Difference in Praying talking to God and praying by repeating prayers used by the church

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Community of Steemchuch, happy Sunday.

Today I want to share with you a post, that perhaps, some people think that praying is the same as Praying, because it turns out that they are two different terms, then we will explain the difference of each of them.

Pray and pray are two channels of communication that people use to communicate with God. In any religion, people often seek moments to try, through faith, to solve their problems, lead a virtuous life framed in peace, charity, hope and love of neighbor.

Pray is talking to God

Praying is a personal, authentic, spontaneous and particular way of communicating with God. Through prayer, believers express their requests, desires, fears, anxieties and needs to God. Likewise, it is considered a dialogue between the person and God, who hears the requests, gives consolation, grants blessings and peace to the people to move from a state of uncertainty or anguish to inner peace and the joy of being heard.


In a similar way, prayer is considered an encounter to express to God the gratitude for favors, kindness or blessings received in health, material goods, personal, social and family achievements. When the person enters into prayer, he detaches himself from all thoughts other than God, reveals his most intimate and personal thoughts, immerses himself in it with faith and confidence of being heard.

Prayer can be personal when performed by a single person and is collective when it is performed by a group of people. In addition, prayer can be oral, mental or written and each person has very particular and personal ways of communicating with God.

Praying is repeating the prayers used by the church over and over again.

Praying is the act by which pre-established prayers are repeated, that is, it is the prayer that is made by repeating words that others have written. Praying involves repeating said prayers with faith, intensity and trust.


Many prayers have been written by people of faith and in other cases, like our father, which is the most popular prayer that was said by Jesus Christ himself who taught his disciples to communicate with God by repeating this prayer.

There are prayers that are structured, like the holy rosary, because it has a fixed structure and others that are simply said at a certain time.

Pray is spontaneous communication with God
Pray is the communication with God through the repetition of phrases and pre-established sentences.

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This teaching is valuable for the community, thank you sister for sharing your knowledge.