Worship is sacrifice

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Following the line of the wrote in my two previous publications I would like to deepen a little more about what is adore.

because for many to adore is only to raise your hands, or to sing a song, perhaps to make a prayer, but to adore is a little more complex.

Can someone who is in disobedience please the heart of God?

To adore is to obey! To truly adore is to fulfill the commandments of our heavenly father with a humble attitude and joy in the heart. To adore is to make sacrifice. Sacrifice your time, sacrifice your flesh, sacrifice your desires, sacrifice yourself to please God.

The book of Genesis shows us as an example of sacrifice to Abraham, who was the first to worship God, in fact when Jehovah asked Abraham to kill his own son it was the first time that the word adore is mentioned in the Bible.

Genesis 22: 5 says: Then Abraham said to his servants:
-Keep here with the donkey. The boy and I will go there, we will worship God and we will come back for you.

The boy and I suburemos to the mountain to worship God. Abraham did not speak at that time. We will go up to make a prayer, we will go up to sing a choir, no, Abraham meant that he would go up and sacrifice his son to obey what God had commanded him.


This is a tremendous church, God has time calling us to obey and adore Him, without obedience there is no worship that complasca to the Father, without obedience there is no singing or an instrument that sounds pleasant to the ears of the Father.


Yes sister Milagros, good message! True worship is a worship centered on God. People tend to worry about where they should worship, what music they should sing in worship and how other people see their worship. Focusing on these things loses the point. Jesus tells us that true worshipers will worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).


Amen Sister...