I write with freedom

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from a time here, I have simply decided to be me, maybe if you had read me before you will be asking why I have changed the way I write, although I do not change the subject, because always the center of my writing will be Jesus. my beloved Jesus always preached about being free and now I belong to a community here in steemit called steemchurch where there is a center and a thought, the center is Jesus and the thought is freedom, so why not? I decided to be free even in the way I write; So I decided to write what God teaches me daily through my experiences because the best way to preach to God is by talking about something I can really say I have lived.

my writings full of a touch of madness, x n a touch of truth, full of a lot of love of God for each one of me who comes to read. I hope my freedom is of your liking and makes you want to learn a little of my experiences!

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Very tender the photo @milagros. Blessings