Updates: Maabang Presby School Receives Donation of Educational Materials from Steemchurch Education Support Project(SESP)

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Greetings to everyone at Steemchurch. God through his selfless servant @sirknight and the wonderful parishioners at the Steemchurch are impacting lives everywhere.

Not long ago Steemchurch-Ghana unveiled the Steemchurch Education Support Project(SESP) which is aimed at supporting schools in deprived areas with educational materials needed for proper learning.


Last Friday parishioners of Steemchurch-Ghana visited Mabang Presby School. We scheduled our visit on 22nd July but were notified to come the following week. By Gods grace our visit and donation came off last Friday. Glory be to God!



From the left: @odsam2, @henryyeboah and @collinz

Our team travelled for two hours before reaching the Mabang town. Mabang is a suburb of Tepa, a town in Ashanti Region Ghana. The school was named after the town Mabang. It is a presbyterian school but under the control and supervision of the government now.

The long distance to the Mabang town couldn't allow our parsihioners to come in their numbers and we really appreciate the effort of @odsam2, @collinz and @henryyeboah for the great work done and for making the donation on behalf of the church. We received the warmest welcome from the headmaster of the school, the teaching and non-teaching staff.



Fortunately we arrived during their break time and so we had the chance to interact with the pupils, to know their names and learn few things from them.





Our first visit to the school gave us the opportunity to discover many challenges in the school and one of such challenges was this dilapidated old building here where the pupils study in them.

This was a death trap in disguise and it was a great danger to the pupils. We discussed with the headmaster about how this building could be rebuild. We concluded that by collaborating with interested groups and the Ghana Education Service the school can have a new building soon.




The good news was that this old building has been demolished after the steemchurch raised concern on the need to reconstruct a new building replace this old building whch is in bad shape.

We promised to support with some bags of cement when plans to begin a new buidling is in place.



We also supported the pupils in the lower primary with educational materials which will be needed for their studies. We donated 500 exercise books, 200 pencils, 300 crayons and charts.









There were wide smiles on the faces of the kids when steemchurch presented these items to the school to be distributed to pupils. It was like their dream has finally come true.




While presenting the items to the headmaster and the staff of teachers we hinted on our desire and plan to also support the pupils with textbooks and furnitures soon.

The headmaster assured us that he would supervise the proper use of the items at the school and thank the Steemchurch Ghana for their support.

The staff also epxressed their interest in joining steemit and the steemchurch since we they were moved by our benevolence.

As church this is what the Lord has called us to do, to be of help to others. We don't need to amass wealth before we can help someone in need. In the sight of the needy, any little gift counts. Steemchurch will continue to reach out and be of help to others in any possible way.

Let's all join the crusade for freedom in the order of @sirknight.


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This is one of the most beautiful images I've seen in many days, the children, those special beings that the Lord gave us to guide them on the right path. never get tired of doing good, do not skimp on giving the best we have, remember that this is borrowed, the one that gives the needy to God lends. Beautiful gesture, project. I declare that divine provision comes for the people who believe God until the last consequences, those warriors who despite the circumstances still stand because they know that at any moment it will rain, and the ponds will be full. blessing.

I'm glad to be part of this initiative aimed at helping needy students in deprived areas. I still recall those beautiful smiles on their faces. May the Lord continue to bless us with more resources as we also continue to be of help to others. God bless @sirkight for allowing the lord to use him as a vessel of honour for His work, the headteacher and the staff blessed him so much during our visit when they heard that he has supported us in this project. God bless u richly sir


@collinz it is good to have you in our team, we appreciate all your all your hard work, contributions and support for steemchurch. God bless you!

The day was truly special ,many thanks to @sirknight @collinz ,@henryyeboah and all the members of @sc-g and steemchurch for making this project a success.
The day was truly exciting ,having to see a such a smile on the face of our younger generation

Go high #steemchurch
Go high @sirknight
Go high @sc-g
Go high @sc-n
Go high @sc-v

Greetings brother @odsam2, I am glad that this project is on its way, God bless you, and greetings to all those beautiful children.


Greeting marcelo182....glad to see you admire this project

God bless @sc-g for making education part of their interest, since education is key to any nations development

This is great! I rejoice to read what they have done with the children of this school, it is a great idea.

These children will never forget that one day a group of young people with flannels who said Steemchurch Ghana gave him material to study. They will not forget it.

And the best that they will also give to the needy, because they will give by grace what they have received by grace.

I gave you my vow and this biblical verse to keep in your heart.

Blessed is he who thinks of the poor; In the day of evil the Lord will deliver him.
Psalm 41: 1


This is so true:

These children will never forget that one day a group of young people with flannels who said Steemchurch Ghana gave him material to study. They will not forget it.

children never forgets and we hope they also grow support many great initiatives aimed at helping the needy and hey! the scripture you shared is powerful, thanks @theonlyway

This is so beautiful project. Good to know how progressive the church's effort is changing lives in Ghana. Thanks for sharing.resteemed


Thank you too @mcsamm for the support.

Wow this is splendid, I use this opportunity to thank our brothers at @sc-g it's a tremendous work to be done here, I see a lot of project being financed by the different arms of steemchurch and it's so amazing how you all out smiles on the faces of these children, God is definitely happy with this, I'm grateful to @sirknight for the gift of steemchurch, keep up the good work brothers

Am very happy to see this project changing lives everyday.

We have all learn from our leader @sirknight The way to give and improve people's lives.

Steemchurch will change the world.
Long live our leader.


Long live @sirknight!

This is a great achievement.
I really commend the efforts of this great community @sc-g, the #team and the visionary @sirknight for their commitment through SESP to touch the lives of people.
More grease to your elbows.

It is gratifying to know what the Church of Steemchurch Ghana is doing. Go ahead and God bless my brothers.

This is highly applaudable. I really wanted to join you guys, but I had busy schedule. May be next time. Steemchurch exercise 😍. God richly bless you guys and @sirknight as well as anyone supporting this foundation.
Upvoted and Resteemed


We hope to see you next time @kwadjobonsu

God will continue to uphold you as you keep touching the lives of people through this.
It takes those that have the feelings for people to really take up this kind of project.
The unction to always make different God will release upon you.

What a beautiful job my dear brothers in Ghana are doing, a great award awaits you in heaven, education in children is a fundamental part in the construction of a society with good values and principles, God bless you!

Wow! The Brothers are making a difference. What they do is positive and God will reward them. Blessings for the Nation faith Ghana


Amen! and blessings to you too @kristal01

This program must multiply, God Bless @ sc-g for this beautiful project

God bless steemchurch and @sc-g for creating this project .....Ghanaians will be proud of you .....


Amen! bless you too @cophi

Wow! This is a great one @sc-g. Your donations and support for effective and efficient teaching and learning, and for the reconstruction of the Mabang Presby School is undoubtedly noteworthy and of course, a beautiful milestone in the right direction.

God bless you.
Kind regards.

Great work. God bless steemchurch and all the leaders. Blessings to all those who could mmake it to the donation. God bless.

Thanks very much for this free will donation, may God almighty restore whatever you have lost in this project.

Beautiful project, I congratulate you, everything you undertake, beautiful children of God, they are the future of the country and the world. Thank you for sharing brothers from Ghana.

minha firma.png

I think that your course is noble and kind. It is my prayer that this kind gesture inspire your beneficiaries so that they one day become responsible players in their community and the country as a whole. Good job done, keep it up.


Thank you @appiahgyan

It is amazing what the Lord is doing through @sirknight and steemchurch. God bless him so much. We @sc-g are truly grateful.

God favor @sc-g for influencing instruction to some portion of their enthusiasm, since training is critical to any countries advancement

What a beautiful gesture, above steemchurch, blessings rain down from heaven