What is your motivation?

in #steemchurch2 years ago

and I'm still talking about dependence, yes! The truth is that God has been talking a lot about this issue directly to my heart and to my will. Now the happiness of a woman should never depend on someone else, even our own children (although they are our motivation) the truth is that we can not allow our peace to depend on someone else. It is important to love, first because God is our own example of love and also because love strengthens us, but the first thing we must learn is that the love that should nourish us, strengthen us, maintain us is the love of God, and then the love of important people for us.

What I want to say is that if we put all our love up to the level of offering our peace to a person when he is a person, then we will feel finished, and let me tell you that people always fail but God fails you? Never! So if we decide to put our love and our dependence on God we will never be disappointed.

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