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Warm greetings Steemeans and Steemchurch Parishioners.
Our Legendary Knight, Hero and Steemchurch Visionary, Sirknight
asked How Steemchurch Has changed our lives.
Steemchurch Nigeria would be sharing how Steemchurch is changing lives in Nigeria off the blockchain and is solving one problem at a time.

The major problems in Nigeria are Unemployment, Lack of Electricity, Poverty and Hunger.
Sc-n having identified these problems, sought to provide ways to solve them, one problem at a time.

As Children's Day is fast approaching, sc-n has been putting things in place for her visit and Children's Day party at Child Care Trust Foundation for Children with special needs in Abuja.
The Home caters for 50 children.


Biscuits, Sweets, chocolates and drinks have been bought in preparation for the Children's Day Party.


Sc-n has also pre-organised a DJ, part games, such as; Water games, Face Painting, Dancing, Running, Table Tennis and lots more for the Children's Day party.

The kids are gonna have so much fun.
Don't think that because they have 'special abilities', they can't participate in games just like other children.

Wait and see how amazing these gifted children are.😊
There would be lots of pictures and videos too of the event, so stay tuned to our blog for more updates.😉

Did we forget to mention that there would be jollof rice for the kids?.😋
There can't be a Children's Party without Nigeria's famous jollof rice.😋


Steemchurch is not just changing lives, it is changing families and the Nigeria at large and putting smiles on faces of the less privileged.

Steemchurch is also working on Steem Internet Café for Sc-n Parishioners and non Parishioners who cannot afford the internet or internet enabled phones to come blog and earn through Steem.♨️


Therefore providing a means of combating the problem of unemployment, poverty and hunger in Nigeria.

Words cannot exhaust how much Steemchurch is changing lives on and off the blockchain.





Glad to know all plans are in place to make this a life-touching experience for the kids.
God bless you all for the hardworking you've put into this.

Thank You

This is great, more grease to your elbow(s).

We hope you would come celebrate with the kids on Sunday.

Steemchurch's chief adminstrator cannot be more prouder at the landslide victory we are getting in this crusade for freedom

Thanks for the taking care of those God given children @adedoyinwealth

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Thank You so much Apostle.

#Steemchurch is a God sent to wipes away tears from the needy, oppressed, less-priviledged....
All thanks to our amazing leader @sirknight for making it possible and putting smiles on these children faces... May God increase you abundantly
@sc-n headed by our amiable priestess.... My dear may God give you more grace to carry this God given tasks to the very end.....
heaven at last

Steemchurch is changing lives, steemchurch is giving us purpose in life, Our leader dreams is for steem to feed the world, Steemchurch is changing lives..

Yes He is

This is another great efforts from @sc-n and the entire #steemchurch.
#steemchurch is really changing lives even outside blockchain.

There are many lives out there that needed to be touched but are abandoned but it is good to know that with the help of #steemchurch and it subsidiaries which @sc-n is one is really committed in putting smiles on the faces of people.
I really commend the efforts of the #team and @sirknight for given birth to this vision

Thank you.
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Great job @sc-n. Humanity need problem solvers. That's what are you are doing progressively.
God bless our young ones.
God bless @steemchurch, @sc-n.
And to @adedoyinwealth more grace to your elbow.
Kind regards.

Thank you for your kind comment.

You guys are really doing a great job @sc-n
#steemchurch is really putting smiles on people's face and is changing lives for good.
May God continue to uphold His church and His people.
Greetings to @sc-n and @sirknights

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Awww! This is so sweet and nice. Putting smile on the faces of these 50 kids will be so amazing.

Excellent jobs guys. I pray as you water those kids, God Almighty will also water you guys. God bless you all @sc-n

All thanks to God and SirKnight for turning lives around.

Steemchurch is changing lives most especially here in Nigeria. Thanks to @sirknight. There will also be an empowerment training tomorrow in Abuja, supported and sponsored by @sirknight

Am happy to see this @sc-n

The change that we have been waiting for is finally here. #steemchurch is really here to bring positive change to the whole world and @sc-n is doing a great job by extending the love to the needy. Those wonderful children will never cease praying for this church because of this great move.
Steem is really feeding the world through the effort of steemchurch.
The Lord is your strength.

Wow.... This is really amazing, I love the movements. God is your strength.

Steemchurch is evolving lives, steemchurch is giving us reason throughout everyday life, Our pioneer dreams is for steem to encourage the world, Steemchurch is evolving lives..

I always tell anyone who cares to listen to me that steemchurch is the hope of the future.
Join us today!
Much gratitude to @sirknight for the good job.

You are right @roman3

Awww! This is so sweet and decent. Putting bless the characteristics of these 50 children will be so stunning.

Superb occupations folks. I supplicate as you water those children, God Almighty will likewise water you all. God favor all of you @sc-n


This is great and lovely, sc-n all the way, God bless the steemchurch crew. God bless Nigeria.

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Waw,this is extremely wonderful as the children will be having a lot of fun that day.
Good job to @sc-n
Good job to @sirknight
Good job to @steemchurch

This is a good start @sc-n,it shows you are doing a lot of work and going places.My prayer is that God will give you all it takes to accomplish the vision.God bless steemchurch.

Thank you