SteemChurch Venezuela: Promoting urban agriculture.

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In the framework of the activation of the SteemChurch Home project initiated by @sc-v, we will promote urban agriculture as a method of survival and thus contribute to the food sovereignty of our country.


Making an in-depth analysis of this plan, the Urban Agriculture defines itself as that method of cultivation carried out in house, community and city that provides food products of different types of crops such as grains, vegetables, fruits as well as animal origin birds, rabbits, goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, fish and non-food such as aromatic, medicinal, ornamental plants, among others.

Taking into account its contribution to the sustainable development of societies and the food security of families, Urban Agriculture is the new axis of action in the Venezuelan economy.



"Hunger and malnutrition affect children's ability to learn and can force them to drop out of school and work instead of educating themselves, thereby undermining the exercise of the right to education. In addition, to be free from hunger and malnutrition people need to know how to maintain a nutritious diet and have the skills and capacity to produce or obtain food as a way of life. In this way, access to education, including professional education, is essential for the exercise of the right to food. "- Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and FAO; The right to adequate food; Information brochure N ° 34; (s / f) (page 7)

It is for this reason that in this project, agriculture plays a fundamental role, both in the lives of children, as the people involved in the act, it is direct work of adult personnel for production.


Steemchurch Venezuela will launch the Urban and Periurban Agriculture Program framed as well, within the next activities to be carried out in the social sphere, promoting the sowing and cultivation of vegetables, animal origin, medicinal and ornamental plants for self-supply and direct distribution of food .

One of the limitations that venezuela has is the lack of production, being a country with lands of exuberant potential for agriculture, fertile land.


It will also promote poultry, family rescuing the focus of Gender Poultry in the yard and home outdoors represents up to 70% of the total production of eggs and poultry in low-income countries and deficit food. Excess meat and egg represents additional income. Organized can general a microenterprise.

Vision for Urban Agriculture at Steemchurch House.

Urban sowing is an excellent source of employment and benefit for producers, since the crops are distributed in the same population or community, they are sold at more accessible prices because the profit is direct without the need for intermediaries. In addition, 40% of the vegetables consumed by humans can be produced.

The appropriate places for sowing are varied, including terraces of buildings, balconies, bridges, streets, abandoned spaces, public spaces, institutions or ministries. This agricultural practice must manage an efficient irrigation and drainage system that does not harm the communities.

We can not wait for the time of the installation of the socio-evangelical center, we must already have all the tools prior to this building from our homes.

Real Testimony

A sister wrote @Sc-v and she gave us the way she can collaborate in this beautiful project, she is doing it from home and she is willing to collaborate in this regard. Venezuelan cacao is one of the best in the world. She showed us how through agriculture she has managed to cope with the crisis.

In the patio of his home he has several foods planted such as: lemon, orange, lechoza, mango, avocado. But his greatest strength is in the cacao trees, which he grows, he places in the sun in some cases he sells them in seeds to buy other products, its strength is in some handmade cocoa balls to make hot chocolate, it adds seasonings that give it a special touch.

The Urban Agriculture is a fundamental pillar to advance towards the new productive economic model, in this way, from Steemchurch Venezuela we encourage all our brothers, communities and social groups to integrate. Let's give the value to the agricultural program as a measure of food production that favors to the communities.

The phenomenon of agriculture in cities is growing rapidly, in both developed and developing countries. Japan is an emblematic case. In fact, a third of the total of current Japanese agricultural production is generated by urban agriculture.
Similarly, urban farmers now represent 25% of agricultural households in Japan and have been shown to be more productive than their rural counterparts.
[Reference]: -agriculture-urban-venezuela

Thanks to all who have collaborated with this project and with @Sc-v in their vision of bringing freedom to the oppressed, to those who believe in a better future and that together as brothers in the power and love of God we can achieve great things .SteemChurch Venezuela it will impact the world and will be an example for many nations.

Thanks to our beloved leader @Sirknight, everything has been for your constant motivation to all of us.

Thank you @pennsif with your project A dollar Day, which has relied on this project, your receptivity has been wonderful, as well as your time dedicated to us. Thanks to your team of collaborators @cryptocurator, @deliberator, @goldendawne, @hungryhustle, @ kryptoe, @makinstuff, @redrica & witnesses @quochuy, @steemcommunity & @yabamatt.

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Waaaw that is a wonderful project, we hope steemchurch will not only feed the world but also provides shelter. Thanks @sc-v

Actually I like the issue of urban agriculture, in my grandmother's house there were many things: cacao trees, orange, avocado, mango, pumpkin, cherries, lemon, passion fruit, and many poultry. When we were at the grandmother's house we just went to the patio to taste everything there was.

Let us join hands and make steemchurch also give shelter. Good job @sc-v team.

Wow! a new concept of agriculture in SteemChurch: Urban Agriculture. This is a signed step that has been declared @sc-v. In the midst of the crisis many people return to fertile fields to plant, but now in any place or city you can apply urban agriculture for sustainable development. Thank you Apostle @Darlenys01 and @Sirknight for this breakthrough @sc-v and thanks to all the contributors.

Urban Agriculture will be a fantastic new development, it means growing, rearing and developing agriculture in a very sustainable way, through which it can be more smarter and better, I swear, it's sweetly amazing, I'd love to see the processing of this, good job

This is really important, the issue of planting our own food would be a way to attack hunger in the population. this is a beautiful project which will be very successful. I currently plant chives in my house ..

I always appreciate the initiatives that always spring up here. Urban Agriculture will go a long way in impacting lives and create avenue for self development and while creating greater opportunity and food.

Big project SteemChurch venezuela is time to activate urban agriculture.

wao, what a wonderful project, hands on the plow. this is a divine vision.

Sustainable local development is a method to grow any society, support urban agriculture and promote it brings with it many new alternatives for production and supply of food and at the same time will create awareness in the field of nature and its derivatives, God Bless @Steemchurch, @Sc-v.

Amazing! another idea of agribusiness in SteemChurch: Urban Agriculture. This is a marked advance that has been pronounced @sc-v. Amidst the emergency numerous individuals come back to ripe fields to plant, however now in wherever or city you can apply urban farming for maintainable advancement. Much obliged to you @Darlenys01 and @Sirknight for this achievement @sc-v and because of the considerable number of supporters.

Urban Agriculture will be an incredible new improvement, it implies developing, raising and creating farming in an extremely manageable manner, through which it can be more quick witted and better, I swear, it's sweetly stunning, I'd love to see the preparing of this, great job

Wow, urban agriculture this is an amazing project, this type of projects is need in this country, sc-v is doing a great job, this project is amazing

excellent, urban agriculture is an activity that requires the participation of several actors and can be materialized using different formulas: community gardens, commercial gardens, community gardens among others. From the point of view of health, promoting urban gardens means that people have access to healthy foods and improve their physical condition, besides being economic benefits as a stimulus to the economy ... and generating production at this crucial moment. it crosses the Venezuelan families. Thank you @darlenys for sharing this beautiful project.

If we can all grow our own food the proper way, it will solve a lot of problems.

Nice project

Great initiative, for those of us who live in the jungles of cement, and that we only have little land for sowing, although it is not a limitation, I have seen a project for planting in the cities (with some limitations and disadvantages) but that can provide part of the food that a family needs.

Excellent, let's hope the approval of the Steemchurch and steemchurch farms Leaders

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Interesting activity, urban agriculture as part of the Steemchurch Venezuela project. I volunteer as part of my plots are considered for this great project and, therefore, I also help with the situation in the country. Apostol do not hesitate to count on my support and that of many Venezuelans willing to work for our country. Steemchurch Venezuela has come for God to pour out blessings in our country and we can help our children not to defect in education due to nutritional problems. Blessings

I am surprised with the plans that God is bringing to @ sc-v, they fill me with expectation, because I know that what comes from God, prospers and advances. It is a joy to see how God uses his channels to bring an answer and how good he is to do it with his children. Good news, thank you for sharing them and filling our hearts with encouragement. May the fruits and benefits of this great project be many. Greetings and blessings.

This looks like an excellent project.

A Dollar A Day will be happy to continue supporting this project.

I wonder if there is anyone from your project who would be able to come on my radio show to tell people about it?