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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Please stay calm and peaceful - for on this day, this Knight has some super exciting news.......'


You know the name. You know the game. You know the fun.

And you know the sound of the greatest ever game on the Steem blockchain.


SMT delight.

There is no better way to celebrate the pending arrival of the holy Beatitudes (destined to be most love-filled cryptocurrency on the planet) than through the fun and excitement of BINGO.



Games 1 and 2 were held in the Bingo Halls of Ghana - with all Steem Power raised delegated to representatives of this country.

This time round, we are taking Bingo to the....


With all Steem Power raised to be used to establish....

SteemChurch Philippians!

We need you!

To make SteemChurch Bingo Game 3 a huge success, we are going to need parishioners and players to contribute the following:

1 - Tasty Filipino foods and treats.

2 - Beautiful, modern and traditional Filipino clothing and garb.

3 - Beautiful, scenic Filipino sites, hot spots, tourist attractions and hidden locations to hold the games.

So please SteemChurch parishioners and players - start posting your virtual contributions for the game to both #bingo and #steemchurch

And as always - the more advertising flyers the better.

You don't need to be an active parishioner to participate in SteemChurch Bingo. But you do need to be ready to laugh and have fun.

We hope to see you there!

Entries open soon and games rules to be explained in the coming days.

With thanks to Brothers Tikhub and Isaacfems for the original game marketing images seen here.


Let's throw some little excitement in the air in anticipation of our dearly beloved SMT

We are glad the steemchurch bingo is right here

Am gonna play this time


Hurray, just in time 🤗
What else can get us up dancing and jumping on our feets except the intriguing and exciting bingo game 🤩🤩

Hello @sirknight
Am so happy steemchurch bingo is back finally, after a long time...its going to be full of fun..💃🕺
Thanks for sharing at this hour, have a blessed day ahead;)

Long live steemchurch

Waooo steemchurch Philippians, I will start designing, bingo will be a success.

minha firma.png


BINGO RETURNS! what good news greetings God bless you

well said @sirknight. Can't wait to contribute my own and have some fun. Thanks once more for this opportunity.

well said @sirknight bingo will be a success.BINGO RETURNS! what good news greetings God bless you.
This is very very Good and amazing news this morning @sirknight.
Great work from steemchurch.thanks for you all steemchurch all freinds.

Long live Steemchurch

Long live Sirknight

Long live Bingo

Long live steemit

Well its that time of year to catch so much fun on steemchurch, with the arrival of bingo on our door step, i'll be sure to spread the word to enable more participation and also get into designing at once😊😊

Wow I remember the logo designs, the games the shirt and even the excitement the game brought with it, it's a delight to know it's back, it's been somewhat three months and finally we get to start playing again, amazing news this morning @sirknight

For real????? Wowoowowwowowowww
I can't hold my excitement. This is goodnews! Woww

welcome Steemchurch BINGO, this game so exciting was done to help Ghana's congratulations, I'm glad that now I fly to help ..

Waaaaw is just amazing, I can't just afford to miss this. Let me go practice my Bingo dance

It is the first time am hearing about bingo but from the comments, I can really tell it is a nice thing ... I just cannot wait to participate.

congratulations @Sirknight on the Steemchurch Philipians parish. Hopefully, Steem church Bingo Season #2 will be amazing

Great Sirknight, you will soon see my contributions. I'm happy for our brothers in the Philippines.

Yes!!!! It's as though this knight knew what I've been thinking about lately. Bingo is back again, let the fun get started.

Hope ive not missed the bingo nigeria
Because i will be more happy to play

Amazing am so happy to hear this news

This is indeed a great news, bingo is here again..... Can't hold my excitement, I am very happy for this.... Thanks a lot the legendary Knight....

Wow,this is beautiful and great,steemchurch laeders are doing a great job,Philippine get ready,great work from steemchurch.

Excellent gentleman @sirknight, This is my entrance. A logo for philippines steemchurch. Hope you like.

Welcome bingo. 🎉🎇🎆

Its good to have you back. There is no better way to celebrate our SMT Arrival.

This is a great opportunity for parishioners to come together and grow in the love of Christ. Thanks to our able leader @sirknight for this wonderful game platform. May the Bingo be a great success. To my Philippine breathe, please break a leg. God bless us all

The Return of Bingo is very exciting. I hope to be able to play and have fun with All of You soon.

excellent news @sirknight by this means of blessing and fun.

Wow! Bingo is here again! Let's rock Philippine.

Waw,Bingo is here again. I am so happy,thanks @sirknight

Yaaay,Bingo Bingo Bingo is here again. What joy has filled my soul

yaaaayyyy!!!!!! finally! Steemchurch filipinos. Let me run to tell all my philippians friends

Yay, glad to see bingo coming back with full force.

I need to get prepared in order to participate in it this time around.

I congratulate Philippines as you welcome steemit church.

God bless us all.

This is great news indeed. God bless @sirknight

Ready!!! Gooo!!!

Thank you @sirknight... Amazing stuff

whaow am glad about the steemchurch bingo tha is back thanks to @sirknight be strenghtened in jesus name. steemchurch is back finally.

This is exciting and fun I will wait for the rules to start playing and spend a nice time with my family steemchurch, God bless you leader Sirknight

I'm always excited anytime I here bingo.




What a joy that bingo came back, thank you @sirknight for always thinking about the welfare of the parishioners, may God bless you, virtuous man

Blessings for steemchurch, rain from heaven, thanks @sirknight

What joy bingo back, another opportunity for your brothers, @ sirknight strengthens us the mood in these times of crisis, very encouraging

What sign the benedictions, which shows kindness and love gives us this gentleman @sirknight day by day, without words, let's wait for bingo

Have been hearing of steemchurch bingo....but i don't really know how the game is played.....praying that it will come back soon......and my prayed is answered.....
Am happy that steemchurch bingo is back...lets the real fun began.......
Philippians.....Here steemchurch comes.....
Thanks to our visionary leader @sirknight for making this possible.

I didn't really get involved when steemchurch bingo kicked off! But i'm positive about the fun and excitement this one will bring! I've got my hands on deck for this one!

Great thinking sir! @sirknight!

I hope to see how the Philippians SteemChurch bingo games and fun packages will really become @sirknight I will be really happy to be part of the bingo community

Fabulous bingo has returned .... to have fun among friends for a good cause and love by Steemchurch Philipines

Yes!!!!! I have been waiting for this. I will definitely participate by buying some entries for some not-for-profit initiatives and minnows here. Thanks for running this!

It really good having some fun, I'll try my best to contribute. Good it back

Greetings to you sir.
We have all been waiting for one the greatest game in the blockchain.

Steemchurch bingo is back.

The fun is back.

We will make the Game 3 great.

God bless our leader.
God bless @sirknight

Best news i have heard in a while

This is the latest news. Similarly we will continue to enjoy them.

Bingo came once and was a massive success because it transformed steemchurch positively so if the noble @sirknight is bringing it back, we are ready Sir

Wonderful write up. Indeed we all are going to be part of this great offers. Indeed steemchurch is growing higher day by day. I am proud to be a member of this family.