Father’s Day - Being a Great Example

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Father’s Day

Because of my own definition of a Father or Daddy, I think the special day should be called “Daddy’s Day”. As fathering a child is not really doing much, but being there as the child grows. Encouraging your child and being a good example to the child, is the work of a good Daddy.

To those who are taking care of your children, providing for their needs. Not because of a court order, but because of love and duty!



Above is a photo of my Daddy taken around 30 years ago. He is holding my nephew. My Dad was a great Daddy to me, but there were many others that would also call him Dad or Uncle. The kids in our neighborhood would line the street and yell, “Uncle Sonny, Uncle Sonny” as he drove by.

My Dad was my best friend and such a great example of what being a Daddy really is. My brother and I wrestled and played baseball in school. My Daddy was at every practice and every game or wrestling match. He ran every mile and did every push-up with us. He would put on a glove and play catch.

He was also a man of discipline. He would correct us. He taught us how to safely handle a firearm. We shot guns and archery together.

Great Example

Just watching my Dad during normal life. He was honest! A man of integrity! A handshake and his word you could take to the bank. He would pick up the two elderly people who used to walk the streets where I grew up. These that lived in their cars or with many cats and dogs. These that smelled so bad that your eyes would burn if they were in our car. He never mentioned the smell. He would offer a ride and our car would smell bad for a long time. Not a word of criticism.

Heb 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

We put this scripture on the tombstone at my Daddy’s grave. He would pick up hitchhikers late at night. He would bring them to our home even when we were young kids. My mom would cook them dinner. They spent the night in our guest room. There were no locks on our doors. They were treated with dignity and like part of the family. The were able to shower and the next morning my mom would cook them breakfast. Nobody can cook like mom! Usually homemade bread and so much more. My Dad would many times Drive then to their destination, or take them back out on the highway so they could finish their journey.

I saw him give his last dollar to someone who needed it, Sometimes that person was me! Many times it was a stranger who could never pay him back.

He had no prejudice and cared for everyone seemingly equally.

Missing my Dad

As I write this my eyes fill with tears. He had one love and that was my mom. He actually set the bar very high for what it is to be a Great Dad


This photo is from this morning. My son and I. He is not my flesh and blood, but I love him as much as if he was. He brings so much joy in my life and I am proud to call him son. I watch him with amazement as he grows.

God’s Adoption makes us His Offspring

As we are adopted into God’s family He calls us “sons and daughters”. Jesus said to call Him Abba. This means “Daddy”. He is watching over us and expecting something great to come out of our lives.

God the Father (Abba) The Best Daddy of All

Daddy William


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How beautiful, Daddy William, is that the love of a father has no limits, and with the example we have in God better, I also feel fortunate of my Father God, my earthly father, and my spiritual parents, thank you for their lives, like yours, no doubt you are also a great father.

It's 1:25am, I woke and used the loo and decided to check post and you're came up. I can say this is truly a great message. Happy Daddy's Day Daddy William.

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Thank you! Haley Daddy’s Day my friend and brother!