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Hello my beloved brothers in Christ @steemchurch @sc-v we often see how people hide in the Word of God to commit crimes and gang acts. Then they try to protect themselves using the name of God, but we must respect and respond to the laws of God and those of man established in society to live a correct life.

Researching to carry out this publication many times it is the parents who are giving shape to that delinquent behavior in children, supporting and applauding any act of: robbery, violence, blasphemy in young people, then they are offended when they are accused of bandal act and say the phrase "My son no." One of the things that caught my attention is what is known as: RELIGIOUS PROFILE OF A DELINQUENT, this man after having committed his misdeeds, murders, robberies, etc. He says that the only true judge is the one in heaven, which is true, but he says it only to try to avoid judgment or be judged, using religion as a defense mechanism and pretending to be a man of FAITH.

The religious experience in the offender

These criminals study the word, but to hide and take advantage of the knowledge to commit their dirty ideas.

A story of an offender

The Godfather of the narcos, Pablo Escobar Gaviria, spent two thousand six hundred kilos of dynamite in two successive attacks against him: the highest distinction that Escobar ever gave to an enemy. Maza Márquez was unharmed by both, and attributed it to the protection of the Divine Child. The same saint, by the way, to whom Pablo Escobar attributed the miracle that Maza Márquez had not managed to kill him. " Escobar was shot by members of the Elite Corps on December 2, 1993, one day after his birthday, when he was busy talking about the account over the phone and his call could be triangulated by a GPS. Recently, when we read "My Confession" we learned that Carlos Castaño, the leader of the paramilitaries, participated in the production of "intelligence" in the operation in which the dean of narcos was discharged.


The curious thing about these cases of criminals is that they say that they believe in God and in the saints, they seek to confess their sins, but they do nothing to stop committing them.


The religious delinquent sees God as a kind benevolent tutor to commit his misdeeds that would never be approved by our father, God would not want any of his children to be murderous, criminal, liar, violent, etc. They use their skin as a canvas to carry protective figures for them: crosses, saints, dates, symbols, virgins.

The Prayer of the Holy Judge used by some offenders before committing their crimes

"Lord, save me from my enemies, if they have eyes, do not see me, if they have hands, do not touch me, if they have feet, do not reach me, do not let them surprise me from behind, do not make my death violent. Do not let my blood flow, you who know everything, you know my sins but you also know my faith, do not forsake me, Amen. "




Sacred Scripture forbids killing, I understand that you should not kill. But a person who has intelligence does not kill a worker to steal his baby's stomach and leave a family starving. Neither animals do those evils. As Christian believers we defend ourselves and my conscience has never regretted me, despite so much blood. " Alonso Salazar.

this theme distorts the vision of religion apparently normal people have these crazy ideas in their minds, it is not about being perfect to belong or fit into society, but we can not do evil and then go hide in God. Nor do I say that all those who have tattoos are murderers or thieves, there are those who do not have tattoos on their bodies, but their soul is tattooed because of the damage and the evils that they do day to day to their neighbor.



Hola ojala pueda escribir en español mi PC no quiere traducir @oscarfranco06. Dios le bendiga abundantemente.Voy a buscar a alguien que me lea esto se ve por lo poco que entendí q esta muy interesante la historia del llamado narcotraficante . Aquí se nota la confusión de muchos que a pesar de su aspecto en el fondo saben que Dios es bueno y fiel.

Hola señora @lisfabian Dios la bendiga a usted grandemente =) la invito a que lo lea, un abrazo ya la sigo para compartir nuestras opiniones.