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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you'

The Scolding

Someone dear recently scolded this Knight - they stated unapologetically;

'SirKnight, you have lost the vision of SteemChurch.'

They continued...

'This lost vision was becoming detrimental to future of the SteemChurch.'

This Knight pondered the accusations -

Our vision: - 'Freedom and liberty in the spirit of Christ.'

Had this Knight lost sight of the SteemChurch vision?


Naturally this Knight sought direction from the most comprehensive historical resource and morality guide on the planet - The Holy Bible. And he soon found his answer.

Proverbs 29:18 - 'Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he.' (King James 2000).

Yes; this Knight had run adrift of the vision.
Yes; the SteemCourt was adversely impacting upon the freedom and liberty of parishioners.
Yes; it was hurting SteemChurch.


Freedom and liberty - integral in the vision of the SteemChurch. Freedom and liberty to foster creativity, participation, friendship, faith.

Instead what this Knight had created in SteemCourt, had now become a symbol of restriction, of restraint and a tool for enforcement of order through fear and embarrassment. The very things that this Knight had sworn to fight against.

This Knight has now seen the error in his ways (again) and will rectify this matter. Effective immediately...



This decision in no way reflects the performance of Chief Justice @hboi. The Chief Justice has conducted himself with dignity and professionalism, in a manner characteristic of any High Court Judge. This Knight thanks @hboi for his efforts.

SteemCourt did prove extremely effective at cutting down on plagiarism and spam - however the cost was deemed too high. So who now will police plagiarism and spam without SteemCourt? Answer...


Hahaha - well more accurately, all us men and women of faith have a responsibility to educate new parishioners on Steemit and SteemChurch etiquette and behaviour. We must remind them of their moral obligations. Have them consider:

  1. What would you do if you were Jesus and you were posting here at SteemChurch?
  2. What would Steemit be like if everybody behaved in your manner?

Never losing sight however - SteemChurch is OPEN to everyone! The more Christians and friends... the merrier!!


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Always thank God for your life, the vision and love that is in your heart go beyond human rules, it reminds me when Jesus found the woman by the well, transcended the political, social barriers, and simply loved that woman. Thank you for loving your people, without condition, that despite the mistakes you know that in God there is an opportunity every day. Just like the thief of the cross, every day is a good opportunity to rectify. Thanks @Sirknight, I admire your wisdom and your consonance with God's plans. And to all my brothers, take this example to be better every day, write our experience from our hearts and give courage to this brave person (Sirknight) that God has placed us.

Thank you @sirknight, the steemcourt team actually did their best to ensure that plagiarism is eradicated. But then, the crusade for freedom and liberty cannot be easily achieved through law. Here is my word for you sir

Acts 20:28
"Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.

It is a wise decision and I spoke with a loved one recently. Steemchurch evaluates corrects and continues ... That is why I admire this Church for the humility of you to give and receive advice. My support for you, friend.

Steemchurch is a blessed Church of Inclusion, it is sensible to correct in time so that no parishioner is publicly shamed, as has recently been happening. We support you in this decision SirKnight

Though I think steem court is needed here on Steemit, I agree I dont think this is the place for steemchurch to handle. We should be focusing more on growing and encouraging others. I know steemchurch resteems great articles and sniff and scurry are always looking as well, but maybe steemcourt could be retooled for curation of exceptional articles?

Just a thought and it take a giant to recognize and admit his mistakes. Keep on doing awesome things @sirknight and know this will be used to make you and steemchurch stronger.

When I saw the restrictions, the calls of attention publicly, causing wounds in the hearts, I asked myself: where is steemchurch going? Good to be corrected in time Lord.

@sirknight, am glad to know that the Steemchurch is meant for freedom and liberty, making it easier for me to write my articles and tag Steemchurch

Shutting down @steemcourt i believe is objective, personally i have watched the @steemchurch over time and @steemcourt and i believe they both work hand in hand,

God is Love, and God is a Merciful Judge too.

If @steemcourt hurts the vision of steemchurch, i agree with you sir.

Its now time for everyone to join hands together and do what is right and needful for the effective growth of our community.
I have been in hibernation mode for long now, am coming back fully on steemit.

May the Grace of God be upon us all.Amen.

This decision reflects on the true meaning of freedom and liberty, let all men be the chief judge me the contents here. I also commend you for doing the right thing instead of looking for ways to prove yourself right.

sometimes it is difficult to understand why things happen, but every time I am more surprised, you have acted with humility, leading a people towards the freedom of oppression, you are unquestionably a leader that is directed by God, you went to the bible to find the answer, and that makes you a true worshiper, a true gentleman guided by God. thanks @SirKnight

The love of Christ conqueres all. @steemcourt well I can say they are wonderful team, it now time all steemchurch parishioners have to do the right thing, if their is no longer steemcourt, be the judge for yourself and do what is right.
More wisdom to you @sirknight

Assertiveness, commitment, love are the words that define you great @sirknight. I feel in my spirit that God is doing something great here, taking us to a maximum level of love and union. Live @steemchurch the best church on the planet.

You have impressed me @Sirknight, we the brothers of Steemchurch can not agree with the plagiarism, but this work belongs to other people, we were called to restore lives and rescue the lost souls. Thank you for always thinking how Jesus would do it, this is beautiful, this act that you have done what we do is reflect and turn Steemchurch into a powerful community in love, union and peace. Edifying one another.

I just realized that definitely @Sirknight is a gentleman placed by God, is the only way to understand his wise way of acting. How wonderful is our leader. steemchurch brothers are better every day is the least we can do for that love that our mentor gives us.

Excellent decision @sirknight, each person must be responsible for their actions, and we have our Apostles so that each can give their comments in each publication by all of us parishioners.

a wise decision great friend Sk, it was causing some wounds in the parishioners leading them to public derision, but Steemchurch is a church directed by God where all the faults are corrected in time and we go ahead, I liked very much the ones you say:

What would you do if you were Jesus and you were posting here at SteemChurch?

What would Steemit be like if everybody behaved in your manner?

they are questions that lead us to reflection and meditation, for each day better as the great family that we are.

God bless you dear friend @sirknight

Good decision Sir, for no reason should exclusion be promoted.

Steemcourt is a great project ... however, it is very true what you say, we are filigreses, believers of a God who loves truth and justice, therefore we must behave as He wants and not do what he dislikes .. Plagiarism is something that displeases Him and as believers we must get away from it. We ourselves must take care of steemchurch to be a community of integrity

Totally agree with you sister, God wants integrity, and expect each heart to reflect on this. Everyone must do their part and not be fooled by their own heart. God abhors lying and deceit, plagiarism in all ways is a robbery, more if it is the word of God.

@sirknight it's good to read about steemchurch . And nicely explained about freedom and liberty .

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nices posts thanks for sharing this posts i like this posts.this is very good posts

Once again, you have shown that you are a true and God fearing leader. God will continue to bless you @sirknight

God is a God of love and mercy, God teaches us through mistakes but we must also learn to listen to his address, everyone in the church has the opportunity to do things well, with love, it is time to attend the call all and walk like Jesus. We serve a living God and a God who likes the good. God bless you

minha firma.png

The Great Knight -@Sirknight, you know that such things as this are meant to distract you. The accusation is just like a baby in the back seat of a car complaining that the driver does not know how to drive. Such attitude only deserves an ignore so it does not become a trending issue. AM glad you were apt in your decision.

As for cleansing the #steemchurch, I stand with you, I'll keep celebrating and curating authentic @Steemchurch posts.

I am hopeful for the #beatitudes.

I remain your brother, God'svoice

hahaha ... dear sirknight friend, I always stay last to comment; good Jesus said to his disciples: "the first will be the last ...".
I hope you read my comment, you are brave and wise friend, and not specifically for the context of the issue, but for the wisdom and humility you have to hear advice and correct mistakes.
I think you did what Jesus would have done. the rest is on behalf of all parishioners,. Honesty is a value that must be practiced by all.
Once again your words touched my soul. God bless you.

You're not just a formidable leader but one who's sensitive to the leading of "inner man" and of course, the need of all existing parishioners and, those who are yet to join the crusade of freedom.
Our mission is:

'Freedom and liberty in the spirit of Christ.'

Thanks for sharing SirKnight.

The main characteristic of a warrior and a leader is humility, and you gentleman has this virtue, so good that we move away from all judgment and begin to do the work of Jesus, give love, build, edify, sow that seed to his time will pay off.

Blessings to all, wise decision, SteemChurch is freedom, each one of us should be conscious and responsible, this sort of thing it does is move users and parishioners of the community,

Brave decision, but wise. We were not asking because the great Steemchurch was taking that equivocal path, although steemcourt was doing his job. those actions were creating deep wounds in our brothers. Thanks @sirknight for being that leader placed by God, without a doubt God is with you.

I had felt sad and disappointed about what was happening in @steemchurch, but now I feel happy to realize that God is faithful at all times and in reality @sirknight is a man sent by God, he abhors sin but loves the sinner .

You are a good leader God has given you that intelligence, wisdom and prudence because you have had an excellent vision and you have taught us a lot, it is time to learn and put it into practice, changing our mistakes God bless you greatly @ Sirknigth

Live the faith, live the hope, live the love, live the Christ, live the King. Thank you @Sirknight sincere heart, thank you for your great love to beings that are not perfect but still, we are of great esteem for you.

You are a Great Leader, and reflecting on time is courageous and even more so when you have to make decisions not only for a personal good but also for the people who in one way or another are affected. Therefore, this vision is still going forward. and #SteemChurch stands up with more strength. To carry a message of Peace, Freedom and Love. Jesus is our role model, and I am sure he would have made an equal decision. FOR LOVE. God bless you greatly. @sirknight

We will continue in that great fight for freedom giving the best of ourselves in the community, thanks for all the benefits you give us in time of crisis.

@sirknight it's a nice post. Nicely explained about freedom and liberty.

I thank God for you for always knowing what to do at a particular time. I stand with you though the steem coirt also had it own advantages.

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This vision remains going ahead. and #SteemChurch stands up with greater strength. to carry a message of Peace, Freedom and Love. Jesus is our role model, and i'm positive he might have made an same decision. for love. God bless you greatly. @sirknight

Master @Sirknight believed that you have taught us all the true behavior of a gentleman and the correct way to follow his legacy is to be good people, as you are with all of us and with everyone in this environment, besides this as good Christians we know how to choose between the good and the bad and you know what to do and how to behave, your choice is well chosen, worthy of a great leader.

You do not stop to surprise me respected and admired gentleman, it is incredible how you carry with love the welfare of the community and of the neighbor you are a blessing in our lives sent by God, with a beautiful heart

Watching this Faith centered community thrive around a decentralized platform like steemit is fascinating! I'm just now starting to get familiar with everything that happens. But even seeing cases of self-correction like this makes it look so much better than some places I've seen in real life that tailspin when something goes wrong. Keep up the good work and God bless!

We must carry God in our hearts when publishing, and of course we will follow the guidelines as we are immensely grateful to have your blessings. And let our community grow with parishioners dedicated to giving love and kindness in their hearts.

Eeya... Well even though I didnt understand that @steemcourt was all about, I still know you have taken the right decision. All things work together for good. Weldone @sirknight

This Decision displays on the authentic that means of @freedom and @Liberty. Allow all guys be the leader decide me the contents here ☺ I also you for doing the proper factors in preference to seeking out Methods to @prove yourself @right. 😊

It is great when a leader can humble themselves and be corrected. Then take the Word of the Lord as the supreme guide for direction and clarity.

Thank God for putting us on our way to sirknight, which came to change our lives, and we will do our best

Every day you surprise us more sirknigth with your unparalleled desire to help us, so we have the duty to give back that love with commitment

Well @sirknight we all will continue the great fight of freedom.What is expected from us all is to conduct ourselves in a nice manner that is please to God and human.

brave and wise sirknight knight decision. Thank you for this great teaching that you have given to all the parishioners of Steemchurch.
Blessings eternally.

Guaoo excelente en cada momentos de nuestras vida debemos tener a Dios presente, con él todo sin el nada, gracias por compartir contenidos tan valiosos.

Upvoted and Resteemed
Thanks for sharing.............

May God continue to bless your life and give you wisdom from on high @sirknight, @steemchurch is a blessing from God.

It should not close