice. earn more than what is spent. You have to avoid buying too much on things that are not a priority. we must be aware of what we earn and be good priests knowing how to spend, thanks SK

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Pay no attention to the wealth, displayed or otherwise. It simply doesn't matter and is quite frankly, none of your business.

Very well said my able @sirknight. Even the bible says we shouldn't envy the wealth of the unrighteous. I have trained myself ever to live above my means irrespective of what anyone thinks. I'm not living my life to please anyone so why would I spend more than I earn just to show off. It's not a competition! Once, we can cut our coat according to the material available then financial freedom is ours through Christ.

Great reminder @sirknight, God bless you

You are one of the financially savvy ones Ammyluv - you are living 'within' your means. You need only educate others.


First of, congratulations on hitting reputation of 65 it's a beautification milestone.

Well that's the best way to achieving financial freedom, many people do not know this, making more money than you spend will keep you financially stable and able to maintain instead of falling into bankruptcy with spending and spending and spending, amazing words of wisdom from the knight himself

65 - cool. Thanks Jose.

Great post @sirknight ,earn more and spend less. it is very key in becoming financially free,if you spend more the person goes into debt and the income won't be enough anymore to meet up his/her daily needs,so we need to learn how to manage expenses.Thanks for sharing.

My Father always told me this SK and listening to him from an entrepreneur like you, encourages me to treasure this valuable advice. I'm supposed to teach it at home as you say, so we can all encourage smart spending. Thanks friend

This a great lesson from a great leader to us . Thanks for enlighten us SK

Thanks BigS. Glad you like it. SK.

Almost everyone know or at least have heard of the key to financial success but we don't follow it or tend to forget it, maybe because of environmental influence and government influence.

Thanks @sirknight for reminding us again the key to financial success.

Yes, it is very simple Fatherfaith, living it is the difficult part.

Deep lesson by the great Knight. It is God's will that we live within the provisions He affords. God does not want us to stretch beyond what He gives us.


Thank you @Sirknight

Like you said the formula: Earn>Spend is very simple. Yet, many seem not to understand or live it in practicality.
Whether we like it or not, everyone of us spend money daily, but the stern question is do we make money?
Well, I think this question should stair up our creativity and spur us into taking honest actions that will not make us experience financial apocalypse.
Thanks SirKnight for this high-powered piece.
Kind regards.

'High powered piece!' I appreciate this critique D. Thanks. SK. 😃

Very good advice, gentleman. We must be aware that our expenses are necessary and never exceed our income. In this way we will not be slaves of money.

Lesson learned. Very good BB. SK.

Your analysis of financial freedom is straight to the point Earn more than you Spend, if we can control our insatiable needs of buying unnecessary things that will make us spend more than we can earn , whereby putting us into financial Dept we must try to plan and control our expenses and looks for more ways to earn more money and reduces our spending thereby building more wealth for ourselves and family .

We must looks for more ways to create more wealth by earning more than we spend for us to become financially free @sirknight

Very teuw sir. Earn more than what you spend.
Just like growth, wealth has principles. Wealth grows from a tiny seed. The earlier you start planting, the better.
You don't become wealthy from having millions in ypur account, you become wealthy by planting the first seed of cents, by starting from being accountable for every dime you get.

Wealth is a process and you have to stick to starting little.
@sirknight, this is really deep. Men of isshachar, with an understanding of the times and seasons, i celebrate you sir. Thanks for this.

Earn more than you spend.

Simple but true words, alot of people don't really get that thats why falling into debt is easy and the economy doesn't even make it easier cos alot of people earn less than what it takes an average man to survive, the bills are endless even when you are not extravagant.
Only recently Nigeria was said to be out of recession but that was only in statistics because the masses are still drenched in poverty, the economy is still so bad alot other countries face same issue, but everything still balls down to spending less than what you earn, really good point SK!!

The formula works most of this time JJ. And sometimes you just need to survive. As long as you understand the concept as you do - you will be able to apply it most of the time. SK.

Thanks for this @sirknight
We still sometimes find ourselves in the track of buying what we don't really need.
With discipline, we can prioritise our needs and spent on only what we need at the right time and never spent more than we earn.

@sirknight everyone of us knows the value of financial freedom and you have told us the right lessons for financial become good and also we have the simple formula "spend"!


It is a good point. In an amazing book I read from a Christian businessman, he actually breaks it down into 3 phases. The first phase is what you outline, earn more than you spend.

Yet he points out in his book earning more than you spend doesn't ultimately achieve the goal of many Christians. Many Christians want to give away 90% of their income and live on 10%, while being wealthy as they do this.

Generating large amounts of wealth can usually only happen by two activities: Owning Value Appreciating Assets or Owning Income Generating Assets

Value appreciating assets can be things like good real estate that also produces income. It can be cryptocurrency or good stocks.

Income generating assets are businesses.

People with tremendous wealth and wealth generation, are utilizing one of these two avenues to wealth creation beyond what a job would pay. Great advice @sirknight , thanks for sharing.

Many times inflation breaks this good advice because what we earn does not reach but certainly your advice is true, so true that I have applied it in my few finances and always saw the results. Thanks SK

My Father says: a good listener, few words! certainly your advice is a principle for financial literacy in the crusade for freedom. Bless you are SK for promoting your knowledge.

Schools are always good.

Thank you so much for this message. I definitely need it. I am at this stage where I feel that I should have more money in my account, even though my earnings are not as much. I will take your advice and I will resist the urge to spend more than I earn.

@sirknight very well said. amazing education ,

A great lesson here for me actually. When we set our eyes on the wealth of others it only promotes envy and your desire to have what they have with no idea of how and when they got it.
Patience and hardwork will eventually lead you there.

I like your message Sirknight, you are right, envy and covet is bad, the world by itself and the big industries make people want things that in turn cause intrigue and greed, if we change a humble life, God will take care of providing us with what is necessary to lead a happy life. I have always thought that the greatest wealth of this world is the love of sharing with our loved ones, there is nothing more valuable than that.

A very relevant piece in today's day and age. I've been blessed to be able to stay debt free at 20. But so many kids my age have racked up student loan debt and many other expensive things they are "paying off".

At some point when I was younger, I came to a conclusion, if you don't have the money to pay in cash, don't buy it. So many people these days just try and make the payments fit into their lifestyle, all the meanwhile racking up debt.

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This will help people financially and help gain freedom
Good [email protected]
God will reward you greatly

People often ask whether there will ever be financial freedom owing to the fact man is insatiable. The more he gets, the more he wants to get.

I would say that total financial freedom is rare but one of the keys to this financial freedom is one's ability to know and understand the concept of money. By that i mean how money works.

I think I'll give a part two of this great lesson.

My greetings @sirknight

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Smell new cheese in this publication. It seems that I found an exit in the labyrinth with mice, this exit takes me to financial freedom. The new cheese leads me to know how to earn more than what I spend and not to covet the riches of others and to learn what the text taken from the publication of the legendary knight Sirknight says:

Live in a humble and financially intelligent way. And be sure to educate your spouse and children about why you live this way. It is important that all members of a family are united in their financial attitudes.

amazing post sir .

This practical advice accelerates wealth in investors and also in the home, another of the major financial crises that visit us is when we spend the money without having won it. (credits) Thank you Sirk for teaching us so many good things.