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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch et al.,

'Peace be with you.'

A Dollar A Day

Being the Blockchain's most legendary blogger comes with all sorts of benefits. So when this Knight speaks of 'Freedom', or 'Bravery' or in this case 'Compassion'... the people of the blockchain do listen.

Which is why today SirKnight is going to officially announce his support for the 'A Dollar A Day' charitable giving project - and ask you to consider supporting it too.

This Knight has known of Pennsif (@pennsif) and his 'Alternative Lifestyle' radio show for a short time now. Our very own SteemChurch Witness @jackmiller was previously a guest on the show and a good time was had by all. Perhaps one day soon this Knight will pick up the microphone and do a radio interview too.

However it was not until this Knight came across a donation and comment at SteemChurch Venezuala, that he realised the full magnitude of Pennsif's contribution to the Steem Blockchain - and the potential future contribution to communities of the world.

Pennsif has created a charitable initiative called 'A Dollar A Day'

Account: @adollaraday

It doesn't take long to realise how much work the noble Pennsif is putting into this project, with the view to help many Steemian communities, across a range of projects.

The appeal of the A Dollar A Day project to this Knight is as follows:

  1. It promises small, but regular financial support for good Steem-based projects, on an ongoing basis as mile-stones are being met.

  2. It links financial donors to projects, reinforcing that feeling of knowing that your donations are making a difference.

  3. It identifies and promotes both the good projects and the good-hearted people of Steem.

  4. It can identify synergies between projects which could enable cooperation to achieve goals (ie. Over the coming weeks @pennsiff @faetee @abiye and this Knight will look for synergies between the @girlsfoundation of Nigeria and SteemChurch's own @farms initiative.)

  5. It appears to be more advanced in development, more cost effective and more genuine than a number of other charities that are looking to start up on the EOS blockchain, which this Knight was reading about last week.

This Knight has made a modest delegation to 'A Dollar A Day', so too has 'SteemChurch' and 'Reliquary'. Whilst this Knight does not expect others to do the same - he does ask that you take a look at the project and maybe provide a few comments and an upvote or two. Maybe you could lend a hand with the projects or take some ideas away for your own local communities.

And finally on this topic this Legendary Knight will leave you with a piece of profound advice -

'You will not be a Steem success living in a Steem bubble. You must open your mind to new projects and communities. You must then work hard to promote those projects and communities which take your interest, thereby expanding your own knowledge, reputation, influence and self-worth.'

SirKnight 17 September 2018.

SteemChurch Nigera Parish to reopen!

After a temporary closure for maintenance, this Knight is thrilled to say that @sc-n will be back open for prayer, love and gospel tomorrow.

Whilst this Knight was concerned about the level of genuine support from the Christians of Nigeria - both the High Priestess @adedoyinwealth and SteemChurch's new High Priest @fatherfaith, have indicated that through their combined efforts, SteemChurch Nigeria is going to start changing the fortunes of an entire country.

Congratulations on your appointment Fatherfaith. This Knight has watched you for many months promote your faith and local community initiatives. It is pleasing that you will now be able to follow your passions in a formalized capacity with SteemChurch.

Be compassionate good friends - and be free


We @farms are in total support of this creative idea, indeed their is hope for humanity and steem will feed the lord.

SteemChurch Farm (@farms)

Thank you so much for your support, Sir Knight, of the A Dollar A Day project.

I am very happy A Dollar A Day can work together with SteemChurch.

I am sure we can achieve great progress and great purpose.

*The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

Great collaboration @steemchurch vs. @adollaraday!
I see a robust growth and expansion of this duo
Keep the good work.

In @sc-v we are pleased with this initiative, after several months working with Mr. @pennsif, we know that he is a very good-hearted person and with a surprising noble spirit, welcome our dear @pennsif to Steemchurch, we appreciate it very much.Congratulations to our brothers in Nigeria, we know that they are people of faith, God is with you @adedoyinwealth and @fatherfaith.

Wow! My heart is filled with joy right now. I knew you will always listen to the voice of the Parishioners as a good and smart leader that you have always been. Thank you for your consideration. This announcement just made my day even though my day just started, but I'm sure this is the best part of it.

Congrats on your new role and duty to serve @fatherfaith, and thank you High Priestess for your support and encouragement. God bless you greatly @adedoyinwealth

Thank you so much @sirknight! You are truly truly amazing. Thank you for giving us the chance to preach the gospel of the Lord through @sc-n God bless you now and always

A dollar A Day is a good project. You are always thinking out of the box @SirKnight.

@SirKnight, you are always on the hunt for freedom for humanity. God bless you. I just went through @adollaraday's aim and it's a worthy course.

Thank you for re-opening @sc-n. You are a father with an extravant heart of love. I see @sc-n bigger, better and stronger.

Congratulations to you High Priest @fatherfaith on this call to responsibility and service. I can remember those days when you kept rewarding those who invite others to steemit even with your meager earnings then, I saw leadership virtues in you. I pray that God will equip you for the responsibilities ahead.

To High Priestess @Adedoyinwealth, you are strong and courageous. Thy see seed will call you blessed. @sc-n will keep flourishing in your hands.

Long live @SirKnight
Long live @steemchurch
Long live @sc-n

Very good SK, joining forces is our duty to get out of the steem bubble, it's time for each blogger to break the shell and go in community support! Welcome to the Gentle Lord @pennsiff. God give Grace to our brothers in Nigeria to advance every day with steemchurch and one dollar a day.

'Lord Pennsif' has a nice ring to it. Good one High Priest Emilio!

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Yes! Thanks

Wow.... This is indeed the best news I have heard in a while and the best thing to happen to us, thank you @sirknight for hearing our cry and reopening sc-n. Well it's feels really good to be back home. God bless this knight. Fatherfaith and adedoyin will be a very good combination to bring out a good recipe out of sc-n. Congrats @fatherfaith

God looks for man as SK because they have community vision, is not this the most important thing after God and the family? We support the project of one dollar per day and the reopening of the parish of Nigeria.

As always, I am inclined to support everything that the entrepreneurial people develop, and you are one of those SK, If I had to do it economically, I would support SteemChurch more because I know that it is the bearer of the divine word that breaks with schemes and brings freedom.

Nice initiative @sirknight.
Adollaraday project and @pennsif has been a great help to the girlsfoundation. @pennsif is really a noble man.
We believe working together we can achieve something mind blowing.

A dollar a day seems so good a project to me, I will read through the link to know more about it.
Congratulations to @fatherfaith, may Lord Jesus help you to succeed on this assignment.
God bless @sc-n
God bless @sirknight
God bless us all.

The great knight has done it again, you are indeed a true father to the world, thank you for hearing the cry of the poor Nigerians. Welcome back sc-n. We are back home. Thank you @sirknight

@sirknight. Halleluyah ! May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you . Amen. Thanks for considering to re open steemchurch Nigeria.It has been a blessing to me and my family and I was more than worried when it was shutdown. Now I am more than happy once more. Concerning the A dollar A day project sir, We are prromising our support to it sir. Thanks so much!

God bless you immensely for all you have been doing so far. May God reward you abundantly for bringing back sc-n we are greatful. Congrats @fatherfaith for your new task. God grace is sufficient for you.

Thank you the legendary sirknight for restoring our hope by bring back our home. And very proud to be a Nigerian. God bless Nigeria, God bless @sirknight

very good project congratulations the work you do is really worthy of admiration all my support for you.

Great news,, I'm indeed pleased with what your doing @sirknight. Keep up the good work and God will bless you.

It's a great honour to be called upon to serve as High Priest in the parish. Thanks once again @sirknight for believing in me and giving me this great opportunity.
I will always do my best to move SteemChurch Nigeria and the entire SteemChurch community forward. May God help me.

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Greetings Sir.
A dollar a day is a good initiative and am very happy that the knight is in full support of this wonderful initiative.

We parishioners of the steemchurch will support this initiative with everything we got because anywhere you go we follow and we thank you for been a wonderful leader.

Congratulations to @fatherfaith he is truly a man of faith.

God bless steemchurch.

Wow wow wow... One dollar a day is a really cool project and I'm so loving it. May this vision not be trauncated in Jesus name.

Its also really so amazing to know that @sc-n will be re-opening. Glory to God and thanks so much @sirknight for hearing our cry and coming on for us.

Its also amazing to know that @fatherfaith has finally been noticed. I also see his works and how he follows up on @steemchurch keenly. Big congrats to you @fatherfaith for the new appointment. I pray for more grease to tour elbow and grace to pull through.

One love keep us together.

Congratulations to @fatherfaith in becoming one of the High Priest. I have seen him times without number with high level of commitment.
Also, thanks for reopening @sc-n. May God bless steemchurch

Wow! What a legendary advice from you, SirKnight:

You will not be a Steem success living in a Steem bubble. You must open your mind to new projects and communities. You must then work hard to promote those projects and communities which take your interest, thereby expanding your own knowledge, reputation, influence and self-worth.'

Indeed, the "A Dollar a Day" is a nice initiative. Nonetheless, I say thank you for the reopening of @sc-n-- and for the appointment of a priest for @sc-n. (Congratulations @fatherfaith).

Kind regards.

One dollar per day initiative goes further to show how kind and generous our leader Sirknight is.
Thank you for giving us back Sc-n.
Congrats to @fatherfaith on your new appointment as High Priest, we hope you will do us proud just like our High Priestess Adedoyinwealth.

Thanks @dee1. May God help me

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I am so happy for these new developments. Thank you Sirknight, you are indeed a honourable man.

excellent makes me happy to join other communities. we must expand to be more successful in steemit. Congratulations SteemChurch - Nigeria.

Mr. @pennsif has been a support for good projects and has been a great help to @sc-v, wholeheartedly welcome. it's time as our friend SK says to get out of the steem bubble

Creativity, insightfulness and strategies are the true attributes of a legend and you sirknight got it all.
I'll keeping doing the best i can to get out of the bubble Zone!

Great Sirknight, you undoubtedly think about the well-being of your peers and create direct actions to improve conditions. God bless you

This is so commendable
God's blessing depends hugely on how much we help others and propagate the gospel to the ends of the earth.

God bless @steemchurch @sc-n @sn-v @sirknight


I am very happy for the good news. Though I'm a newbie and I don't understand what has been happening. Glory be to God in the highest. Amen.

Good to hear this news, our community having a good leader like Sk. is a blessing. We are also happy for our brothers and sister in Nigeria.