Know that I am God

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Psalms 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.


There have been panicking all about the various countries over issues that are threat to our health and comfort and society puts demand on use to carry out one action or another to help give us the peace and security we deserve or wish for. But at a time like this and always the word of God has remain the same reminding us to "be still" then "know that He is God". It's seem like a crazy thing to do against the expectation of the society where men has put much emphasis on effort to make things happen.

Christians are expected first to walk by faith and not by sight, that's were the joy of Christianity all lies. God himself wants us to always remember that He is God, over every situation but he doesn't just work, He wants us first to believe and give him the chance of making himself known In our situation and proving himself to be God. The world run a race while Christians runs Grace- God-race. Knowing we are under Grace, then we should key into God's word which said " hold your peace" and some might ask why? The simple reason behind it is that "we've got God".

Men can't prevail by strength because there are forces contenting with the heirs of God and it seek to bring trouble and calamities that all we worry about is our safety and ways to our comfort and neglecting the work of God. There's no peace on Earth, we can only gain peace in Christ Jesus, and that's why he called on us not to bother ourselves with the worries of this world and the rioting that keep our hearts troubled but to remain still, trusting on God to grant us peace which is found in him alone.

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