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The freedom crusade continues and we are the protagonists of this era. Let's make SirKnight History.



I like this picture too Emilio - reckon it will look great on a video-blog.


Oh yeah, there r gonna be major positive changes! A red stop for limitation!

We are all ready to join the crusade of freedom, thanks SK for guiding us on the right path.


Reckon I will use this banner for my next video DM.


thank you, perfect SK

We have a whole lot to fight for just like you stated, so many hindrances and ailing strives against the dominion of humanity and that's we must cower but stand up to fight the wars our ancestors couldn't fight and by so doing we're joining the holy crusade.


We do Jose - and none fight harder than those fighting for freedom.

Excellent Master Sirknight, rest assured that all your great followers are ready and attentive to any indication of yours ....

Go ahead Steemchurch!!!!



Great gif Ruben.

We truly have a war to win. The world has been plagued with so many atrocities that brings lots of pains to a lot of people. We pray for a better world of hope and love, where tranquility and peace shall reign. Thanks for the nice video @sirknight and yes, we'll join the crusade for freedom.

You are truly the sir of the knight watch with the sword of betitude swinging across the face of steemit with love......I call you a legend.......


I will join the Crusade for freedom.

#joinfreedomcrusade #jfc

Great Knight, keep soaring, God's got your back.

Victory comes on the way, dear friend, I know that you will achieve great success in everything you undertake because you are a warrior of the 21st century

Great poetic piece birthed from the heart of heart of the knight himself. Honestly, necessity demands of us, as believers, to hold steadfastly our faith-- the faith that luminaries (witnesses of Christ) in time past upheld with everything they had, and even died for.

Our values must not be for traded for evil of any kind. Thanks Sirknight for sharing this encouraging piece. God bless you!
kind regards.

I really commend you for always striving towards the freedom of humanity.
I am 100% in support of the crusade for freedom, we aren't going to give up but keep the fire burning.

Jesus Christ is our standard with Him in hand we will be victorious in all our battles, God continue to bless all his good deeds @sirknight



Awesome picture EC - thanks.



So I see you @sirknight. Thank you! and this must be our armor ... God continue to bless even more his noble vision.

History repeats itself and in the crusade for Liberty we will achieve great feats Caballero. regards

A new dawn for freedom, so we raise our shields and swords and chant the song of victory for this war will be won. We are solidly behind you sir @sirknight. More grace and strenght to you.

@sirknight wow !! Amazing video as always..
Thank you so much for this video.

What strength and enthusiasm do you always give us, thank God for being a blessing in our lives

We are ready to fight for our peoples, gentleman @sirknight, together we will achieve it.

Always with your impetuosity and perseverance that characterize you respected gentleman

It's time for freedom, it's time for victory. Together we can all Sirknight.

Ready and prepared to fight against any obstacle, Be a Blessing for All in this Platform. SK Count on me.

descarga (34).jpg

God bless your good heart and continue to enlighten your projects

We are more than a conquerer, with the battle led by our Lord Jesus Christ. What we need to do is keep our track and been focussed. Thanks for sharing boss

May God keep the blessings

Am for christ. Am for freedom. Am for steem church to higher places
Ride on sirknight. The lord is your strong hold