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There are two kinds of lights.


  • Your own light which is what you know and can do naturally based on your natural inspiration and talents given to you by God from birth and developed with time.

  • Then there is the God's light, which is God's supernatural knowledge and power. This is what God knows and can do that is supernaturally given to you at the time of special enlightenment. It comes at the times of special visitations. It comes at the time of divine illumination.

This kind of light, God’s own knowledge, could be in two ways. It could be an intellectual knowledge or enlightenment. And it could be a spiritual knowledge and illumination. God gives these to people who are doing something with their natural knowledge and talents, whether they are Christians or not, whether they know Him or not, whether they serve Him or not. He is the God of all flesh. His rain falls on both the wicked and the righteous. Anyone who obeys His laws and principles receives their benefits.

They don’t need to know God before they get it. What qualifies them for it is the use of their knowledge and talents to do something in the world. It happens in science, music, academics, fashion, politics, and in every field to everyone who needs it, search for it and is qualified for it. That's why Jesus said,

“For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” (Matthew 7:8, KJV) It sometimes applies to all things.

This was how many great scientific, philosophical, business and political discoveries and breakthroughs are made and ideas formulated. Whosoever is using his natural knowledge and talents to touch lives and help people is always at a point given an intellectual illumination. They are supernaturally enlightened by God, visited from God's Throne and given the solution to certain problems and situations on earth.

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