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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you!'

Ist thou happy?

This Knight is happy!

This Knight is happy because a very special person, is going to be just fine!

Injured Sister.

Get well soon D

Our sister, Apostle Darlenys has been injured. Injured physically in an accident, adding to spiritual and emotional injuries stemming from the state of her country.

But this Knight is happy - because despite her injuries and the pain she suffers - this Knight has prayed for her and knows that our valiant sister will rise soon, stronger than ever!

You will be well sister and you will be strong - this Knight promises.

We all love you D - very much!


This Knight has been enjoying his daily Bible reading at @reliquary. Plus he has been enjoying the many wonderful comments. So much so it has been nearly two weeks since this Knight has drafted a blog post himself.

Some may not have read the Bible in its entirety. There is no better time to start a daily reading plan than with reliquary.

With only 3-4 chapters being posted daily by Brother Tikhub - it is not overly challenging to keep up.

Be sure to add your comment with your thoughts on the very many insightful passages within. But try to add value. Show that you have read the chapter and that you have something important to contribute.

Overcoming jealousy to find personal success.

Persons unnamed, assumed associated with the SteemChurch, seek to discredit members within. Perhaps this stems from jealousy. Or it could be envy of the success of others with a desire to bring them down. Perhaps again they seek to win favor with this Knight and supplant the chosen ones.

Whatever it is - it is exactly what this Knight has spent a lifetime battling against!

To those who would seek to cause instability within the SteemChurch, this Knight reminds you of who we are.

  1. We are followers of Jesus - the son of God. A man whom made it his business to forgive all their shortcomings.

  2. We obey the commandments which includes 'thou shalt not covet.' Meaning - do not envy thy neighbor.

  3. We are freedom fighters. And this freedom includes freedom to be inventive, creative and entrepreneurial. This Knight encourages all these things.

  4. With freedom comes responsibility - this includes a responsibility to act compassionately towards ones fellow man. And it also assumes a responsibility not to unnecessarily involve oneself in the affairs of others.

We have just finished Matthew and are well into Mark. All SteemChurch parishioners should now know that the 12 Disciples were constantly reprimanded by Jesus as a part of their ongoing education. Jesus would teach and guide and he would forgive - but he never cast them out. Not even the one who would eventually betray him. Jesus is who this Knight models himself on - and so should you.

SteemChurch is a platform for all Christians enjoy and to build upon. Use it to grow your following, your reputation and your Steemit career. SteemChurch however, is not a promise of success.

Go forth now and create your own success - work hard and smart. Do not seek to pull down others. Instead forge new friendships and bonds. Help others to rise, and in turn they will help you to rise.

United we stand friends... divided we fall. And our enemies know this.

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We @sc-g prays for our sister to get well soon and to the later part of your post, this is a great advice to all parishioners. Thanks father for always encouraging us both spiritually and physically. God bless you.

Thank you friend sk, for being loyal, concerned and appreciating our beloved @darlenys, Thank you for your prayers, we are all praying for your health, we enjoy your teachings, as well as the initiative of relyquary to read and interpret the new testament.
Let's go ahead, nothing, no one can against the church of Jesus Christ!

I hope that sister Darlenys will recover soon, we will be praying for her, so that God will heal her physical and emotional wounds!
Reliquary is a great project, I like it because it is an excellent reading plan ...
and to reflect ... as we read in the Reliquary this week:

Mark 3: 24-25 Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR1960)

24 If a kingdom is divided against itself, such a kingdom can not remain.
25 And if a house is divided against itself, such a house can not remain.

So let us stay in unity, we are the body of Christ, and the body can not be divided, nor should envy exist ... on the contrary ... there must be unity and help one another!

God bless you, gentleman @sirknight, for these words that you give us to reflect today.

I thank God Father for having known this beautiful community and especially @steemchurch, its leader @sirknight, a man blessed with much wisdom, noble in his actions and in making decisions, when reading this publication, I feel happy because we have an excellent leader, who knows how to disengage, since @reliquary began to publish the Gospel of Matthew, I have been following it daily and I enjoy it, since we can manifest what we learn daily and read what the brothers bring, our apostles in @steemchurch , each one in what has been entrusted to him with love.

Our Apostle @darlenys01 is a woman of faith, and this pleases God, His hand of mercy is upon her, and I declare her healthy in the name that is above all the name Jesus of Nazareth!
Thank you @sirknitgh thousands blessings for you.

Apostle @Darlenys we pray that our Lord Jesus touch you with His healing hand.More strength for you than ever before.

Thanks @sirknight for letting each soul know what we stand for .....

God is with us.

You are always in my prayers Apostol @darlenys01 I know you will improve soon, as I told you recently, it seems that we are going through tribulations ... but despite that you managed to raise my spirits to move forward. that's why I know you're a strong woman and guided by God. God bless you.
we are @steemchurch, together we are strong, and we will continue working here for Jesus Christ

Thanks to our leader @sirknight for being a wise man, in steemchurch no spirit of gossip or gossip can enter, all united. We pray for the quick recovery of our apostle we know that she is a woman of divine purpose, and that the healing hand of God is upon her.

Just like you, I've also be enjoying the daily Bible reading at @reliquary. Kudos to Brother Tikhub for the great job he's doing.

Being jealous of other people's achievement can't take anybody anywhere. Let's all be focused and work hard and stop investing our energy in something not profitable.

I pray for our dear sister, Apostle Darlenys for a quick recovery.

Thanks @sirknight for you kind heart

Jesus said

I will build my church(steemchurch) and the gates of hell(jealousy, dissenting factors etc) shall not prevail.

So @sirknight, the church always win.

As for Apostle @darleny01, the bible said

By His stripes, you were healed

So it is a done deal, let the healing find expression in your life, amen.


God is our healer par excellence and I know we will soon have our beloved apostle @darlenys01 recovered completely but just as well as moises he had josue to help him so this dear apostle is not alone, we are the josue to help and support her.

our dear SK says a great truth together we are strong in the unity of the spirit God supports us. Unfortunately, those people who want to sow the weeds will not do well, because Jehovah is with his children as a powerful giant.

Thanks @sirknight for your beautiful words, we hope that Darlenys apostel will recover soon, we declare health for her.

Thank God it's Friday.

Thank you sir for another wonderful reflection.

Like you said sir we must all support each other, we must support our sister @darleny01 with prayers and everything we can do in our power because deserve more...

I know some Christians that find it difficult to read their bible but with @reliquary that will change. It will shape and us Christians.

Envy is everywhere and we must work together, pray to God to never let them bring us down because together we stand divided we fall.

Divine health for my apostle @darlenys01, we declare victory over your life, nothing and no one can stop the destiny of God, today the healing mantle of the father wraps you up. Amen!

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We recently learned of the setback our sister Darlenys had, we are planning to visit her. Thanks Sirk for being aware of the steemchurch members. United we are strong!

Peace to your heart our beloved sister and Apostle @darlenys. May the healing stripes our savious and Lors Jesus restore to you in fullness your health.

Get well soon, @darlenys, will be in my prayers tonight.

We are with you Apostle Darlenys and soon you will recover!

As you say SK, while we are united, we will keep our feet. The writing of @relyquary is the initiative that I liked most of steemchurch, the Bible will be sealed in Blockchain and in our hearts. Greetings Friend

Today's reflection by thou great Knight is deep. I am also sure that there is balm in Gilead to heal Apostle @Darlenys01 while awaiting her testimonies soonest.

Secondly, I must too confess that the emergence of @reliquary project has been a great blessing to me personally. I ensure to emphasize my recommendation of @reliquary to every new person am inviting to #steemit and @steemchurch. There are so much lessons to learn and my Bible reading plan had since been altered by @reliquary. Thank you @sirknight for this initiative. God bless @tikhub and his team for being dedicated to duty.

Let me re-echo the last line of your advise:

Help others to rise, and in turn they will help you to rise.

Let him who has ear, hear what the Spirit is saying.

I am with you united in prayer for good sister Darlenys! God will raise her because she has a great purpose with her. Greetings, Caballero! Happy day

Awww it is well with our sister in Jesus name. Welcome back @sirknight I miss you here. Good to read feom you again.

Hello my good gentleman, we pray for the Apostle, I know that will be better, as far as jealousy and envy, that reminds me of a word of Scripture:

Again, I saw that for all toil and every skillful work a man is envied by his neighbor. This also is vanity and grasping for the wind. Ecclesiastes 4:4

Beautiful gesture of the gentleman SK .. We pray for the Apostle Darlenys, she will rise, she is a warrior of Christ!

Firstly, I want to sincerely wish sister Darlenys a quick recovery

Secondly, steemchurch's unity is what has kept it growing for a long while now... We are disciplined lovers of Christ and it's His will we should concentrate on
God does not appreciate sowing discord among the brethren

Thanks SK for your thoughts on this


Good observation made by you in this publication, I join the prayer for Sister @darlenys01, Days ago I dedicated a publication where I designed a shield with the initials of Steemchurch Venezuela where it included a video per this brave and Strenuous Woman, Thank God he liked me and he replied that he liked me, but I did not know he had an accident.

A I similar gift made to you @sirknight weeks ago, but, I did not receive an answer from you, I do not know if you could see it, or do not like it hahahaha, I am a man and mature to receive criticism and corrections.

There is much more into uniting as a family. Thanks for sharing this inspirational message

Buen gesto de verdad que que hay que cuidarse de los celos .

Excellent reflection of the gentleman, I love reading every time you give a teaching because we all learn from you, thank you beloved leader.

Blessings for Sister Darlenys, because of my connection problem I have been very far from our beautiful Steemchurch, may God heal any wound of our beloved darlenys and well guessed these Sirknight is to foster union, peace, and above all love between All the brothers, as faithful Christian followers of the Lord's commands, it is our duty and responsibility to do so.