Calm with natural plants the anxiety

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What is anxiety?


Anxiety is basically a defensive mechanism. It is a warning system in situations considered threatening. It is a universal mechanism, occurs in all people, is normal, adaptive, improves performance and ability to anticipate and respond. The function of anxiety is to mobilize the organism, keep it alert and willing to intervene in the face of risks and threats, so that its consequences do not occur or are minimized. Anxiety, then, pushes us to take the appropriate measures (flee, attack, neutralize, face, adapt, etc.), depending on the case and the nature of the risk or danger. The danger is given by the obstruction of any project or desire important to us, or by the degradation of status or achievements already achieved. The human being wants what he does not have, and wants to keep what he has.

However, when it is too intense, it becomes a source of suffering that needs to be controlled.

The essential characteristic of this disorder is a generalized and persistent feeling of uneasiness and restlessness, which are not related to any particular environmental circumstance. The most common is that the patient complains of being permanently nervous, as well as of feeling other typical symptoms of anxiety such as tremors, muscle tension, excessive sweating, dizziness and dizziness, tachycardia, and epigastric discomfort.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?


The most indicative signs of anxiety are:

-Apprehension (excessive concern about possible future misfortunes, feeling "at the limit" of their strength, difficulty in concentration, etc.).

-Muscle tension (psychomotor agitation and restlessness, tension headaches, tremors, inability to relax).

-Vegetative hyperactivity (dizziness, sweating, tachycardia or tachypnea, epigastric discomfort, vertigo, dry mouth ...).
Children often manifest a constant need for security and attention, and complain repeatedly.

How do you treat anxiety?


When anxiety becomes a health problem, you should go to a health professional, psychologist, psychiatrist, who will give you psychotherapy and according to severity will indicate anxiolytic drugs, many of which create dependence, so in this post, you I recommend the following plants that can relieve anxiety in infusions, and they can be very helpful, since they have scientifically proven to improve anxiety, you do not have to use them all, the one you have at your disposal can be tested.

I recommend the following plants to reduce anxiety and calm down:

  1. Chamomile


Chamomile is a very popular drink that surely you all know because it facilitates digestion and is a great remedy for intestinal discomfort. But chamomile is also possible to be found in pills, and it is usually used in cases of insomnia, anxiety and depression.



Valerian is one of the most widely used natural remedies to treat anxiety and is undoubtedly one of the best known plants as a remedy for nerves and symptoms related to anxiety, because it has a sedative effect and relaxes the nervous system and brain.

In addition, its flowers are used to reduce stress and to sleep, as they have calming effects and help to have a good rest. It has a millenarian origin and Hippocrates already used it in ancient Greece.



Melisa, means bee in Greek. It is also called lemon balm, and is often used as an infusion with many health benefits.

It is popular because it is useful to reduce stress, anxiety or insomnia. Although it also has antispasmodic effects, so it is usually consumed by athletes to relieve the pain caused by physical exertion.


Another plant of ancestral use is lavender, which has been used to treat disorders of the nervous system. Its use is recommended to reduce anxiety and produce a calming effect, but also is a great anti-inflammatory that is used for intestinal pain.

Tila or linden


The lime or linden tea is an infusion that is made with the fruit of some plants of the species of the genus Tilia (linden) and has antispasmodic, somnolent and anxiolytic effects, so it is indicated for people suffering from anxiety, nerves or stress.

The lime helps us sleep better and be calmer, and it is easy to get it, because, as with chamomile, practically all bars have lime infusions. Many students consume it to calm down before an exam.

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