SteemChurch International Ministry: The Lord Has Laid His Hands On The Church Of Blocks To Feed His Children

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“The seed will grow well, the vine will yield its fruit, the ground will produce its crops, and the heavens will drop their dew. I will give all these things as an inheritance to the remnant of this people."(Zechariah 8:12NIV)


Brothers and Sisters the Church of Blocks, really it is worthy to say that the seed sown by God has really beared abundance of fruits in SteemChruch International Ministry. In the Latest post of Our Mother's clearly explains that God is blessing Our Church that through Our Legendary @sirknight , his grace instituted in the Steemit Blockchain. The Church seeks to embark on projects that that will diminish the the serious hunger among some nations, most especially the catchment areas of developping Countries. Now, the Church is leaving a remarkable footprints in this World which is evidenced by most people, the ones which are not far fetched from us are "Embarking of Bread from Heaven's projects to feed the Children of Venezuela, which of recent updates reveals that there is a great a economic crisis which has led hunger to hit the Country of Venezuela. Another projects which have also brought to the attentions of our Mother Church is Educations and Agriculture to support his people who who are subjected to low standard of living. Hunger, lack of education and low standard of living are the key elements that are confinding most people from getting their freedom, love and peace of mind to live."

These and many more other things that our SteemChurch International Ministry is embarking on to help bring smile into the face of the poor and rejected people in the society. And I must say that God has really seen the good work we have started and will push us to accomplish them at his own time that has been appointed. I just quoted some portions of the SteemChurch latest post for our study of how the Church is making effort, the need for us to also support:

"The social projection of the parishes with the mother church will be established with the BREAD FROM HEAVEN project as integral training of children and families, incorporating ourselves to the global hunger zero challenge. Technology has a lot to contribute in this sense, and reach the communities to Through education, health, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, it will take the church to a new level. Hunger and malnutrition make people less productive and more prone to diseases, so that They are not usually able to increase their income and improve their livelihoods. There are almost 800 million people who they are hungry all over the world, the vast majority in Developing countries. The blockchain is a revolution that reaches everyone, and we must make the most of it."

Beloved the Church is you and I who made up the Church. Without our daily actuvities to uplift the work of God, the Church as a building is and empty vessel, but to restock it with something good depends on we congregation. Our effort or imput will turn out to bring efficiency. What do we mean here? The Church has a great visions as she declares in the post, though members and other cooperate groupes are doing well to embark on more lucrative projects, as the Lord said, "the work of harvesting of the farm is very vast, but the harvesters are very small, then what do we do, we need to invite more harvesters to help." We are all called to support the work of SteemChurch International Ministry, we should respond and support to bring success to our selves.


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A well committed soul to the development of steemchurch. Good to enlighten us always @oppongk.


Excellent words of encouragement dear friend @oppongk. These commit us even more to continue with our missionary work. God bless you abundantly.

Thanks Bro. for coming round!