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SteemChurch Venezuela, advances in leaps and bounds towards restoration activities in forgotten places, with this noble work we realize that a country is its people, in Venezuela there are people who are willing to work to bring freedom to their communities. We are grateful to God because everything is being done in his word. Today we can say as Peter: In your word we will cast the net, we will be fishers of souls.

It is gratifying to see the fruits since we started the first Meetup here in our country, it has been wonderful the receptivity we have had, people who have committed and have contributed their grain of sand, to go that extra mile.

This space has been rescued by a group of brothers with a beautiful human quality, which was delegated the responsibility to carry out these activities:

@rypo01 (general coordination and execution)
@elpastor (coordination and logistic support)
@mamidalia (Food Logistics)
@oscar20 (welder)
@rosiconde07 (Graphic Designer, Logos)
@redimi2 (Field painting)
@greesy (Painting of logos)
@saritza (Painting of logos)
@katty24 (Painting of logos)

In the union there is strength, a divided house can not prosper. First of all we thank @Sirknight for our inspiration for all this work, to Vastago foundation, @adollaraday, our beloved @pennsif and his team of collaborators (@coruscate, @deliberator, @globocop , @goldendawne, @kryptoe, @makinstuff, @mother2chicks and witnesses @quochuy, @steemcommunity and @yabamatt)

Also a special thanks to Dr. @marialara for her donation for this activity and my great organizational team of sc-v: @xiore, @emiliocabrera, @kenaliz85, @xioran, @riccio01, @taty17, @mildreduh, @lorennys, @mosdad. Now, SteemChurch Venezuela will leave its traces in every place we visit, all of Venezuela will know what we were there.

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Amazing! 100% from us mice.

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listo para el desafío.

Glory to God for this great project, we are hopeful and convinced every day that our God with us goes, we walk by his hand steemchurch venezuela, and every day He will provide according to his riches in glory to feed that great project that one day was born of our sirknight leader, and now by the hand of our apostle @darlenys. God will do wonders and as I always say: "with great things you will answer us, jehovah, God of our salvation, I am pleased to remain in this great team." Thanks @ sc-v, thanks to all this team and to all those who make this possible every day a reality, to tell the world that JESUS IS ALIVE.

wow! an exemplary work of our beloved community, cheers for this great initiative, beautiful traces of logos on the walls. Blessings @ sc-v and by Apostle Darlenys

From the word to the action. Nothing more gratifying than to capture a vision and then execute it. SteemChurch Venezuela is leaving indelible marks. Good work from our brothers. God bless the Apostle Darlenys and SirKnight. Likewise to all collaborators

You are doing excellent work there.

A Dollar A Day is delighted to support this project, and it great to see our logo on the wall. Thank you.

SteemChurch Venezuela @sc-v has been chosen to receive another donation of 15 SBD from the A Dollar A Day project - supported today by @pennsif, @coruscate, @cryptocurator, @deliberator, @globocop, @goldendawne, @kryptoe, @makinstuff, @mother2chicks & witnesses @quochuy, @steemcommunity & @yabamatt

Contact @pennsif if you would like to know more about A Dollar A Day.

definitely @sc-v is building a country, beautiful work is being done without any doubt we are impacting the world, God bless our dear apostle @ darlenys01 and our founder @sirknight because the vision is coming true, many people will be blessed

Sc-v is truly leaving a mark.
This is great project.
Sc-v is doing a great job.
Steemchurch is changing lives.

It is exemplary what you are doing, God bless you and always have success!

Beautiful, it is gratifying to see that with enterprising people full of faith, optimism these works are made, may God continue to bless our nation.


It is a blessing for my country that @sirknight has placed his heart in it and has delegated our apostle @ darlenys01 with his great dream of helping and taking our country forward, I am proud to belong to this great family of Christians with great desires and nobility for the neighbor.

What a beautiful job, I am so far away to help you, in another opportunity it will be.

This amazing! God bless the works of your hands!

Excellent team of @ sc-v, I hope to see you soon in the Island of Margarita leaving your mark in this Region, God bless you all even more,

Thank God first for your love and strength that has given us to successfully complete the great work we have done in the community of Granadillo, Cantaura. Edo Anzoategui Venezuela. Thanks to our leader Darnelys for all his support and confidence in this great social task that benefits the children and young people of this community. It was a demanding and attractive job, but God once again gave us the victory. Blessings to our main leader SirKnight and to all the team that accompanied us in this hard work.


Thanks to you for collaborating with this beautiful task, without a doubt you will have your reward, there is nothing better than serving God.

Works of that kind are what we need in our country, so that we all assume that example, I congratulate such a praiseworthy action, good participation, as a team because the strength, as an advertisement on a national channel says we want, I would add what we do not propose.
Brighten the spirit, see these activities, which are done in a disinterested way for the people.
Blessings for all.
In which community was that activity?


In Granadillo State Anzoategui, Cantaura


I'm a little far. I'm from Maracay, Aragua State.

Wao! Word will indeed fail to describe this but one thing is sure that the Glory of God is been Manifested.
Amongst all who has made this a reality, @sirknight may the god Lord continue to increase youe inspiration. Cheers.

Still Elisedaniels...Love for the Gospel

What a joy to see what God is doing, I love this publication, may God bless the #Steemchurch family, and may God continue to help you apostol @darlenys01 and our leader @Sirknight to continue carrying this beautiful work out

This is brilliant! You guys are artists. Look at those beautiful paintings. Keep doing awesome work. :-)

excellent the support that they have lent to that community is part of an effort among several and is how they say that the union is strength and God has placed valuable hands in the church of the Lord to achieve great things, unimaginable and I know with the passage of time everything will grow according to the will of the Lord to make great asanas in the name of Jesus Christ

Excellent Post, I hope, we are of Blessing the intention above all is to make known the Will of God. I hope that many brothers can share and read our Post. God bless you.

Yes oo, we are devoted to work to improve and makenthis community a success. We also thank our leaders for their support