STEEMCHURCH: the limitations are in the mind and this child shows that when you want you can, we teach to use the imagination without putting barriers

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Hello, dear family of @steemchurch and @sc-v, it is an honor to belong to this platform and share my publications and anecdotes with you, brothers. Today I want to talk about disability in children, a condition that does not limit them to dream, they are an example of overcoming and motivation. Children show us every day to fight for our dreams.

We must never tell them that they can not do something, because they can, we encourage them to achieve what they want. Teach other children to respect them and not make them feel uncomfortable, they are special and very smart.

It's your right

✔This beautiful child, motivated me to write this publication, always transmits energy, son blessed by God. Children with disabilities have the right to live, learn and enjoy society.

✔We must be vigilant to monitor their inclusion and the rights to education, recreation and participation in society.

✔They have the right to participate in all school activities and involve them in all projects.

Somewhere, a child is being told that they can not play because they do not have the ability to walk, and a girl is being reminded that she can not learn because she is blind. That child deserves an opportunity to play. And we would all benefit if that girl, and all the children of the world, could read, learn and contribute their talent to society. The path that follows will not be easy. But just as children do not accept unnecessary limits, we should not accept them either. Anthony Lake Executive Director, UNICEF