The Biblical New Year - Messianic Times

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1st of Nisan 2019 marks the Biblical New Year -
Saturday 6th April 2019 (beginning Friday Eve).


Exactly 15 days later is the Day of The Risen Lord, more commonly known as Easter Day - 21st April 2019.

Easter day in the early church was associated with an expectation that the second advent would occur on Easter Day.

The Great Exodus of Egypt and The Coming Messiah:

On the first of the month of Nisan, the children of Israel heard the miracle that they were going to be redeemed on the night of the 15th of the month of Nisan. We remember the miracles and the kindness that God does for His people on that evening.

“In Nisan we were redeemed in the past, and in Nisan we are destined to be redeemed again.” A Jewish saying asserting that just as the Exodus from Egypt took place in Nisan so too will the ultimate messianic redemption occur at that time.

All to realize that this is the month of the Messiah -
prepare for The Day of The Lord - 21st April 2019.


More End Times Information:

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Wow, fascinating connection!

ha ha ha after three month bro most wel come in 2019 wear you injanuary bro?
happy newyear.

That is great! Thanks for sharing with us.

as you prepare for Nissan we are preparing for easter its a great time remembering the death and resurection of our Lord and the reason we are saved

This would be considered spam on Steemit and is frowned upon, I would avoid this in future.

Happy New Year ;) A toast to the future (very near future) New Kingdom.

Big things are going to happen.

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