God and Dreams

What Dreams Tell Us 


Daniel 2: 1-3 In the second year of Nebuchadnezzar's reign, he had dreams, and his spirit was troubled and he could not sleep. He commanded the king to call the magicians, the enchantors, the sorcerers and the Chaldeans, to explain their dreams to the king. They came, then, and presented themselves to the king. And the king said to them, I have had a dream, and my spirit has been troubled by the desire to understand the dream.

Through the Scriptures we see that God has spoken many times through dreams. As examples we have Joseph, the son of Jacob, Joseph, the husband of Mary, Solomon, and Daniel, Matthew ... There is also a prophecy of the prophet Joel, quoted by the apostle Peter in Acts 2:17, which mentions God using dreams.


Joel 2:28 "And it will happen that after this, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; and your children and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young people will see visions". 

The Bible teaches that, in ancient times, God transmitted his messages through the power of the Holy Spirit, to his chosen servants through visions and dreams. These messages were also given to the apostles and prophets. 

The dreams that are truly of God. These dreams are often characterized by a series of confirmations that God brings to our lives near that dream or vision. God spoke through dreams and visions to Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Paul, Peter, John and others. They are a living testimony of what the Lord says in his word; However, in one or two ways, God speaks; But man does not understand.

Numbers 12: 6 He said, Hear now my words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, will manifest myself to him in a vision. I will talk to him in dreams. 

In the Bible there are numerous passages in which it is indicated that God transmits his messages and revelations to us through the content of our dreams. This fact is clearly described in Job 33, where it says:

Job 33
However, in one or two ways, God speaks;
But man does not understand.
By dream, in night vision,
When the dream falls on men,
When they fall asleep on the bed,
Then it reveals to the ear of men,
And he points out his advice.

The Bible also points out that God grants his grace to the dreamer through the fulfillment of his desires as stated in  1 Kings 3:

And Jehovah appeared to Solomon in Gibeon one night in a dream, and God said to him: Ask what you want me to give you.
And Solomon said:
Give, then, to your servant an understanding heart to judge your people, and to discern between good and evil; because who will be able to govern this your so great town?
And it pleased the Lord that Solomon should ask this.

The interesting thing about all this is that, despite that, many people, even when the Bible indicates them and modern psychology attend them, prefer to turn a deaf ear to the messages that their dreams give them through the wonderful symbolic language that every night It is expressed while we sleep.


Good reflection @rubenmedina182. God has always spoken to his people through dreams. It is good to identify dreams when God speaks to us and to obey his word.

Amen sister Darlenys