Convictions that transcend

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Reading to reflect: Daniel 3.8-25

Hello appreciated community, Welcome to my blog!

Today I want to invite you to reflect on the convictions and the importance for the Christian
The Spanish dictionary defines the conviction as the security that a person has of the truth or certainty of what they think or feel, that they have a conviction have reasons or beliefs that allow them to sustain a certain thought or action determined by a concept


The conviction has the power to potentiate the natural qualities of a person but when the person lacks conviction is similar to the waves the sea does not have its own inner strength but is a slave to the environment and can be swept away by any wind of doctrine and submitted to any deporable situation

Currently the pressure of the world has interfered in the social life of all men, from eternity man has sought ways to make their lives fully and make decisions to realize their dreams, but not everything has gone as you want, then, in some cases these decisions have been frustrated for lack of conviction

Today I want to highlight the story of three young bastions that cultivated to the end a conviction that transcends the times they are: Shadrach Meshach and Abednego who were Hebrews and had an incredible conviction about their beliefs which were able to challenge their own king and not pay tribute to the gods he adored
The firm refusal of the Hebrews to bow before the image offers an inspiring example for all satan believers, as the god of this century assumes many appearances through which he seeks to intimidate and seduce the believers so that they will bow down before the spirit of the world, Jesus Christ stands as the ultimate example of resistance without any concessions against the astute tactics of this adversary


Daniel and his friends provide the model of a testimony of faith under the threat of torture and death although very few believers have to pass a test of this nature, those who receive this opportunity are being offered the greatest of honors in the annals heavenly
From verses 16 to 18 of chapter 3 there is a breakdown of truly incredible convictions of these three young people
When the king asks them if it is true that they do not honor their god or the golden statue that he raised and threatens them with life, the response of these three young men is impressive, that is, they can not believe or it is very hard to believe
The three respond: "it is not necessary that we answer you on this matter"
They were trying to tell them that they did not even have to defend themselves before his majesty, because, God is above all in our lives and they continue to tell the king "If he throws us into the furnace in flames the God we serve can deliver us and if you do not know oh king that we will not serve your gods nor will we worship the statue that you have raised
¡Wow ... what an answer, what an impressive conviction of these three young people!


With this answer the three young men were confirming before the Nebuchadnezzar king that the God they worshiped was real
Certainly our God is real, and these young people were practically seeing God in the middle of the discussion with the king, then, they lived for God and the reality in their lives moved that supernatural conviction to prefer the furnace of fire before worshiping other gods and deny the God they served
These three young people knew that nothing was impossible for God and their response shows their total trust in the power of their God to free them from the adversity they were facing.
They demonstrated to the king that the convictions do not depend on the favorable circumstances, they demonstrated the obedience to God before that to the men by very powerful that they are in the Earth
They showed that people who do not have concrete and strong convictions are the ones who let themselves be easily dragged
As Christians we must have firm convictions and we must not satisfy the whims of the world
The blessings of men favor the favor of men but the blessings of God favor the favor of God for a humanity that has believed and obeyed
For this reason, when you have firm convictions, you are capable of loving God above all things, with God as your main priority.


A study full of wisdom @ricci01, we can never place anything else before God, he is our priority, our focus.

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