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Tongue is very powerful, it can help build life and at the same time, it does damage one's life. The Bible say "Life and Death is in the power of the tongue". Yes, it is so strong that you need to take caution of how you talk to people because Yoruba adage will say, "It is all stomach that lies down, we don't know the one that has wrong motives towards us". People are so wicked that they used what we tell them against us and secretly use that to hurt us. It is only by God's intervention that one who is already in bondage can be set free.

1 Peter 3:10,

For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile


There are many people who are living in this life, some are there to help us while some are there to destroy us completely but here the Bible is telling us that if we want to live long, if we want to enkoy the goodness of life, then let us refrain from saying things that ought not to come out from our mouth.
There are some people, because they are living a good life, they eat three square meal a day, they will go about telling people about how they are fairing, forgetting that those ones haven't eaten anything, they will start to envy him or her and from there, they plan how to bring the person down. Yes, the person will not know immediately because he who wants to do evil will not want to show it out.

Let me tell you a movie I watched earlier today, and I so much learnt a lot because all what they are showing to us are what is happening in the world.

There was this couple, very rich. They have all they wanted but this wife wouldn't control her tongue. Whatever the husband did for her, she will be telling people, including her so called lady she called her Childhood friend. Her boss called and warned her not to be bringing her home to public, even her mother-in- law warned her, She didn't listen to them. She trusted her friend so much that eventually, this friend started envying her. Then she planned on what to do, She went diabolical for her and the friend charmed her, sent her away from her matrimonial home to marry a beggar. The friend snatched her husband, this was what her boss saw that She decided to help her out of the bondage. If not for prayer and fasting, She wouldn't be released and She learnt her lesson.

Lessons from here is that never you trust anyone to disclose your marital life to them
You only trust them but they are planning evil against you

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Hi Sister O, someone said that we are slaves of what we say and owners of what we are silent about. Before talking, we must think. Also look more the virtues of people than their defect.




Thank you for your contribution @steemchurch. Continue to grow bigger in Jesus name

The tongue has the power of life and death, so we should always mind the words that come out of our mouths.
Thank you for this great message.


You welcome. Thanks @sc-n