SteemChurch: Strategy minute with SirKnight

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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you.'

Bitcoin's Back!

Things are looking up in crypto again - Bitcoin is back over $US8,000 and continues to rise. Perhaps it is the talk of a Bitcoin ETFs, or something else - you just never quite know with Bitcoin.

The alt-coins have been left in the wake of Bitcoin, however they are sure to follow and soon enough.

For the rest of this Strategy minute, this Knight wants to bring the attention of parishioners to Blockchain Update #4

Resource Credits.

It is time that our parishioners were prepared for a major Steem overhaul - this overhaul will bring about 'Resource Credits.' And you can bet that this translates to:

'Steem participation is going to come at a short term cost'.

This Knight is not suggesting this is a bad thing; not at all. It could be wonderful for the long term prospects of Steem. It could open up investing and trade opportunities and a better structured system for app developers to work within.

This Knight has a suspicion however that the Steem blockchain is going to operate in a similar manner to EOS - which also has a 3 Resource Credit type system being labled Bandwidth, CPU and RAM.

If Steem is consistent with EOS, he feels that two Resource Credits will be related to the Steem Power stake directly and Steem Power alone will provide these. The third however, could be limited arbitrarily by the Steem blockchain, encouraging Steemians to buy and stake more of a 'single finite resource' - similar to the EOS RAM resource and associated market.

Whilst you do not consume RAM when you utilize the system, you do have a limit on how much you can do on EOS before you are forced to exchange EOS tokens for more RAM. However, should the time come that you don't need the the RAM any longer, say you are finished with your Dapp - you could terminate your Dapp and sell the RAM (in theory).

If this Knight is right, the limited resource could become quite valuable, quite quickly. So for us SteemChurch Parishioners, about to embark on a major Beatitudes posting initiative, we might want to be ready to purchase additional units of this particular RC.

So, what's the strategy SirKnight?

The SteemChurch Squirrels


Ladies and gentlemen, it is time that we all started to squirrel away our Steem Rewards, both as Steem Power and as liquid Steem.

Hodl as much Steem as you can at this time - it could see you through a winter of Resource Credit confusion.

If you can avoid selling Steem at these low prices - do so.

Follow @steemitblog closely. Resource Credits will be activated as a part of Hardfork 20 and this could be upon us within weeks.

If SirKnight is wrong on the third resource credit - no matter. Just take the liquid Steem you have squirreled away and power it up.

What this Knight does not want to see is this. A brand new and blessed Beatitude token being issued to our beloved parishioners, only to have our parishioners need to exchange these blessed tokens for Steem, so they continue to participate at SteemChurch.

As this Knight always says - 'Success is - short term pain, for long term gain.'

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Well said, we @farms are sure to implement this to our steem saving and ensure to gather as much as we can now.

steemchurch farms (@farms)

coming the words of our friend, I think it is convenient to say: "it is for the good of the parishioners" but I will wait, because as our brother Emilio says "I am ignorant in this ..." hahaha ... we are looking for blessings.
God bless you !!

Thanks to the strategies exposed Caballero, this bitcoin ascending and descending season will help us learn how to adjust the use of tokens in good and bad times. Thank you for teaching us, in my case I am very ignorant, but I have observed that you know the world of cryptocurrencies well.

Dear friend SK thank you for these important data, although I consider myself a newbie in the world of cryptocurrencies, I try to learn something new every day and put it into pranctics.

Thank you SirK for being aware of the variations in cryptography and letting us know how to proceed. You are a good teacher.

As this Knight always says - 'Success is - short term pain, for long term gain.'

I like these words, I think I've lived them lately.

I feel excited, if SK is right we will be expecting blessings soon. the time of the harvest is approaching. just focus on sowing

Hmmmmm I'm amazed at the way @sirknight thinks for us and is so passionate about it. This is good news. Thanks for everything.
Steemchurch sqirrels looks like @sniffnscurry #smiles

Waaaw this a good sign for steem to also rise.

Good news gentleman, one more strategy for investment

minha firma.png

That good! the sacrifices always have rewards ... Excellent that the work and contribution of everyone is valued.

This is great, @sirknight
Honestly, this is the right time to try all means to acquired steem as we await Hardfork 20.
Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Thanks to this great team that works for a better future. Blessings

If you can avoid selling Steem at these low prices - do so.

Great piece of advice. I'm not selling mine until one is worth $100. Hodling right now is the best move. Should bitcoin continue to grow, this can become possible.

Good negotiation strategy, it does not matter in the long term some day will come

Wow,this is really beautiful and awesome,Bitcoin rising up is something to celebrate,and also great work from steemchurch and sirknight leadership,we keep pushing and making impact

Thank you for this timely update Sirknight
I will take your advice to hodl Steem in preparation and anticipation of Our very own Beatitudes Token.
I can't wait for the Beatitudes to arrive.😁

Very good analysis, gentleman @sirknight, and thanks for your recommendations for the entire community of steemchurch. We hope that what happens will be positive for everyone, so let us follow their recommendations, God bless you!

Hello SirKnight! I like that concept: Short term pain for a better future. Thanks for sharing

Very good strategy @sirknight .. I congratulate you for this type of decisions that are what makes you a good leader like you.

Thanks for you professional and knighthood advice I know that hodl steem and powering up steempower will be very useful in building a long-term passive income in the beatitude platform

Success is - short term pain, for long term gain.' - @Sirknight

That line is deep and quite powerful for those who care to be careful with. We all must learn to sacrifice a short-term pleasure for a long term blessings. Even God gave out Jesus Christ so He can have many sns and daughters today.

Thank you @Sirknight for always being the @Steemchurch #watchman

Right strategy while we await our beloved Beatitude

Wow,this is absolutely lovely and incredible,Bitcoin rising up is something to have fun,and additionally splendid paintings from steemchurch and sirknight leadership,we preserve pushing and making impact

see now 5.72% rising @UP @Bitcoin :):) @sirknight
@Thank you for sharing with us

Great strategy. Bitcoin sure is unpredictable. But with everything happening, ive learnt patience.

Good information, although I do not understand these terms very much.

Thanks @sirknight for the update. Really appreciate this information on this bkockchain to us all. A big one boss👍

thank you for sharing the beneficial information with steemchurch with the progress, and how to play the application I don't know about steemchurch.

Hodl is easy, it's knowing when to sell that is difficult. @ironshield


Thanks for the news.
Good news are so rare nowadays

Bitcoin crossing over 8k is good news for STEEM because we all know that the rise of STEEM is controlled by bitcoin which I hope the monopoly will be broken in future by SMT's and possibly beautitudes. Amazing news @sirknight

It is a good strategy, if we try to save some of our assets for sure its value will take a slight increase, while less Steem and Sbd Circulate in the market its insurance value will have to rise, which would be of great importance when the Beatitudes Tokens are launched. Well said Master, A slight effort in the short term, for a good future.

@sirknight beautifully written.. I am hoping to see Same market behaviour as of late 2017.

Yaaaay! Bitcoin is back! I don't have any, but I am happy because it means other coins will definitely bounce back. I can't wait to see Steem rise, it will be so encouraging.

Great update from the boss himself @sirknight, we are behind you. As long as this platform is concerned, anywhere you go, we go! Thank you for the update

Very good information sir,
It means to all of us

Many thanks and blessings for your recommendations

Hurray steem is back!!!!!
The price has been so low,thank you for the update @sirknight.
I have followed @steemitblog to get more updates.