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Welcome to the blog of SteemChurch-Telos.

We are glad that some of the parishioners have already started creating beautiful places with the thought of our Christian leader @SirKnight.

We have seen handmade drawings, drawings made in computers, and incredible designs.

The management of SteemChurch is happy with the receptiveness that Telos Village has had.

continue publishing designs, this is beautiful to see the new home of SteemChurch.

We are sure that Telos Daaps programmers will be doing updates where we will see the city of SteemChurch.

Let's move on, and ask again for a little bit of calm, soon we'll be doing telos for the parishioners.

God bless you.

Postscript: let's pray for Venezuela

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Thanks for this, Parishioners are already and eager to promote our village telos of blessing. Thank you for beautiful message.

I am happy to have created my telos account and become part of the steemchurch and telos family. I beleive telos is a viable blockchain that is posed for success and mass adoption in the future @sc-telos

Excellent @sc-telos! Good motivation for the entire steemchurch community.


More growth to the steemchurch. I pray for more grace fpr the comtinous growth of the steemchurch

Oh beloved @sc-telos, you’re born for the glory of God to be seen through you!

We feel so blessed seeing how that God is adding to his church!

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