Jesus Appears To His Apostles

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Has the ancient Bible Code encrypted the date of Christ's Return?

We are given many Signs to look out for, and clearly those Signs are being seen today, although Scripture tells us that no one knows the Day of The Lord except the Father, we are clearly given a time period!

1 Bible Code for 5779 Tevet (9th Dec 2018 - 6th Jan 2019)

Yeshua &, Ra-El / Ra-Elohim, Messiah.

Tevet 5779.jpg

"Frightened Ra" parallels the main term...
Ra in Hebrew means "saw".

Jesus Appears to His Disciples
Luk 24:36 Now, whilst they were speaking these things, Jesus stood in the midst of them and saith to them: Peace be to you. It is I: Fear not.
Luk 24:37 But they being troubled and frightened, supposed that they saw a spirit.

The Stats for this Bible Code.


Psa 28:8 The LORD is a strength unto them; and He is a stronghold of salvation to His anointed.

Torah Code for "Coming 5779 Kislev" (9th Nov - 8th Dec 2018)

The only Bible Code for Kislev 5779, occurs in the Torah with the extension "Coming".

Kislev 5779.jpg

RayElite/RayEl 10 (10 days left in Kislev), Existence Lord Ra-El, From Yahweh, Detaching, Launching/Dismissal, Conference, True-Love, Fuck!

The Matrix Odds



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Better sell all your Twitter and Facebook stocks ... If he really appears Social Media will be destroyed because of to many Jesus Selfies :D

Pray he shows himself soon that all this social upheaval will go away.

can anyone source the programs used in this post they look old yet interesting.

Keys To The Bible.

I wonder what this all will mean...

Excellent codes, looking forward to what may unfold :)

It is important to remember that this code is for an entire month... not a single day. Very important discovery

So, any day now huh? Cool.....

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Hey @anthonyadavisii, I will notify you on December 9th 2018, 12:01:00 am (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )

Tevet ends on the 6th Jan 2019

Hi @anthonyadavisii!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!

What Hebrew Text are you using? And, how is it not a problem with the idea of a hidden code in the New Testament translated from Greek into Hebrew? I mean, translation is a flexible process, so if the code were legit wouldn't it be in Greek? Also, since there are no originals, are there any textual variant in the Luke passages? If so, which readings were used?

The scriptures are shown in the top right-hand corner, and again in the stats, the first code is found in the Tanakh, while the second code is found in the Torah using "The Keys To The Bible" software. I believe some researchers are working on decoding the New Testament from the original Aramaic, but I have not done any decoding in that area. The Apostles spoke and wrote in Aramaic, so Hebrew, Greek, and Latin were often the first translation.

The Luke passage is fitting seeing as the secondary terms in the code are related, whatever scripture version you use. The Aramaic in plain English is my favorite as it is the least corrupted from multiple translation processes such as the DRB and KJV which have multiple issues, that I will touch on in my next post.

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Wait - I'm totally confused:

How was Christ with Luke and the others at Emmaus (7.5 miles from Jerusalem) at the same time Matthew said in 28:16 that the disciples went to a mountain in Galilee (where Christ told them to meet him) and that's where the disciples saw Christ that night?

Furthermore - Luke said they returned to Jerusalem from Emmaus, after Christ disappeared, and they found the disciples there, not in Galilee, which fits with John's testimony in 20:19 where the disciples locked themselves up in Jerusalem in fear of the Jews, and never went to Galilee.

So, how was Christ with the disciples at the mountain in Galilee, and at the same time, Christ was with Luke and his crew at Emmaus? How were the disciples locked in a room in Jerusalem in fear of the Jews - but at the same time, they were in a mountain in Galilee where Christ himself told them to meet up?

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Who wrote this shit? And, why didn't anyone take the time to get the facts straight? Not very "god" like workmanship, is it?