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Ladies and gentlemen of SteemChurch Bingo - right now you could cut through the tension with a knife. So let's get this draw out of the way quickly - good luck!


Will we have a winner on this here Saturday night?

Saturday Night!

That's right ladies and gentlemen - it is 'Saturday Night' and the Bingo Committee is feeling nostalgic and in need of some classic rock. So let us welcome Cold Chisel, to play their slow rock favourite - 'Saturday Night'.


Now we know that 80s rock may not be the preferred music genre of SteemChurch parishioners. However, the SteemChurch prides itself on its open mindedness towards all that is good and free, both modern and traditional. Afterall, what is the point in crusading for freedom, if you don't understand what your freedom means to you and how you might use it?

@scb - Game 2 - Draw 7 - 21 April 2018


Happy day, eager to see the winner of BINGO!

Bingo games is exciting!!! I have missed alot😥

So much anticipation to see who shouts bingo!!!😂

Good luck for all of you

download (4).png

Yehhh...!!!! Fabulous game....!!! @scb
A big thanks to y'all promoting this "steemchurch bingo" platform. We need commitment like this to make this church and steemit as a whole great. Kudos once again...

It is really fabulous.
Steemchurch is the Best.

Congratulations to whoever wins tomorrow.
I brought Cake for @sniffnscurry and all my friends here.

Yayy, finally💃

Enjoy the rock Saturday Night🎻🎻
Freedom is for all, freedom is which our mind say but here are two choice. One is God's way and others is devil's way. So if you are a true believer then surrender your freedom to God's way as God protect you and your freedom.

It's bingo time again

Perfect choice of music. Feels like rolling a dice while playing ludo as the music goes. It makes you go hyper. Well done. Bingo time. This is really fun and I am enjoying it.

Welcome cold chisel

It's More than a music, it includes inspirations too

Thank you @oredebby for explaining how this game works to me. I even look out for my friend's numbers. Hahaha. I hope they all win. This is fun at its peak. Everyone wins...

Awwwwnnn you've been a darling as always too.
Explaining it made me happier. Yaaayyy

Thanks darling. Mwaaah!.

80s rock even till tomorrow.

No wonder why people say...

Take me back to the good old days.

Let the game continue..

It's always fun to look forward to posts by SCB. It's bingo time!

waiting for the decisive one, who will sing bingo?




Thank God it's Saturday.
BINGO all the way

Bingo games is exciting!!! I have missed alot😥

You can still be part of the next round my friend!!

Wow it's delicately poised the draws are here and we can't wait for the winner, @scb with the bingo games update, I'm waiting


@scb. This post have been resteemed to my followers as my support to you on this community. Follow @giving-girl for more random resteem.

I have to start smiling Bingo smile. Bingo all the way.......

Joy go kee you! Lolz

Lol, Joy can never kill me.
I am Joy personified.
DQmTjYJTzWW3MPxbycykUFi7nX5Q7LzQzVDPWvB2W5tWBS6 (1).gif

I love the introduction of music into BINGO games.
It's old school, but I love it.


Saturday night🎵🎶🎤🎼💃

The music in bingo, it's great.



a cordial greeting to all those who are participating in this great bingo

My numbers 9,0 and 4 are there today o

Lol, look who finally came to play with us today.😁

Bingo! Yaaayyyyy

Game 2 on point

Someone is about to shout BINGO!!!
Anticipating/and Dancing


Wow, another draw is here, fun in air....

let's start some fun
music is cool

Let's get the ball rolling!!!!

One special request if I may.....???

Bingo is here again
Let's the fun begin
And the numbers keep rolling in

Put on your dancing shoes cos Bingo time issa party time.

wow great post thanks for sharing ialways follow you for more good blog.

@scb I just like your gaming plan. very good to see this. Saturday night Enjoying night.

hi @sniffnscurry why are you doing your special people in @steemchurch so you are upvoted in your all comments and posts i am check the @steemchurch comments so you are all the upvoted to @steemchurch i am not your special people but i am supported the @steemchurch and you but no upvoted me and @steemchurch was the first ever church of blockchain ya no why

Can't wait for the night to come to see who the winner would be.

I still don't know how to play the game, it sound interesting already, but I still need little explanation on how to go about it.

It's easy Bro, glad you joined us.
I'd give you the full explanation on Whatsapp.

O, that's great, can't wait to get it... I've been hearing people screaming bingo... Lol
I want to scream it too..... Smile

Hello adedoyinwealth, how are you, I have not seen you very expressive today, do not abandon your joy

Yeah, just have a lot on my mind.
Thanks for asking.

Dancing to the theme songs. Well played. Good one, bingo!.

Bingo! Bingo!! Bingoooooo!!!

Haha so fun really exist here? Nice one. All the best to everyone

Yes! Yes!!. Music is one and my favourite number is on. I wish everyone luck. @scb always dish out the fun

This holds sway with inspiration, more than just a music, it's soul stirring

It's official, the heat is on!!!


Lol, welcome to Bingo Bro.

Thanks dear

Emotion!!! Bingo

The truth that this "Bingo" has been great, my congratulations to
@sirknight for this great idea, although I could not participate, I feel emotion for these results. Now I am ready to enter the third game, I wish you all luck in this game # 2, may God bless you.

Waw,Bingo is here again. One of my numbers has dropped again. Three more to go for me.

Bingo Is Here!!!
Have fun guys.

Lets Play!!!

I will definitely join the Draw in the next Game 3

Somebody shout Bingo

Oh my!!!!
Bingo is bae
It's here again

Congratulations to the winners!!!

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