it's about me?

in #steemchurch2 years ago

it's about me?

it's about me, when I try to improve my mistakes with the only reason to please the heart of my heavenly father, it's about me when I appreciate every opportunity you give me when I breathe and I understand that I exist because you give me reasons, It is about me when I decide to serve you my God all the days of my life, it is about me when in every detail of my life I see you reflected my beloved Jesus, it is about me when I see your purposes my God of the armies in me family and my life, when I understand that I only depend on you and only you love and provide me.

It's about my when I dance to praise you when I decide to completely give up myself.

Definitely it's not about my, it's who who gives me salvation, it's who who gave his life for me, it's about Jesus who sacrificed himself for my blames even without knowing me.

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