Why View Marriage As Sacred?

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Most people today would likely claim that they believe in the sanctity of marriage. Why, then, do so many unions end in divorce? For some, marriage is little more than a romantic promise and a legal agreement. But promises can be broken. People who view marriage this way find it quite easy to give up on their marriage when things go wrong.

How does God view the marital arrangement? The answer is found in his word, the Bible, at Hebrew 13:4:

"Let marriage be honorable among all."

The Greek word translated "honorable" carries the thought of something that is precious and highly esteemed. When we value something, we take care to preserve it and not to lose it, even accidentally. The same should be true of the marriage arrangement. Christians are to view it as honorable - as something precious that they want to protect.

Obviously, our God created marriage as a sacred arrangement between a husband and wife. But how can we show that we share his view of marriage?

Come along with me, as we find answers to this question.

Love and Respect

Honoring the marital arrangement requires that marriage mates honor each other. The apostle Paul wrote to the first century christians:

"Let each one of you individually so love his wife as he does himself ; on the other hand, the wife should have deep respect for her husband".


Granted, at times a spouse may not act in the most lovable or respectable manner. Still, christians must show such love and respect

Time and Attention

Married couples who view their union as sacred take time to fulfill each other's physical and emotional needs. This includes sexual intimacy. The Bible says : "Let the husband render to his wife her due ; but let the wife also do likewise to her husband. "

When Problems Arise.

When difficultie arise, Chritians who honor marriage do not has hastily separate or divorce.
Our view of marriage is also shown by the advice we offer to those with serious marital problems. Are we quick to recommend separation or divorce? After all, it is the person with marital problem - not the one giving the advice - who will live the consequences of the decision.


As is true of any worthwhile endeavor, a good marriage requires effort and perseverance. Those who fail to appreciate its sacredness give up more easily. On the other hand, those who acknowledge the sacredness of marriage know that God expects them to stay together. Having this viewpoint gives them the motivation to persevere and work at making a success of their marriage.


We have some married parishioners and some hoping to get married soon too, this is a beneficial writeup for them.

Thanks for your contribution.

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Marriage is a union that involves God, so it cannot easily be dissolved it should be held sacred. A marriage bond is one of the strongest bonds christians should have. We cannot separate from our mates unless on scriptural backgrounds. Thanks for sharing.

Great take on the topic of marriage @pboss123 marriage should be treated with the utmost respect by christians, but sadly, today, the number of divorce cases keep increasing and christians are in this number

wow.. beautiful

Lol, thanks dear

Thank you for supporting my son @andruto's channel.

Спасибо, что поддержали канал моего сына @andruto.

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