Christ Breaks The Chains That Do not Allow You To Advance

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Christ Breaks The Chains That Do not Allow You To Advance

When Jesus gave his life for humanity, he gave us the privilege of being free from the different bondages that are bonds that do not allow us to advance in the kingdom of God. Being free from the chains of oppression is the most beautiful thing that God gave us so that we could enjoy a full freedom, that moment that Christ breaks the chains we can feel in our interior that this liberation has produced a change in our life.

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When Jesus died on the cross, he manifested before his death the different liberations in his walk, because that is the manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth, because he came to give us examples of the liberations that we would have at our disposal after his death.

We have entered a time when God is giving us treasures of great wisdom. The apostolic and prophetic era that is being lived in these times, are bringing new dimensions of the light of Christ, the son of God. There is much more clarity in the understanding of the scriptures and a revelation of the unprecedented power and manifestation of the kingdom of God.

Jesus did not come only to save us and to die for our sins. He came to give us full freedom in all areas of our life. He came with the purpose of defeating the devil in all his empire and to free all those who are held captive and bound. This goes far beyond casting out demons of people possessed by occultism, drugs, alcohol, and all ties. Captivity and ties has to do with all men.

It is sad to find people who still do not know Jesus and are chained to a life of sin, and it is much sadder that there are people who are Christians, struggling with these bonds of sin, having the privilege that Jesus has already paid that freedom with a price. of blood.

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This biblical passage tells us that whoever has been set free by Christ must show a new life, how? Through his testimony, and because he is free from his bonds and that in his walk his life spirit will flow as Christ breaks the chains. Then a person who constantly struggles with his emotions or who is unstable, may be tied to a chain of impossibilities that does not show a life transformed by God.

Many times people who are tied to sin often blame their congregational leaders for situations that happen to them, to pastors or also to the family. These people, not finding an outlet for their ties, try to excuse themselves in others and their words are always: "For the fault of my Leaders", "For the Fault of the Pastor who does not orient me," For my parents I did not let them serve freely. "

When a person has a bond in his soul, he never agrees with what he does, nor with what others do. And this will lead him to judge or criticize everything that he does not like, or it usually happens that when he has these ties, they always think that the word the pastor speaks is to make him or her uncomfortable.

When it is difficult for us to forgive a person who hurts us and you want to forgive them in your heart but there is something stronger that does not leave you, it means that in you there is a spiritual bond from which you must be free. But you must trust that Christ breaks the chains.

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Only Christ breaks the chains that bind our hearts. The son of man is the one who frees us from every oppressive yoke.

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