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Humble Yourself before God

(A) Nebuchadnezzar‘s Realization (Daniel 4:34-35)

At the conclusion of the seven years, Nebuchadnezzar looked to the heavens, regained his senses, and declared that God is in control of all things including the success or failure of human kingdoms and powers. He also offered praise, honor, and glory to God (Daniel 4:34-35).


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Question: “What can Nebuichadnezzar's words, and actions teach us about what it means to be humble?”

Humility does not mean belittling ourselves; indeed, doing so ignores the fact that God has created us in His image. Nor does humility mean belittling the gifts and talents God has given us. Instead, humility is acknowledging that our gifts and talents, and even our very Iives, come solely from God. He deserves our honor and glory.

Those who are truly humble will acknowledge God as Lord and Creator, praising Him for His many blessings and trusting Him to guide their lives according to His purposes.

Question: “What role do praise and worship play in surrendering one's Pride?”

Worship serves to affirm the glory and sovereignty of God. One cannot offer true worship without acknowledging God's lofty position as supreme authority over all of Creation. Praise offers an expression of delight in God's exalted position. In that sense, it stands in stark contrast to pride, which often seeks to exalt and delight in one‘s abilities and accomplishments, claiming them as a result of personal effort.

Nebuchadnezzar's response provides a good example for God's people today, in times when they experience the discipline of the Lord as a result of pride in their lives. When God disciplines people, they have a choice to make. They can humble themselves before the Lord, or they can stubbornly dig their heels deeper into following their own desires and continue to feed their pride. Humility is the right choice, fot we cannot experience what God has created us to be unless we endeavor to walk humbly before Him.

(B) Nebuchadnezzar's Restoration (Daniel 4:36-37; 1 Peter 5:5-7)

Question: What happened tp Nebuchadnezzar after: he humbled himself before the lord?”

Once Nebuchadnezzar renounced his prilde, God returned him to the throne in Babylon (Daniel 4:36-37). This was confirmation of God's control over the situation. It had been seven years since the king had vanished from the city of Babylon, yet no other leader had emerged to fill the void of leadership during his absence.

At this pivotal time, God moved Nebuchadnezzar‘s advisers and nobles to seek him out and encourage him to reassume his position of leadership. Remarkably, his newly reestablished authority was even greater than before his personal exile.

This scene reinforces an important principle. People respond more positively toward leaders who are humble. Humble leaders submit their decisions to God and then follow His direction. When this occurs the businesses and organizations they lead flourish. Humble leaders love and value others which can invigorate their followers.

When those who are led see the humble integrity of the leader, they are more willing to follow with enthusiasm about contributing to the cause. Like Nebuchadhezzar, leaders today can experience added personal benefits when they lead with humility and practice servant leadership.

Question: “Why is it difficult to humble ourselves and wait for God to exalt us, as Scripture instructs us in 1 Peter 5:7?”

It is human nature to desire the praise of others. This is true in ministry work as well as in market place settings. It can be frustrating to go through the normal growth process of leading and serving God's way.

But God wants His people to learn to lead by first serving others. If God sees pride in a person‘s motivation to be used in ministry, He may well oppose that advancement. People can force their way into places of authority, but trouble will fill their time there.

Once a person has learned to live humbly before God and others, they can trust God to bring about success. Those Who go through God's learning process will avoid experiencing discipline due to pride issues. Once elevated by God into a place of leadership, it is the believer's responsibility to stay humble and give God all of the praise and glory for any and all success that follows.

Lesson conclusion!

Two Keys to success and Vitality In the Christian life involve thankfulness for God's blessings and recognition of Him as our Source and Authority. It Is Imperative to humbly submit to His plans an purposes

Pride is a natural Consequence of turning our eyes away from God and onto our accomplishments. When this occurs, He will often work for our good in creating circumstances in our lives to help us to realign our wills with His.

Are you in alignment wtth God? Have you allowed pride to cloud your judgment or impede your relationshIp with Him? Pray that God will help you develop humility trusting Him to exalt you in His time and according to His purpose.

cheers, omonosa!

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Two Keys to success and Vitality In the Christian life involve thankfulness for God's blessings and recognition of Him as our Source and Authority.

It Is Imperative to humbly submit to His plans an purposes

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And the bible says that pride leads to fall ,so we should humble ourselves if we want to walk with Christ because he is also humble

wow,God truly speaks to humans in every possible way. This was exactly what I was thinking today when I saw someone with so much pride.You will never experience and have an encounter with Christ as long as pride liveth in you. We have t learn how to humble ourselves before Christ so He only will lift us higher. May God bless you for sharing this piece today @omonosa


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