SteemChurch: Red Dawn 2018 - also at YouTube

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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you.'

Many of you have now come across 'Red Dawn 2018', this Knight's first attempt at taking SteemChurch to a monster worldwide video blogging audience.

This post now introduces 'Red Dawn 2018' at...

This Knight knows that many SteemChurch parishioners have been making good use of YouTube, and encourages them to continue to do so.

As this Knight finds your accounts in YouTube, he will be sure to subscribe.

'Red Dawn' - whilst this title is full of symbolism, perhaps the most straightforward interpretation is that this is our move onto the 'Red' platforms of DTube and YouTube.

With respect to our mission:

'To embrace and promote Christianity on the blockchain by spreading the love of God and celebrating the beauty of his creation, building a supportive community and fighting evil in whatever form it might take.'

The advantages of a presence within the massive YouTube blogging sphere at this time are twofold:

  1. We can promote the SteemChurch, to a worldwide audience, encouraging engagement with our community and in time they will join us on the Steem blockchain.

  2. Another potential revenue stream for the Church and parishioners in the years to come to fund further growth.

This Knight encourages parishioners to give video blogging a go - using, DTube, YouTube and DLive. We will refine our skills with practice and in time we should all find that we are more productive in our SteemChurch duties.

If you require free video creation software - this Knight suggests 'OBS Studio'. It is working well for him so far.

Don't forget, if you are merely filming from a phone or camera, you probably need to compress your video file before uploading. This Knight suggests 'Handbrake.'

Happy video blogging beloved friends.


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I am going over to youtube now to create godly awareness of the amazing work of christ and introduce youtube users about steemchurch community


Knew I could count on you Brother Abiye... Lord of the FARMS!


Awwn, this is so sweet, Good to hear your voice for the first time.
I'm totally In!

That is really a good way to preach the gospel through vlogging. I once told my colleagues in our fellowship, that they can upload praise and worship videos to Dtube and raise money from it. I have always kick against tax enslavement and will fight for freedom anytime against the central bank and dictators. I am for Freedom.

Happy Sunday


Good Yungchief - it is nice that we are singing from the same hymn book.

wow..Very good suggestion,my dear friend @sirknight.
i really love this post,nice article,
thank you so much for sharing your post,


Thank you Sibbir

Wow! I love this initiative. Taking the gospel to the masses will always be the ultimate goal of the @steemchurch.

I would join @sirknight to encourage everyone to start making video posts as it concerns the message of Christ.


Good Liltom. I hope you will be among the YouTube v-bloggers.

Nice article


I'm certainly not the best of singers, but sometimes our talents supersededs what we know of, this is wonderful awareness from the knight himself, I'm more than very happy to start singing


And this Knight would love to hear your sing Jose!


Diligently @sirknight I'm joining the crusade sir 😁😁

Very good suggestion, through the application well elaborated videos we can contribute a lot of wonderful things, direct from steemchurch to the world.


Thanks Ruben. Of course we still need amazing images and blogs like those you have been creating of late. But no doubt you can be a YouTube sensation as well.


Certainly Sirknight, I had thought about creating some very creative things, like longer animations, even a story, something like a cartoon. I have been working on it.


Just call me SK please Ruben.


Sure Sirknight. :)

Excellent idea so we can make good videos to preach the living word of God through steemchurch. Blessings leader SK


Thank you Hilary. Preach gospel, or merely tell us about yourself and the manner in which Christianity improves your life and the lives of those around you.

That is a good step.
All the best.

Thanks for sharing the reminder, Brother.

This is wonderful, I'm heading straight to YouTube right away. Preaching about the crusade for freedom is really going viral even to non-steemians. I love your initiative sir

I love the idea SK. I am committed in the fight for Freedom, now I will see what good invention I do to promote steemchurch on YouTube and, why not talk about Mi? Hahaha

OBS studio and 'Handbrake'. Good. Thanks you

This is really a good thing to reach out to many unbelievers. Good post, may God continue to bless your work and strengthen you the more. Thanks for the post


The most important thing Marvinix - let's just have a good time. Fun is contagious. Hope you will be a part of the festivities. SK.


That would be great