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Welcome Parishioners and friends of Steemchurch.

Steemchurch Father, @sirknight has mandated us to join in the expansion of Steemchurch Telos village by inviting out Christian family and friends.

We will be celebrating our one year anniversary in May by holding a Meetup and Steemchurch Telos Campaign to the streets of Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th of May, 2019
Logo designed by @adedoyinwealth

Sc-n was born out of the love and compassion of Steemchurch Leader, @sirknight almost a year ago.

We as a community are going out to campaign on the streets and register as many Christians as possible and have gem come on board Steemchurch Telos.
Logo taken from @steemchurch blog

We will also reflect and discuss on making impact in Our local communities as individuals and as a community.
Logo taken from @steemchurch blog

Further details will be communicated in consecutive posts.
Logo taken from @steemchurch blog

Join the movement today!
God bless you.


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Wow... This is so interesting, I can't wait for this day to come.... An opportunity to be in the mist of our beloved brethren.... @sc-n meetup on point

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Yes Brother Charles

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This is indeed amazing!

I look forward to it!!

Welcome. We have a lot to achieve together.

Happy Anniversary to us in advance..

Looking forward to meet many of our members.

Keeping tabs for more info!!

See you there!.

We’re glad to let the world know about us.

We welcome all!

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Steemchurch 'Telosgelism' is our mandate.

Happy anniversary to @sc-n, @sc-v and @sc-g
God bless Steemchurch.
God bless Sirknight.

Wow this is awesome... I am so excited about this. Can't wait to know the venue to meet and tell the world about this. Cheers @steemchurch @sc-n @sirknight

Great Sister @oredebby.
Thank you for your continuous support to Steemchurch.
See you there!

This is great news. I am happy to have the opportunity to finally meet Parishioners

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It's been one year already?

Finally, a meet up,I cant wait to meet y'all.

Happy Anniversary!!!

That is a great news!, I am very happy for this, we pray that you will have a successful meet up. Thanks for sharing with us.

It will be an awesome awareness for our Telos Village.
Thanks @Adedoyin-wealth for conceiving this.


I wish I could also attend too but as it is now, really studying hard for my exam

Hi there... how are you doing?

I am doing great and you? Sorry the reply is coming late

Awesome guys! Amazing! Lagos parishioners are enjoying oh!

Happy anniversary @sc-n! Honestly, I have been blessed with everything you have done! Thank you @Sirknight for giving us the platform for our voice to be heard. And to our amazing @sc-n leaders, thank you too!

It definitely going to be an interesting one. I will be looking forward to it.