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I wandered afar
And stopped to think
Maybe, just probably I was allowing my struggles get the better of me
I needed some credit not like etisalat or MTN500; you know what ;
I mean
I screamed let me have a break!
But got none

And so I looked beyond
It wasn't just water
I looked again unto the hills as my father David said
And then I saw
More than atmosphere
Much more than drops of tears
I saw blood

But he saw me, the dried one,on the ground
Then I saw He, the fresh one, on the cross
Never running dry,
Each spill of red
represented my freedom from torture
healing from sicknesses and infirmities

And as 'they' looked at the bronze serpent,
I gazed at the cross on the mount.
it wasn't easy submitting,
accepting His outstretched arms
though I reached far
But just right there,

I thought it through
I needed to humble myself
and drop all at his feet.
I laid it all down the drift
Oh! what a save!
I didn't deserve it.
I didn't even fight for the love
but His blood I got for all it's worth
and every night and day,
I drink from the never drying flow of his blood.

Don't call me a ritualistic
I'm not even a herbalist
I don't cut of chickens with my teeth
I don't consume blood on a daily basis;
the blood consumes me
Not me,
but everything thats wrong with me.
purging the dead works in me including my sickness and disease
By His stripes I am marked
Surely, I am healed
Again I say
What a save
My very own soul sings
(mi corazon)- Don Meon)

O yes I thank you who's all encompassing
I asked for nothing
but you gave me everything,
Your blood
made the difference in me.
The ground was a sinking sand
but look, I stand
on Christ the solid rock.



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