On the True Path

 God be the Guide on your Path 

 But those who trust in the Lord they will renew their strength; they will fly like eagles: they will run and they will not get tired, they will walk and they will not get tired. Isaiah 40:31  

The apostle Paul encourages us to put our hearts in the spiritual and sacred, in the heavenly, in that which is not in this earthly world on the path that guides the Creator. 


For this to be our purpose or motivating force in life.  When we receive Christ and receive power from the Holy Spirit through the new birth, we are elevated from a natural level to a supernatural level of life. We need to take this position that we have as believers and adopt a heavenly perspective for the problems we face. Then we can discover the freedom to pursue the great ideals and purposes of heaven within the promises of God and in the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

How to demonstrate my trust in God?  Who can I serve as a blessing and support? 
Within our lives there must be aspirations and dreams, goals to achieve and stages to fulfill, but as Christians we must bear in mind that in every moment and moment of our lives we must glorify the name of God and appreciate that Christ gave us salvation.

But sometimes we forget this, either for a moment or because of a difficult situation we went through, but God is always there giving us signs and trying to show us the true way, which is a path of grace, love and forgiveness.

Once we are on the way, we find endless opportunities and privileges that the creator offers us, is to find a source of living water, a spring, the motivation to be better, do what is right and most important to be a good son.


In order to be worthy of eternal life and the grace of our Lord in his celestial kingdom, we must only bear in mind that the only command that Jesus left us is to love our neighbor as ourselves and love God the Father on anything.

When we understand all this is when we can be better every day, that is the heart according to the will of God and be the, the north of our actions and the real facts of our determination of life  Christian.
It is time to take the right direction for our lives, to be motivated by the purposes beyond this world to understand that God is waiting for us to do the right thing and turn to HIM.

Therefore, my dear brothers, remain firm and immovable, always progressing in the work of the Lord, aware that your work in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Corinthians 15:58 


@rubenmedina182. when we walk correctly, I want to say with Jesus, we walk confident
Thanks for sharing .Blessings

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