Always TRUST the Lord Thy God!

A Manifestation: Happy Easter Sunday Everyone! Let us commemorate the Resurrection of Christ

Photo is mine © @paulthebeloved

Without His Resurrection all our faith are in Vain

Today is the commemoration of the Risen Christ. Many Catholic Filipinos always/sometimes told me every Good Friday that the Lord is dead (patay ang panginoon) and will rise up on the Third day which is Sunday. These happens every year. I don't know what they believe into but I find it very wrong to say that the lord is dead. I want to correct them and free them from those beliefs. He only died once and not every year. That death happened 2018 years ago and was resurrected that same year. Today is only the commemoration of the Risen Christ. A celebration to commemorate his death and Resurrection. The Resurrection is the foundation of Christian Faith. Without it there will be no Christianity.

Trust in His love

When I was a child, I always have questions in mind about God. Question like; how can a God become a human and sacrifice Himself to God? Why? Sounds very mind boggling! Another question is that why would a God embrace humanity despite its failures and sinfulness? I always try to search for answers that lead me to another questions rather than a solution.

Without doubts, there is no faith. When you have faith you must not doubt. Indeed those questions lit cold spirit of mine. Verily, God is mysterious. His thoughts are not our thoughts and His actions are not our actions. God is God and that is a fact.

Today, I want to manifest and attest the everlasting love of God for us. This is just my personal experience and opinion. I always doubt the existence of the most high. Everything to me about God is illogical. There once a time when I have to cut the rope that binds me from God. How can I believe to a thing that can never be seen nor touch? I concluded that the belief in God was just a delusion. And from that moment on I end up my personal relationship with God.

So yeah, I was once an Infidel.

During my lost years, I suddenly have a realization. I sat down and though about what had really happened to me. In those silent realization, I asked myself. Have I been to proud to become blind to the love of God? Is intelligence a gift or a curse? Am I worthy of myself?

From then on the Lord has been knocking on my heart. Until one day, I have been touched by the Lord. My life has been empty without him. The Lord love me at times that I cannot love myself. He was always there. Loving and calling my name.

Through the grace of the Lord and His eternal love, I found myself. And knew He was in me. Humans fail but the Lord does not.

PS: Take a closer look at the Picture and you will see the word TRUST

Your Lovely Accountant Steemian


How could I trust someone I don't know? Hahaha!

Hahaha yeah something like that. But, He always find ways like BDO.

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