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A poem by SirKnight.


One Hundred Dollar Steem!

Ladies and gentlemen of Steem,
Cryptos are red and it is in the extreme.
But don't lose heart and falter,
Like any good pole vaulter,
Soon we will be back up at the beam.

Seeing our hodl in pain, really cuts,
As the fraudsters kick BTC in the nuts.
But don't you lose hope,
Or get high on dope,
For SirKnight is out to kick butts.

This Knight grows tired of the elite and the bankers,
To him they are all dickheads and wankers.
So he is writing a poem,
To let it be know-en,
That cryptocurrencies will soon be their anchors.

These dogs will be hot in their collars,
As we deplorables and alternative media hollers,
And we rise in one voice,
And give them one choice,
Accept our crypto - as we reject your dollars.

For us, our future is Steem.
SMTs, communities to be seen.
And one day every group,
family, club, co-op, Church and troupe.
Will have an SMT and their lives will be preen.

Of course powering millions of SMTs won't be cheap.
Resources credits will be in high demand, so to speak.
So for us with Steem already,
Be stoic and steady,
For one hundred dollar Steem (equivalent), will be the reward we will reap!


A poem by SirKnight.

Religious leader, legendary freedom fighter and considered the world's greatest lover by his wife - all from humble beginnings.

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In God we trust and with God all things are possible. Thanks SK for encouraging the weak always. Greetings from Ghana.

This is an incredible poem, indeed there is tough times for crypto These days, but always I have fate it will bounce back. Thanks SK for your words of encouragement.

It is a goal to reach that deserved point, from there if it could be faced with banker and economic centralism, this really inspired Sirknight to create a poem. All right.

It is sure not a time to lose hope. Steem will soon rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Great poem with great message .. You have always done everything for the community you are an example to follow. @sirknight

I agree to this. Cryptos all the way. I am even smelling the 100 dollar steem around the corner. 😄

A very beautiful poem sir

Love it

The rhymes in this splendid piece is so amazing I guess we all need this admonishments in these trying moments of cryptocurrency and STEEM as well, beautiful written, I love this.

Great Poem Dad

Awesome mate.
Even this is possible

Very interesting and relatable poem. Looking at how steem is plummeting.. hodling seems like a bad choice... with fears that it might never recover. However, that won't deter us from hodling. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. We know that there are better days ahead for steem.

Very Nice @sirknight and I am not really a Poetry kind of guy..................

Very nice poem sir.

Steem is the future, we must not lose hope.

@sirknight this is a very good poem and this is first time I will be reading your poem. You're a very good poet sir.

I love it Sir.

I feel for those major investors who have lost a great share of their portfolio, but I believe it's just temporary. Our best days are still ahead

For us, our future is Steem.
SMTs, communities to be seen.
And one day every group,
family, club, co-op, Church and troupe.
Will have an SMT and their lives will be preen.

Very true @sirknight

@Dear @sirknight


May i present You ..............

@The City Of Steem Dollar! hehee


This poem shows that the Man of Steel is not intimidated by the red statistics of crypto. Good Friend Poem SK.

It will be a great turn of event for the masses if steem hits a $100, crypto is definitely the future!!

You are a Great Lides and you are an example. We support you . We are united SK

Thanks for the words of motivation for all of us. We perfectly agree with you that this is the hard time, sooner crypto will fly high

True words in the style of a poem. Thank you SR for encouraging parishioners to have hope.

Excellent poem

We wouldn't lose heart because we shouldn't lose heart on the price of steem. With everyone of us involved, #steem has a future. Thank God we anticipate #beatitudes

Hope is a symptom of faith. It is a good poem for any time of economic resection. Greetings SK

Wao gentleman, besides being smart you are a poet ... very good poem 😉

This is an opportunity to invest for when the currency rises. So do not worry ... just a little patience and it will come back up!

I'm the only one, writing about the United States Crypto-Dollars & Decimal Cents... As per my P.C. Theory, they, along with a New United States Trade Dollar, will be "Activated" along with the Reset of all Physical, United States Coinage... My last couple of Posts should give you more than enough Background on my P. C. Theory...

Amazing poem i must say.....Life is not always straight. ...that's why it's called life. We should learn to dance under the rain.....not to run away from it because no one knows when the dice will turn.