Second ( 2) Meetup Steemchurch Venezuela

in steemchurch •  9 months ago

My beloved community, blessings for all on this day. SteemChurch Venezuela due to the great acceptance of the Anzoategui state community, had to organize their second Meetup, since several people could not attend the first event, and our mailboxes received many messages.

This meeting was held in the Teramun Hotel facilities, in the city of Lecheria, today in the Aquarium room. Our team, as always willing, assisted to train our brothers on the large Steemit platform and in the Steemchurch community.

The points to be discussed at the meeting were the following:

  • Block chains

  • Cryptocurrencies.

  • Introduction to Steemit

  • Steem

  • Publications, trends, tags.

  • Coin purse.

  • SteemChurch

The presentation and explanation of the conference was in charge of the Apostle @Darlenys and @taty17.

The assistants cleared all their doubts and questions and were motivated.

Thanks @xiore for the impeccable organization and our collaborators of celebrations. Especially Analandia events for the sound, and Xica Maria for the desserts. A very emotional evening, and most importantly, Impacting lives.


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Excellent team, I congratulate @sc-v for the prolonged advances and the effort it makes for the longed for growth of the Leader @Sirknight and the Apostle @darlenys01

Applause Apostol many blessings Steemchurch Venezuela is growing surprisingly, what causes me a great joy lazily the distance did not allow me to be with you in this opportunity but I am sure that God did a great job. Greetings and blessings to the great team SteemChurch Venezuela. I miss you.

Blessings for you @darlenys01 and the work you are doing with @sc-v

It's a beautiful job, thanks to the apostle Darlenys for holding these events

Another beautiful experience with venezuela venezuela @sc-v is an honor to be part of this great team, surrounded by excellent God fearing people, working hand in hand with a great woman like our dear apostle @darlenys01, God bless #steemchurchVenezuela

Hi, I'm new to Steemit and felt that I need to attend a meetup to learn. How is it done to attend?

It is gratifying to see the efforts of the Venezuelan brothers to carry out these activities without looking at the serious situation that Venezuela is going through (economic, social, political), only looking at the author and consummate of all things Jesus Christ, my congratulations to all they made this and the past meetup reality, I see some beautiful children in the first photographs that good that is there.

Welldone boss, its great work you are doing. Keep it up.
Steemchurch always move forward and will keep moving.

That I equip to teach and give to coneem steemchurch in venezuela, I congratulate them enormously and may God bless you all.

Incredible group, I salute @sc-v for the delayed advances and the exertion it makes for the yearned for development of the Leader @Sirknight and the@darlenys01

Excellent effort and heart, may God bless you for that contribution you give to each person so that he can move forward in these times of crisis.

Blessings for all this wonderful team that always bet on excellence. That continue promoting this platform and adding people with talent and creativity. @darlenys, @xiore @taty17.

SteemChurch Venezuela, steps from giants, I'm glad to be part of you. CONGRATULATIONS ... Many more will come, expanding the territory.

To the lady of the dream, congratulations, for continuing to support the community in the knowledge of the Steemit platform and especially Steemchurch and Steemchurh Venezuela. A great army of worshipers will come to the Feet of Christ through this Social Network. Do not stop Dream Lady that God will fulfill the purpose he has with you for Venezuela. DTB