Happy New Month

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Happy Sunday steemians

It's another end of the year already. Some are happy, others are sad and the rest are just confused. You heard me right confused!!

Now how would you rate the work you've put in since the start of the year be it on project, workplace, personal life, business etc and yet still no reward?.

True, December/Christmas is a time for celebration and jubilation for some but to others after going through their personal introspection, this is the time they want to commit suicide!!


You work 18hours/day with nothing to show for after 12months while your friend works 5hours with cars and houses.

You got married and this is the third year with no kids or any significant growth in the union while your friend(s) are blessed with kids and political appointments and so on.

If you are on the brighter side, Now have you ever stopped to wonder how those people feel?? Don't get me wrong here hardwork pays off but I mean these guys are sweating off daily doing tedious works and yet can't even muster an achievement for 11months running!!


People go through so much in life, most times a healthy lifestyle and a debt free life is underrated. People go into more debts either trying to keep someone alive or paying off for what they owe. Some loose their houses, cars, lands etc and yet still their loved one still passes away.

I don't know if you get the picture yet?? So your life gets traumatized, you wake up on a Sunday morning and gaze at yours ceiling, remembering all the lovely times you had together, all the plans you made, when they've been there for you and the rest OR the comfort your home brought you, the car people used to admire you for, the assets you had etc.

Believe me waking up to see things of such gone could get you mad!! So am I here for a solution?? DEFINITELY NOT!! can one help himself?? DEFINITELY NOT!! Should one commit suicide in such situations? DEFINITELY NOT too!!

People changed to the bad way saying life pushed them. They tried their all but it just wasn't working for them in that shit country and now they are in jail. The only solution is getting to know God and His teachings, only then can you survive trying times!!

So I don't know who this message is for, but let's just say a prayer.....

"Dear God, I know this is not where I wanna be nor where You kept for me. I believe I'm a work in progress and sofar I live to see the next day there is hope. For all the blessings I took for granted(oxygen,sight,good health etc), thank you also for keeping my loved ones to see this december. I believe the way you didn't give up on Joseph sofar there is life, there's hope for the next day, Amen".


You have only your life to live friend.
Don't compare it to others.

You will get through this! :)

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