SteemChurch Venezuela overcoming barriers to freedom.

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Brothers of @Steemchurch, and community in general, it is a privilege for our parish to announce the progress that Steemchurch Venezuela has had in our country.

Since the announcement of the creation was given, there have been many people who have wanted to join the team to work for our country. Previous work had been done by brothers belonging to this community to promote the use of the platform, in the same way we have worked and helped many professional and non-professional people in the best way. The help has not only been economic, it has also been providing this support in difficult times.

Vastago Foundation, one of our allies in the construction of a country, has given us a physical space to place the first office of SteemChurch Venezuela, this due to the great acceptance and people who make proposals for social work in communities, not only in the East of the country, but of other regions of Venezuela. Apostle Darlenys in union with her team has created the organizational structure that Steemchurch Venezuela will focus on in the coming months.

We have proposed, to have a more diligent attention, to the people who call and write through emails, and networks, because otherwise we can not talk about commitment and social vocation.

Our mission is to do everything with excellence God's work on earth, and a qualified team has decided to place their talents at the service of others.
It is impressive, as God is uniting churches, communities all for the same purpose: Build the country that we all want.

This is part of Steemchurch Venezuela, created to impact the world, join us, you can write through the mail:

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Legal advises, addresses, presidents, directors?

We mice reckon sc-v is looking for Cheese at Cheese Station C.

These mice reckon it is time to sniff and scurry. Get away from the old failed corporate structure and structure up for the new blockchain world. Plenty of Cheese on the blockchain.

Steemchurch's chief administrator cannot be more prouder of this incredible progress on the Venezuelan region

This is a well laid adminstrative structure that will propel and fuel growth

Thank you so much for leadership qualities bestowed on our darling apostle (@darlenys) .

May God give you all the wisdom you need to win this fight or Fight of freedom

Warm regards



Thanks brother os

It is impressive @darlenys what you are able to do for love of God, I admire the leadership ability and the level of detail and planning with which you do things. God continue to bless you.

It is simply wonderful, that Steemchurch Venezuela has its physical space, where we can go to work for our community plans and ideas, and support this beautiful project at the hand of God. I am honored to belong to this team and to work by your side @ darlenys, a woman chosen by God.

This is a great achievement on the side of sc-v. Good bless you all.

This is a great development as #steemchurch Venezuela is really overcoming barriers to freedom.
God is really using His people to bring forth His glory.
#steemchurch-Venezuela is really going places.
I really commend the efforts of the #team

God is really manifesting himself in #steemchurch-Venezuela.
All these are great projects set in motion to really touch the lives of people and spread the love to all.
You guys are just amazing and you are committed to moving steemchurch forward.
God will continue to help you in all your endeavors.

To God be the glory for these wonderful projects and initiatives springing up from steemchurch-Venezuela. You are really impacting the world and changing the lives of people while fulfilling the mandate of God over #steemchurch. May God continue to use you for His glory.

This is a great improvement from @steemchurch Venezuela, @darlenys01 is doing a great job, you are a true leader and I like the administrative structure well organize..God is with us in steemchurch

It is nice to see every step of faith and blessing that @ sc-v carries. From creation to where God and the support of Sirknight take you, it will be a success for the glory of God.

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wow God is doing something precious in the porroquia of @sc-v, are moving forward with firm step, now with a physical space and a good organizational structure, God is good and is all the glory, keep opening doors for this beautiful project .

good news we already have a spiritual space led by our father jehova and now we begin with the physical space of congratulations of great progress.

A breakthrough, may God bless you @ darlenys01 for those great wishes for social support

Let's advance sister, considering wise advice that will help us grow and multiply. God bless you more