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in steemchurch •  4 months ago

SirKnight is testing the best ways to post to both DTube and YouTube simultaneously.

Any ideas?

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We are blessed for your impact of crusade for freedom. And still the effort you are still re-engineering in this community.

I think the best way is to first post on YouTube, then put the video on Dtube and add the YouTube link

The video seems not to be playing really @sirknight I don't know why, but it's IPFf problems I guess, I'll keep trying as well

I think dtube still has lots of bugs. I keep trying it every so often.

I have had problems with D tube since it started. Maybe its user error on my part but I think the platform has a good number of bugs. Thanks for sharing!

The Steemchurch is going places. Congratulatoions to @sirknight and all the parishioners.


With the realization of a good material for these entertainment platforms we can innovate to attract many people to the crusade for freedom, making an explanatory and descriptive video of everything that the first church offers within the Blockchain

@sirknight I don't have much knowledge about these technical things.
But I will surely tell you if i will find it from anyone.

Together, work and promote this wonderful church of @steemchurch through these youtube dtube platforms, it was good to hear you dear friend SK..

What an innovation, the world testify of the great knight and in less than 3 days on steemit, i can see for myself. God bless you @sirknight

It is a pride to listen to the legend of steemit, and with the passage of time, we have the joy of seeing the face of who has blessed us so much. Will SK be possible?

A YouTube channel for steemchurch which should be created which I believe it already has.

The video to be uploaded should be posted on YouTube firstly, then the link below added to the Dtube article section when uploading the video on Dtube. This is an amazing idea as it would help maximize profit for the video content author. Instead of posting directly to YouTube, more $$$ can me made in steem by also using a Dtube channel for the article.

Nice message you give in the video, respected knight, a leader deserves to have good apostles with the same vision and mission. Well, the information is published in both media at the same time. I do not know if you used

We have tried to work with dtube and always give us an error when loading the video, I will use the option mentioned here to upload first to YouTube and then to dtube, I did not know that this could be done, thanks. Good luck, gentleman @sirknight, you can do it too. :)